17 Unique Baby Names For Boys You Wouldn’t Think To Consider

There is something to be said about traditional boys’ names. They may not always be the most exciting monikers, but they have stood the test of time proving that they are a no-fail option. (And since you’re going to make many parenting mistakes, you want to try to get the name thing write.) That being said, there are some downsides to choosing a more common moniker. Mainly, that your son with be the tenth Sam in his class. To set your son on an original path, why not consider one of the many unique boys’ names.

Much like with finding a unique girl’s name, you want to find a name that can take your some from infancy to the retirement home with minimal mocking. To do that, you’ll want to look for names that are professional and strong, but can also be shortened to something playful and sweet. Where to find the name is another story. Look out your window for same nature-inspired names, or flip through the pages of your favorite book. Or why not turn to iconic men who are known for their strength and support of women? But if you’re still struggling to find the perfect moniker, here are 17 unique baby boy names that work for all ages and won’t require a last name initial in most elementary school classrooms.



If you’re a lover of literature, keep Atticus at the top of your baby boy name pile. It’s already a unique choice, but judging by the backlash for Harper Lee’s most recent novel, your little Atticus will probably be the only one on his soccer team.



A sweet sounding name, Collier means ‘coal miner’, which will set your son up for a strong work ethic. The SSA also notes that this name hasn’t been in the top 1000 names for any birth year since 2000, so it definitely counts as unique.



Named for a mythological bird that is reborn from its own ashes, your boy will be able to persevere and make it through anything with this original moniker.



Meaning ‘lucky’ in Spanish and ‘happy’ in Latin, you can’t go wrong with this fun, spunky name for your boy. Felix is also perfect for those Harry Potter fans thanks to the liquid luck potion Felix Felicis.



Theodore is not only unique, but adorable. Based out of Greece, the name means “God-given” and can be shortened to Teddy or Theo.



Short for Alfred, Alfie is a sweet, boyish favorite. The name stands alone well on its own, however, and is a traditional English name meaning sage and wise.



Francis means ‘frenchman’ and can be shortened to a sweet Frank, too. With notable men like Frank Sinatra and director Francis Ford Coppola, this name is guaranteed to give a creative edge to your little boy.



For those who want a name close to nature and the earth, Brooks is perfect! It is unique and fresh, with a playful air.



Many may think of the famous painter when they hear this moniker. But pop culture enthusiasts recognize Rockwell as the name of Lucy Liu’s son.



The name of Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s son, Axel is rooted in Hebrew and German origins. Meaning “father of peace,” your boy can represent both a rockstar and a peace maker.



This quirky, fun name is perfect for your little one. Short for Dashiell, a French surname, a child with this name is sure to keep you on your toes.



French for wise one, Sage is a beautiful blend of sophistication and cute. Besides, they say babies are wise beyond their years.



Although Flynn means “son of a red-haired man”, your child doesn’t have to be a ginger to wear this moniker. But it could lead to a fiery personality, which may be hard to handle at times.



Despite being the name of a Jolie-Pitt child, Knox only represented 0.061 percent of the births in 2014. Meaning “from the hills”, this English name is strong, but also perfect for your tiny bundle of joy.



Another literary classic, Mark Twain said the name Huckleberry was slang for “humble”, a great personality trait to instill in your own little Huck. Not to mention it rolls right off the tongue and has a playful tone that’s perfect for an active boy.



Whether it stands alone or used as a nickname for Oliver, Ollie is cute and quirky. Meaning “elf army," this moniker gives you an excuse to dress your son as a Tolkien character for Halloween.



This German name meaning “merciful” is a great option for your future son’s name. Short and sweet, it’s perfect for yelling on the soccer sidelines or whispering into his ear at bedtime.

Images: Courtesy of Samantha Darby; Giphy (17)