18 Utterly Moving Birth Photos Of 2 Moms Meeting Their Babies For The 1st Time

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The memories of birth can often turn hazy once that baby is finally in your arms. Whether you gave birth, watched the person you love give birth, or waited impatiently to see your adopted child for the first time, the seconds before you're holding them eventually blur together because suddenly all that matters is that they're real, here, and yours. These photos of two moms meeting their kids show why it's a moment that overshadows all others.

Seeing your child for the first time is emotional no matter your sexuality or gender — check out these photos of dads meeting their kids if you need proof — but the experience can be more intense for same sex couples, because of the difficulties they face conceiving. Same-sex parents often have to turn to IVF, surrogacy, or adoption to start their families, which can be expensive and time-consuming. All that waiting makes the moment the baby arrives even more emotional, as you can see in the photos below.

The way same-sex couples start their families might not be "traditional," but that doesn't make the moment they meet their children any less valid or important; if anything, these couples should be intentionally celebrated because of how much work they put into making a family. The love two moms can have for their kids is abundantly clear in these photos, so read on to see some heartwarming mom love and celebrate all the ways people become parents.

1. Here's Lookin' At You, Kid

Elizabeth Greve of Elizabeth Greve Photography captured this shot of two new moms getting their first good look at their little one. The new parents sit together on a hospital bed, with their baby resting in mom's arms. The couple are both gazing at the infant, smiling in wonder.

2. We Did It

A mom lies in her hospital bed with her child on her chest in this photo by Helen Joy. But instead of gazing at the newborn, she's turned her head for a moment in order to look at her partner, who is leaning against her shoulder. She gazes at her coparent, a huge grin on her face. The other mother looks at their baby, totally enamored.

3. Baby's First Selfie

New parents Aya and Aneli snapped this selfie when they went to pick their daughter up from the hospital. These two drove over seven hours to ensure they were there to watch her birth, but you wouldn't be able to tell they're tired at all based on the ecstatic expressions on their faces. They lean together with their daughter's head tucked under Aya's chin, and their smiles say it all.

4. There You Are

These moms are soaking up their first moments as parents, just moments after their baby's water birth. One mother wraps her partner up from behind, reaching around her to hold her and their child. The other mom leans her back against her partner, cradling the baby in her arms. They both look at the infant with emotion, locked in on them and this new life. Photo by Miranda Britton.

5. Say Cheese

Sabrina Holguin-Kerby snapped this photo of her, wife Ally, and their daughter Harper just moments after her birth. Ally lies on the operating table with Harper on her chest. Sabrina presses close to them, holding the camera above them. They both grin, basking in the new parent glow.

6. I've Got You

In this photo courtesy of Alexandra Garcia, a doula hands Morgane Richardson her and Alexandra's child just seconds after their water birth. Morgane rests in the tub, pressing the baby against her chest. Alexandra hovers over her shoulder, reaching towards her wife and their baby. The connection the three share is clear.

7. Just The Three Of Us

New moms Kara and Taylor enjoy one of their first moment with their new baby in this picture. Taylor sits in her hospital gown with the baby in her arms, grinning down at them. Kara has her arms around Taylor, staring intently at the baby in her wife's arms. They're in it together.

8. We've Got You

These little ones surprised their moms by arriving ahead of schedule, so they weren't able to have their first skin-to-skin session until two days after they were born — but it looks like it was worth the wait. Mom lies in her hospital bed with her twins on her chest, each of them looking up at her. Their other mom hovers nearby with tears in her eyes, watching her family bond. These two will always be will protected. Photo courtesy of Raff.

9. Deep Breaths

You can almost feel the deep exhales these moms took once their child was earth side in this photo provided by Morning Star Designs. Mom lies on a bed with her eyes closed and her child on her chest for the crucial skin-to-skin contact, while her partner leans over them, resting her hand on the baby's back. She grins at the newborn, living in that welcome to the world bubble.

10. Say Cheese

These moms both grinned from ear to ear the first time they met their son. They pose with him, with mom holding their son in her arms while she sits; her partner kneels next to them. Both smile at the camera while the baby snoozes. Their excitement is palpable. Photo courtesy of OhWowMomentsMamas.

11. Apple Of Our Eye

Baby is star of the show in this picture taken by Kate Pavlovsky, but you can't miss their moms staring at them with so much maternal love. The couple leans together, both looking down at the freshly swaddled baby, and the angle of the camera makes you feel like you're seeing what they see. The little one has their eyes closed and mouth parted, looking totally at ease.

12. Trying Trio

Gave birth? Check. Gave your wife a kiss? Check. Snapped a selfie? Check. Rachel and Terri Bailey took a quick break from staring at their baby the day they were born to snap a photo of the three of them. Terri holds the newborn against her chest with one hand and the camera with the other. Rachel leans down to be in the photo, and Terri kisses her cheek. The baby nurses peacefully.

13. Smooch Break

Rachel Utains-Evans caught this couple in a candid kiss just after their baby came into the world. Mom lies on the hospital bed with her head arched up so she can kiss her partner, who holds their newborn. They both have their eyes closed as they press their lips together, lost in their new family.

14. Keeping You Close

Hannah Spencer of Milk and Hannah Photography took this tender shot of two moms enjoying one of their first skin-to-skin sessions with their newborn. The couple lies in a hospital bed, with the baby lying on mom's chest. She wraps an arm around her partner, who leans into her and kisses their baby's head. It's familial bliss.

15. Let Me See

Courtesy of LifewithMamadeux, these two can't take their eyes off their baby. The infant is bundled up on mom's chest, who lies back on a bed. Their other mom leans over them from above, reaching down to look at the baby with a big grin. They're totally focused on their kid.

16. Thank You

In this sweet photo, a new mom gives her wife a forehead kiss after she delivered their daughter. Mom lies back in her hospital bed, still in her gown. Her wife sits next to her, dressed in medical scrubs, and holds their new baby. She turns her head back to kiss her wife, and both of them grin. The newborn snoozes serenely. Courtesy of The Baileys.

17. Look At This

Brit and Sydney Sharon only have eyes for their kiddo in this photo by Rebecca Coursey-Rugh. Sydney lies down with their daughter on her bare chest, holding her up for her wife to see. Brit looks down at the baby from the left, her gaze locked in on the newborn.

18. A Parent's Perspective

These two mommas are getting a good look at their little one. Kayla Serr lies on a hospital bed following her C-section, while wife Chelsea holds their daughter to Kayla's chest. Both Kayla and Chelsea stare at their newborn, while the little one looks up at the camera. We see what the moms see.

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