17 Strong Baby Names That Will Help You Raise A Future Badass

Choosing a baby name isn’t always easy, especially when you want it to symbolize more than just a beginning initial. You want your baby’s name to represent who they are as a person, but that’s hard to do when you have no idea what your baby is going to be like. Picking a few virtues, personality traits, or characteristics you admire can help, like looking for strong, powerful baby names.

Strength is something we all hope our children have an abundance of, but power doesn’t always have a positive connotation. Instead of thinking of a name that represents power in a tyrannical way, it’s nice to realize that power can come in the form of helping others. You hope that your child has a voice and that they’ll use that voice to speak up for those who have been silenced. That is power and strength combined. Add in some heavy doses of bravery and loyalty, and you’ve got a name fit for your future bad*ss. These 17 strong, powerful baby names take inspiration from some of the most noble people in history, literature, and even mythological creatures. Fitting your babe with one of these names means influencing them in the best way possible — to have strong convictions, a power worthy of having, and strength beyond measure.



A mythological creature composed of half lion and half eagle, the name Griffin also means strong lord. I don’t think it gets much more powerful than that.



The sweet name may conjure images of an innocent baby girl, but Bridget is more than just a pretty name. It means strength or exalted one, and is spunky and fresh for a girl.



Martin Luther King Jr, one of the most powerful and influential men in history, has a moniker that can’t be beat. Not only can you instill some of the civil rights leader’s beliefs into your son, you can also enjoy the fact that the name Martin means warlike.



It may be a mythological bird, but the story of the Phoenix is worth inspiring your baby’s name. A bird that is reborn from its own ashes, the Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and never giving up.



As the longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is nothing if not powerful. With this classic, lovely name, your girl can take on the world, too.



A favorite character in literature, Matilda from Roald Dahl’s Matilda is a little girl who learns very quickly that she has to stand on her own two feet and take care of business when no one else will. And her name? It means battle-mighty. Well played, Mr. Dahl.



One of my favorite baby boy names, Ethan, is both cheerful and serious as it means strong and firm. With ties to England and Wales, it’s also a bit royal sounding.



Former First Lady, former United States Senator, former Secretary of State, and now potential President of the United States? Hillary Clinton is a total bad*ss and your baby girl would be lucky to be graced with this name. Also, baby pant suits? I’m pretty sure those exist and are needed.



Your baby may not have the long, luscious locks of our favorite Asgard resident, but giving him the moniker Thor, meaning thunder, promises to give him strength beyond his wildest dreams. (Just watch him with a hammer, OK?)



Our 32nd president was no stranger to the world strength. Suffering from polio, Franklin D. Roosevelt still managed to keep the spirits of America up during terrible economic times, a recession, and World War II. His fireside chats kept our country going at a time when we were ready to give up, giving the name Franklin an air of bravery and loyalty.



It may be a city in Spain, but Valencia means brave and strong — two important traits to instill in your child.



A classic, the name Andrew means strong and manly, so it’s perfect for your little king.



While the name Audrey may bring images of sweet humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, the name is strong even without the influence. It means noble strength and is endearing and warm with a bad*ss vibe.



One of the most powerful women in royalty, Queen Victoria held her title for more than 63 years and showed admirable strength after becoming a widow. She used much of her power to promote peace and reconciliation in foreign policies, something we should all strive for our daughters to adopt. She was not a tyrannical royal and truly loved her country. Plus side? The name means victory.



There’s a perfect name for your little cub, and the name is Leonardo. Meaning brave lion, the name is strong, ferocious, but also carries a sweet vibe.



Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician to be elected to office, stood for courage, bravery, and love. Coincidentally, this name also means battle-worthy and you know what? It is. Harvey fought for the rights of those who had no voice and was responsible for passing a gay rights ordinance in San Francisco in the 70s. Now that’s power.



Honor Harriet Tubman, one of the most bad*ss women in history by naming your little girl after the abolitionist and spy. She never let her circumstances influence her life’s work to help others and bring them all to safety.

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