17 Valentine's Day Memes For People Who Dread Feb. 14

Valentine's Day is almost here, which means it's time to join an epic social media battle. Which side are you on? Will you be sharing Instagram photos of the heart-shaped pancakes you made your kids, the bouquet of roses your boo sent you, and your candlelit dinner? Or will you be watching Netflix and flooding your Facebook newsfeed with anti-Valentine's Day memes?

The holiday dedicated to candy hearts and love isn't for everyone, whether you're in a relationship or not. Some argue that you should show your love for your partner every day, regardless of the holiday. I get that, definitely, but that argument is like saying that Christmas is pointless because we should all spend time with our loved ones every chance we get, not just one time a year. Plus, you can't wear red, lacy lingerie 24/7. I mean, that would get super irritating.

Others are firmly in the Valentine's Day haters squad because they're single, and that one I can understand a bit. Whether you're coping with your first Valentine's Day after divorce or have been single for a while, it can be totally disheartening to see everyone in line at Target with their champagne and strawberries and all you want is to pay for your new leggings and cow-shaped sugar bowl and get the hell out of there. Well, this one's for you, my friend. Here are 19 Valentine's Day memes perfect to share with the world when you just wish Saint Patrick's Day would hurry up so you'd have a legitimate excuse for drinking at 8 a.m.


Let's Be Honest

Unless you count all of the pity parties you're going to throw yourself.


I'll Be In The Cupboard Under The Stairs

And I'll thank you not to disturb me.


Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

And so is all that damn pink and purple.


Legitimate Question


Hello, It's Me

Bueller? Bueller?


The Perfect V-Day Card

Fairly Odd Parents will never steer you wrong so just watch them instead of romantic comedies.



They're everywhere. Just stay home.


President Snow Gets It

Now I feel better.


Patrick Is All Of Us


All You Need Is Love


Well that's one way to get yourself a heart, Tin Man. Make your own Valentine, people!


Alcohol Never Lets You Down


And then maybe some Tylenol because it was a really long night.


Live Footage Of Me On Valentine's Day


But I don't even look that good.


For The History Nerds

Musings from the Marsh

Next time someone insists on telling you what a beautiful holiday it is, throw this knowledge at them.


Not Even One Second

Seriously. Real life is over here kicking my ass, so I have no time for this nonsense of lacy lingerie, chocolate, and heart-shaped things.


Time To Sanitize


Keep it to yourself, people.


I Have Had Enough


If I see one more heart in this Target, I'm going to lose my mind.