17 Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You Don't Want To Go Out

With every restaurant, spa, and romantic spot in town booked solid on Valentine's Day, this may be the year to try something different. Sure, getting dressed up for a night on the town is fun, but sometimes staying in can be just as sexy as a candlelit bistro. This year, think outside the heart-shaped chocolate box and explore some things to do on Valentine's Day if you don't want to go out, because there is more than one way to celebrate your love.

Getting your Valentine's groove on at home is easy with a little inspiration. Something as ordinary as your bath tub can be turned into a romantic scene with some bubbles, candles, and a sprinkling of rose petals. And don't underestimate the element of surprise — your Valentine will be blown away by the love fest you can create in your living room. Who knows, staying in may become your new Valentine's Day tradition.

If you're worried that staying home will change up some of your favorite ways to say I love you, don't fret — things like white table cloth dining and spa treatments can come to you, and are perfectly enjoyable in the comfort of your own home. Once you try these 17 ideas for a Valentine's Day in, you may never want to celebrate this holiday out again.


Stay In Bed All Day

Everything's more fun between the sheets. Treat yourself and your Valentine to a day in bed. You can watch movies, have sex, nap, have sex, snack, and have sex, all from the coziness of your bed.


Play Truth Or Dare

Remember how scandalous this game could get back in middle school? Let your imaginations run wild with a few rounds of Truth or Dare and see where the night takes you.


Host A Wine Tasting

Who says you need a sommelier to enjoy good wine? With a little help from Food and Wine, you can host your own wine tasting for two and raise a glass to your love.


Make A Love Canvas

Turn the dirty deed into something special. Using the Love Is Art Canvas ($59), you and your SO can turn your romp into a work of art to hang in your home.


Swap Massages

If hiring an in-house masseuse isn't in the budget, don't worry. You and your love can take turns giving one another massages at home. All you need is a little massage oil, and you'll be relaxing in no time.


Watch The Sunrise

Stay up all night and watch the sunrise together. What you do to stay awake is up to you.


Eat Aphrodisiacs

Set the night on fire by indulging in some foods to help you orgasm. Not only will this feed your appetite, but it'll take sex to a whole new level.


Get Poetic

If your Valentine's evening has a little down time between activities, fill the void by writing each other love poems. They don't need to be fancy — or even rhyme — they just need to come from the heart. To make things extra fun, read your poems allowed to one another (clothing optional).


Hire A Chef

Bring in a pro to make and clean dinner for this romantic night. Find a local chef or catering company, like Chefs To Your Door (Denver, CO), and let them do all the work while you sip champagne with your hot date.


Eat Dessert In Bed

Valentine's Day is one night you won't mind if things get a little messy in bed. After dinner is done, bring those sweet treats back to the bedroom and serve each other dessert in bed. The more the chocolate sauce that drips, the better.


Suds Up

Need to wash off some of that dessert you ate in bed? Hop in the tub with your SO and don't skimp on the bubbles.


Enjoy A Fireside Picnic

Crank up the heat with an indoor picnic. Enjoy all your favorite foods (and maybe a few aphrodisiacs) from the comfort of your favorite blanket. And don't worry if the fire makes you too hot, it's the perfect excuse to start taking off some layers of clothes.


Plan A Getaway

Spend the evening dreaming of your next trip together. Pour through Travel + Leisure's ideas for romantic getaways, and gather inspiration for your next vay-cay.


Dine Al Fresco

There's no denying the most romantic way to eat, is under the stars. Grab your dinner and head outside to enjoy your dinner al fresco. Bring your blankets and sit extra close to keep warm.


Dance Dirty

Whether you want to drop that *ss to the floor, or slow sway with your Valentine's date, turn up some tunes and let the music move you.


Build A Love Fort

Want to take your boot knockin' out of the bedroom? Build a little fort out of sheets and blankets, like you did when you were a kid. Make this one the adult version by including a little basket of adult toys where the blocks and puzzles used to go.


Give DIY Pedicures

Treat each other to a little foot love with a home version of pedicures. Start off with a nice, long foot massage before starting the pedicure process. Who knows? If the foot massage goes well, those toes may never get painted.