17 Women Share Their Biggest Sex Pet Peeves

No matter how good sex is, there's going to be a time or two when you're annoyed for one reason or another. Whether it's the mess sex makes (it's a very wet affair) or your partner hitting one of your turn offs during sex, you might find yourself in a new position — the eye roll.

Look, sex isn't going to be perfect, and the quicker you realize that, the more enjoyable all of your romps will be. If you think you're weird for having a sex pet peeve or two, you're not. Sex is different for everyone, and everyone has things they like and don't like in bed (or the car or the closet or, well, you get the point.) Some people really get off on dirty talk and some people wish their partner would just shut the hell up already. Some people prefer lights on, and some would rather do it in the pitch black. When your partner hits one of your pet peeves, it doesn't have to mean the sex becomes awful either.

If you're willing to tell your SO about what annoys you in the bedroom, you can put a stop to it. But if you can get by with b*tching to your friends about the time your partner wore a baseball hat the whole time you were getting down, then you'll appreciate these 17 sex pet peeves from ladies just like you.

Kathleen, 27

"Too much talking. Like, there needs to be some, but I don't want to break down every single move and tell you how and why it feels good. I just want to feel dammit."

Cara, 23

"I hate having to take my own clothes off. I'm OK to do it in the middle of a really hot make-out or whatever, but I'd prefer for my partner to undress me."

Gillian, 27

"I hate when sweat drips on me. Like on my face. Yuck. I don't mind sweaty sex, but when it's drippy, it totally takes me out of the moment."

Megan, 32

"The rhetorical 'Do you like that?' Don't ask if you don't really want the answer."

Jennifer, 29

"I hate when a guy leaves his socks on. Come on. Don't be a dork."

Melissa, 25

"It drives me nuts when I go down on a guy for foreplay, and then he won't let me kiss him once we start having sex. Just... no. I feel like saying, 'Grow up.'"

Julie, 27

"I absolutely hate when partners use saliva as lube. It grosses me out and takes me right out of the mood. Don't spit on me. Don't spit on your hand and then rub it on me. Don't spit on your hand and then rub it on your penis. Not sexy. Just use the lube that's right next to the bed. That's why it's there and plus, it works ten times better than your spit."

Hannah, 32

"I hate when a guy keeps telling me to cum. What do you think I'm trying to do over here? Shut up already!"

Stephanie, 24

"Don't push my head down to your crotch while we're kissing. If I want to give you a blowjob, I will, and if you want one, try asking first."

Carrie, 27

"The worst is when your partner doesn't know what to do with your boobs. Stop squeezing them like melons, and please quit trying to pull my nipples off."

Brittney, 29

"If I tell you it's OK that I don't cum, then listen to me. If it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen, and having you stretch sex out for an hour is just making me irritated."

Sarah, 34

"If I'm not reciprocating your dirty talk, then just stop. It's distracting and makes me feel like I have to respond, even if I don't want to."

Alison, 27

"I had an ex who used to say things like, 'Look what I have for you,' and then show me his boner. Nothing has ever turned me off more. Guys, your penises are not the most wonderful things in the world."

Dani, 22

"I used to date a girl who would say things like, 'Really? This position again?' and roll her eyes during sex if I was too 'vanilla' for her. Really put me off of sex for a while."

Savannah, 30

"I am not a machine. I hate when a guy is just commanding me what to do. 'Go faster. Now slow. To the left. Grind. Faster.' What's the point in even having sex with me?"

Robin, 33

"Food and sex do not go together. Ever. Whipped cream is not sexy."

Holly, 25

"Morning sex is fine, but for god's sake, brush your teeth before you start that. Also, don't initiate early morning sex and then pause to say, 'Wait, I need to pee.' Kills it every single time."

Images: Voyagerix/Fotolia; Giphy (17)