18 Black-Owned Etsy Shops For Parents

Choosing where to spend your money is one of the most powerful things you can do in this country. Shopping small and buying from independent sellers has long been a trend people can get behind, but purchasing from Black-owned businesses is one way of showing support for the Black community in a very tangible way, and these Black-owned Etsy shops for parents are a great way to start.

Etsy is a go-to for so many people looking for the perfect gift, the perfect party decor, and the perfect accessory. You can find literally anything, and you know that the person who made it is personally affected by your business. (Like, ILY big box stores, but you truly don't care if I buy my kid's shoes from you or not.) I love knowing that shopping small means you're supporting a single person, a family, a child's dance lesson — and I love knowing that my money is going to Black men and women and families.

If you're looking to spend your money more intentionally, this is a small sampling of the Black-owned Etsy shops for parents. There are also several great shops listed here on The Mad Mommy blog, and Twitter user @Pop_Reader also created a great thread of Black-owned Etsy stores if you're looking for more ways to support. There are also Facebook groups that list Black-owned Etsy stores, like INCLUSIVE Etsy Sellers & Buyers, where you can ask for recommendations or specific products.


Black Upsurge

There are so many great pieces in this shop, but this Dope Black Mama mug from Black Upsurge might be my favorite. I want to buy one for every Black mom I know.



OK, this one isn't technically parent-specific, but I tell everyone to get a clutch or wallet like this from R-KI-TEKT for the depths of their diaper bag or to keep in their own bag for baby supplies. In a diaper bag, this gorgeous handmade leather clutch can hold your own items like your cards, ID, chapstick, and keys. But if you prefer to carry your own bag, you can slip a diaper, a bib, some granola bars — whatever your kid needs — right inside so you don't have to do the dreaded purse dig.


Gather And Grace

Gather and Grace is an incredible Etsy store full of all kinds of nursery decor. I love this sweet football print, which can be customized and also comes in a digital file.


The Paira Birds

I'm committed to putting up more diverse art in my home, and I'd love to start with this print from The Paira Birds for my 5-year-old's room. But Tabitha Brown, the owner of the shop, has so many lovely, bright, bold illustrations in her store, you'll fall in love with everything. The pieces are also printed professionally and mailed to you.


Jada & Leilani

A mustard romper with a tulle train covered in gold stars is not something I ever thought I needed for my toddler, but wow, I do. The Jada & Leilani store has so many incredible pieces for your children, including a sweet linen dress, a polka dot smash cake dress, and a darling cross-backed romper.


Primrose Creative Co.

For the baby shower planners, Etsy is a great resource for invitations and paper goods, especially Primrose Creative Co. I love the classic feel of the rocking horse on this one, but there are tons of other options, including birthday party and bridal shower invitations.


Pride Lips

My 5-year-old is obsessed with lipstick, lip gloss, and anything she can smear across her mouth in the name of feeling beautiful. I'm about to buy her every flavor of these glosses from Pride Lips. Strawberry and chocolate, bubblegum, pear, glitter — there are endless choices for your lip gloss-loving kiddo. (And you.)


Shadra's Etsy Shop

The art in Shadra's Etsy Shop literally takes my breath away. Some have a cozy, vintage vibe, while others are bold and bright and make you feel like you can take on the world. This one, titled Kite Dream, is one of my favorites.


Bernstine Creations

Bernstine Creations has several fun handmade vinyl decals, along with wine glasses and tees, but this shirt was one of my favorites. Whether you're spending the entire fall on the bleachers for football or waking up far too early for soccer, you're raising a baller.


Lou Lou Art Studio

Family portraits are so popular, and I just adore the simplicity and modern take on this trend from Lou Lou Art Studio. The drawing is bold, and really makes an impact when you see it as your own family.


A Bow For All Seasons

I have bought a bazillion bows off Etsy (often because I lose so many), so if you too need to keep your kid's hair out of their eyes, try A Bow for All Seasons. There are several different kinds — I love all the classic patterns — but I'm just obsessed with this Harry Potter one.


Random Rompers

How perfect is this outfit? Random Rompers has a lot of what the name implies — rompers — but these peplum tops and shorts sets are just too perfect. A whole outfit ready to go? Yes please.


Infinite Love Crochet

Baby booties are cute and all, but crocheted baby high-tops? Yes please. The Infinite Love Crochet shop also has crocheted items for adults if you love handmade and cozy.


Melaku Aromatherapy

Everyone is concerned about what to put on their baby's skin, and the Melaku Aromatherapy shop knows that. The oil has some great reviews from parents, and contains infused lavender and chamomile with a touch of essential oils.


Browneyed Capricorn

Commemorate your baby's birth with this birthstone necklace from Browneyed Capricorn. I love how simple it is, and I love that you can add multiple birthstones for all your babies.


Bella Rain Boutique

Avocados on tiny baby bloomers is really all you need to know. But Bella Rain Boutique has a bunch of cute kid designs, and this one — which includes a bow, a bodysuit, and the bottoms — is too sweet.


Tears of My Enemies

If you have a child who uses they/them for pronouns, help them feel confident with this youth hoodie from Tears of My Enemies. This shop also has the same design available in a tee, along with several other looks for adults.


Sweet Jam Apparel Decor

Elephants are a classic nursery theme, but I love the modern look of this print from Sweet Jam Apparel Decor. The shop has a lot of bold, graphic designs, but my favorite thing in the entire store is the glass coaster that reads "Don't f*ck up my table please."