17 Things Only Spokane Moms Understand

Fellow Spokane Moms, if you're reading this, it probably means we're not all stuck without power in freezing temperatures, so hey, there's a reason to celebrate! Nothing like a catastrophic windstorm to remind you that your region isn't quite perfect. At least we've got other things going for us, like Dick's Hamburgers, our proximity to Green Bluff, and Thomas Hammer coffee (any location; I don't like to discriminate). I've lived here for roughly five years, and I'm told that the city came a long way in the years beforehand. It's hard to imagine a downtown without River Park Square as it is today, but hearing the stories makes me appreciate what our little, mid-sized city has to offer now. Although I've yet to give up my 206 area code, I've come to love Spokane and what it has to offer me and my family. While, I'm probably a little biased because my husband hails from this city and I love how he turned out, I like to think I can still be somewhat fair in my assessment: Spokane is an endlessly awesome place to raise a family.

That said, there are indeed a number of — shall we say — quirks and perks to living near nature, near perfect. Some of which we all can enjoy, and some of which probably frustrate you just as much as they frustrate me...

"The Bing" Is Not A Search Engine

And The Fox is not an animal with something curious to say.

You Probably Don't Need To Dress Up To Go Wherever You're Going (But Sometimes You Want To)

I can count the number of times I've worn heels this year. Perhaps this says more about me than it does about Spokane, but still, sometimes, I kinda miss feeling fancy like I used to before I was a mom, and Spokane itself doesn't exactly give you tons of opportunities to do so (not that that stops us).

Snow Days Are Mythical Inventions Of Our Friends In Seattle

If our city shut down every time it snowed, we'd all be about as productive in the winter as we are in the summer during lake season, aka, not at all.

It Never Fails: Everyone We Know And Love Will Be At Target When We're Wearing Our Sweatpants

I always have to stop and check myself before saying hi, to make sure I didn't use my sleeve to wipe my son's nose, and that I'm at least wearing cute leggings and not my Mickey Mouse ones with the elastic ankles.

Rosauers For Some Things, Safeway For Others

It's just how it is.

The River Park Square Santa Is A National Treasure

My husband took pictures with him decades ago, you guys. How many kids do you think have sat in his lap? Hundreds of thousands? The man is a miracle.

Seeing The Riverfront Park Attractions Through Your Kiddo's Eyes Gives You Warm Fuzzies

To some, it's just a garbage-eating goat, or a giant-ass wagon, or a weirdly-shaped net thing that like three stories tall. But to our family, they are magic.

Pushing A Stroller Through A 12K Sounds Like A Good Idea...In Theory

I mean, I like the idea of Bloomsday, but that doesn't mean I'm going to subject myself to it. Though, I have much love and respect for people who do, especially because it appears to be everyone else in the city.

Your Out-Of-Town Friends Are Surprised When You Take Them Downtown

I'm not sure what they were expecting since most of them are too polite to say it out loud. Either way, I love blowing their minds when they realize we have Nordstrom and an Apple Store mere yards from one another.

You Have To Bite Your Tongue So You Don't Make Your Seattle Friends Jealous Of Our Non-Existent Traffic Situation

Confession: Sometimes I talk about it anyway though, because I'm trying to recruit them.

You Rarely Venture From Your Chosen Location-Named Neighborhood. Play Dates With Anyone From The Outside Are Nonexistent.

Looking at you, South Hill-ers and Northsiders. I'm guilty of it, too.

After The 2015 Windstorm, Your Emergency Kit Will Never Be Empty Again

Because it was bonkers and I won't mind if we never have to go through it ever again.

30-Degree Weather Doesn't Feel All That Cold To You Anymore *shrug*

Like a curmudgeonly cat lady, it's the teens I have a problem with.

Your Kids Grow Up Thinking Every City Has A River And Waterfall In The Middle Of It

...for which we maintain a healthy respect and safe distance at all times.

You Have Taken Photos Of Your Kids At Manito Park...and the Arboretum...and Green Bluff.

...And have most definitely run out of space on your phone because of it.

You're Guilty Of Participating In The Athleisure Wear Renaissance

I'm not sure where the stigma comes from because technically it's more effort to do. Running shoes requiring tying, while boots over leggings would simply mean zippers. I just don't get it.

You've Met Up With Mom Friends At Rockwood Bakery For Coffee, Or Twigs For Happy Hour. Sometimes In The Same Day.

Baked goods and gorgonzola dip FTW.

Images: James Hawley/Flickr; Giphy(17)