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17 Times Ron Was The Real Hero Of 'Harry Potter'

I've said it before — sidekicks are the true heroes in any saga or series. In almost any movie with a hero and a sidekick, I find myself getting more and more furious with the main character because of how much they suck at appreciating their BFF helping them along the way. And no one proves my theory more than Ron Weasley, the real hero of Harry Potter.

I get it, OK? Harry is the chosen one, Hermione is the clever one, Neville is the brave one, but Ron is so much more than the goofy sidekick everyone loves to make him out to be. He is loyal, he is smart, and he's paved the way for Harry to destroy Lord Voldemort. From the very moment Harry meets Ron, he relies on him in some way. But is Harry appreciative of this? No. Instead, he is cranky when Ron "doesn't understand" Harry's turmoil and is quick to snap at him over nothing. (It's not Ron's fault you're the chosen one, Harry.)

The two friends remind me of Frodo and Sam Wise in Lord of the Rings. Not only do their quests and friendship mirror each other, but I also find myself yelling at Frodo, "You'd be dead if it weren't for Sam!" So in honor of sidekicks everywhere, let's talk about the 17 times that Ron was the true hero of Harry Potter.


That Time He Gave Harry A Family

Ron is one of seven children, and it's fairly obvious he's overshadowed by all of his siblings. But does he let any of that stop him from sharing his huge family with Harry, a boy who has no one? Absolutely not. He gives Harry a family (and Harry's future wife), and that unconditional love is what keeps Harry going throughout the series.


When He Crushed The Locket

During the search for the horcruxes, Ron is influenced by the Slytherin locket so much that he actually leaves Hermione and Harry at one point. But when he returns, he's the one that has to battle his own demons, the ones the locket unleashes in order to manipulate him, before he can destroy the horcrux.


Every Time He Pushed Through Fears To Help Harry

Ron's biggest fear? Spiders. But he doesn't leave Harry to fend for himself in the Forbidden Forest. He is proof that you can overcome your fears with loyalty.


His Shameless Eating Habits

I love his appetite. I love that when others poke fun at his eating habits or ask how he could possibly eat in such a trying time, he is unashamed. Ron is hungry, and Ron enjoys food, so he's going to eat. Truly heroic.


Every Time He Stood By His Family

His family is incredibly poor. Ron lives in hand-me-downs and has to wear a dusty pair of dress robes because that's all his mother could afford. But he's a hero because he never makes fun of his family, never lashes out at his parents for not being able to afford nicer things for him, and is loyal to all of his siblings.


Every Time He Basically Explained The Wizarding World To Harry

I mean, seriously. Harry would have no idea what the hell was going on if it weren't for Ron.


That Time He Won The Game Of Wizard Chess For Harry

Everyone seems to forget that the only reason Harry saved the sorcerer's stone was because Ron helped him win that game of wizard chess. Without that act of heroism, Harry would still be in that room, staring at a giant chessboard and looking like a fool.


When He Tried To Curse Malfoy To Defend Hermione

OK, sure, the spell backfired, and Ron ended up burping slugs, but the sentiment is sweet all the same. He could've gotten in serious trouble, he isn't exactly a genius with spells, and he does it all to defend Hermione. Hero.


When He Stood By Harry In 'Order Of The Phoenix'

No one else believes Harry about Voldemort, and they even begin to harass him and break off their friendships with him. But not Ron. He always believes Harry and always stands by him, even when Harry is acting like a total *sshole.


When He Opened The Chamber To Release The Basilisk

In a moment of pressure and panic during the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron manages to remember a little bit of Parseltongue and opens the Chamber of Secrets to retrieve a Basilisk fang with Hermione. That's the only way they're able to destroy Hufflepuff's cup in order to help finish off the Horcruxes.


And That Time He Remembered That A Basilisk Fang Destroyed Horcruxes

And why are they down in the Chamber of Secrets anyway? Not because of Hermione's brainy self. Ron is actually the one who remembers that the Sword of Gryffindor takes on that which makes it stronger, meaning when Harry uses it to kill the Basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets, that's what gives it the power to destroy horcruxes. So the next obvious choice for a horcrux destroyer? A Basilisk fang of course.


When He Found His Own Self Worth

Come on, that's all any of us want, right? To find our self worth and boost our own confidence. Ron is a true hero for the way he never gives up, despite his insecurities and jealousy.


That Time He Thinks To Warn The House-Elves During The Battle Of Hogwarts

One of my favorite parts in any Harry Potter book is when Ron realizes, during the Battle of Hogwarts, that someone should warn the house-elves in the kitchen. Harry assumes it's so they can have more help, but Ron responds with, "No, I mean we should order them to get out. We don't want any more Dobbies, do we? We can't order them to die for us." Oh. My heart.


When Ron Calls Harry Out

You can ask anyone that I've drunkenly ranted to about heroes and sidekicks in movies: this is the part I always use as my example for why heroes kind of suck. When Harry tries to sneak away in the Deathly Hallows, Ron catches him and asks where's he off to. Harry responds, "No one else is going to die. Not for me," and Ron totally calls him out. "For you? You think Mad-Eye died for you? You think George took that curse for you? You may be the Chosen One, mate, but this is a whole lot bigger than that."


That Time He Saved Tonks

I absolutely love Tonks, so when she arrives at the Burrow with Ron on her broom and tells everyone that he was brilliant and that she wouldn't be standing there if not for him, I want to cry a little.


When He Retrieves The Sword Of Gryffindor

In one of his best moments, Ron returns to Harry and Hermione just as Harry is drowning from the locket around his neck while trying to get to the Sword of Gryffindor in a frozen lake. If not for Ron, who knows what would've happened, but he manages to retrieve the sword and save Harry.


Every Time He Wore The Sweater His Mother Knitted Him

And his most heroic moment? Wearing every single sweater his mother knits him for Christmas, and never complaining.