Here Are 18 Times 'Bluey' Was Basically Your Life As A Parent

Every now and then, a children's show comes around that parents can enjoy right alongside their little ones. Bluey is one of them. The show is silly for kids but some of the most relatable Bluey moments are for parents. From getting pulled into elaborate pretend play scenarios to being forced to buy a product their kids broke in a store, parents will find themselves nodding along in solidarity with Bluey's mom (or Mum) and dad.

Families can watch Bluey on Disney Channel, Disney Now, and Disney+(new episodes air on Disney Channel and Disney Now first). Each episode is around seven minutes long, making them the perfect length to say yes to those "just one show before bedtime" pleas from your kids... but watch out, because you might find yourself agreeing to "just one more" over and over again. (Seriously, it's that much fun to watch.) Bluey and her sister Bingo are always coming up with games for their Dad to take to the next level while Mum either sits back in bemused laughter or ends up swooping in to save the day. Whether you're the "fun" parent or the "snuggly and reasonable" one (or a combination of the two), you can't help but identify with this charming family.

The little details and anecdotal comments are what make this show so authentic — things you wouldn't pick up on if you weren't raising goofy kids yourself. Here are a few examples of those Bluey moments that make parents feel like they've totally been there, done that.


When Dad Forgets The Pool Bag

On a hot day, Dad offers to take Bingo and Bluey to the pool after they complain that Mum is boring. At the pool, Dad realizes he forgot the pool bag and the kids are left without sunscreen, dive toys, hats, towels, and snacks. Thankfully, Mum saves the day when she arrives with the bag in hand, and suddenly she's not so boring anymore.


The Kids' Fascination With Paint Samples

If you've ever taken your kid to Home Depot, you've seen the look of awe that comes across their face when they see the giant display of paint samples. Bluey and Bingo are no exception. Much like so many other parents, Mum and Dad head to the checkout lane with their products and piles of paint samples in tow.


Dad's Love For The Hospital Game

Bluey and Bingo are always coming up with games to rope their parents into, which any parent knows can quickly go from entertaining to exhausting. So when the duo comes up with the game "hospital," dad is thrilled because he gets to lie down as a patient the whole time.


Sneaking The Chocolate Milk Out Of The Shopping Cart

How many times have you carefully removed something your kid put in the shopping cart when they weren't looking or stealthily handed it to the cashier so you wouldn't have to actually buy it? Bluey's Dad does the same on a trip to the grocery store where his daughters try to fill the cart with chocolate milk (while shaming him for all the green foods he's picked out).


The Mess In The Car's Backseat

In any episode where the family is driving in their car, viewers get a good look at the backseat, which (like most backseats usually occupied by small children) is covered in food, crayons, stickers, trash, and other little messes. It really makes any parent who has Goldfish Crackers ground so deep into their car floors that no vacuum is strong enough to lift them up feel seen.


The Kids Disinterest In Picking Up Their Toys

Mum walks into the girls' playroom and sees toys scattered literally everywhere, most of which they are not playing with. She tells them to clean up their mess, and they respond with whines that they hate cleaning up. If you haven't experienced this exact scenario with your kids, are you even a parent?


The Screen Time Episode

Have your kids ever called you out for being on your phone, tablet, or computer when you were simultaneously instructing them to get off their own? Bluey's family is no different. Mum ends up saving the day in this episode, but it's a struggle most parents have experienced at least once.


Every Moment Of The Episode 'Takeaway'

Every part of the episode "Takeaway" is basically real life with kids. While waiting for their takeout food to be ready, dad is forced to leave his seat so the kids can play restaurant. Then, as he's sitting on the ground reading his newspaper to pass the time, they take it from him for their game. As the waiting period goes on, Bluey makes a huge mess, Bingo needs to go to the bathroom, and everyone is getting really hangry. Just another day in the life of a parent.


The Kids' Frustrated Growls

Do your kids stomp and grunt or growl in frustration when you tell them "no" or when they aren't succeeding in a task they're working at? So do Bluey and Bingo. In fact, they do it so well you may hear it from the other room and assume it's your child doing the growling.


Bingo's Bathroom Habits

Bingo's adventures in the bathroom will have you in tears from laughter (or in solidarity depending on the day). She does the classic "I have to pee" dance while waiting for a parent to take her, then spends forever in the stall, sings while she goes, pumps way too much soap into her hands and all over the floor, all while Dad tries to manage the situation.


All The Dad Jokes

There's no contest: Bluey's dad is the "fun parent," but some of his funniest moments are his hilarious dad jokes. From the classic "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad" to pretending to be on an elevator as he stands behind a counter, his dad jokes are classic. They'll have you rolling your eyes with a knowing smirk, especially when you hear how hard Bluey and Bingo laugh at them.



Dad bounces Bluey on a giant ball while she giggles ferociously. Mum playfully drops Bingo onto the couch from up high as she squeals with joy. Both girls respond in the same way, by shouting, "AGAIN!" Parents will feel this to their core, because how many times have you played a game with your kid that quickly drained you of your life force as they excitedly ask for more?


Mum & Dad's Reaction To The Game "Backpack"

While Mum and Dad tells Bingo, Bluey, and their cousins about their adventures while backpacking, the kids decide they want to pretend they're backpacking, too. Except, they want to be the backpacks and want Mum and Dad to carry them around. During this conversation, you can see Mum and Dad's shoulders slump and faces drop at the realization that they will not only be entertaining all four kids, but exerting some serious physical energy while doing it. And here they thought the kids would play independently since they had two extra kids to play with. Silly Mum and Dad.


Mum's Solo Walks & Runs

More often than not, Dad is the parent partaking in the kids' shenanigans. It's not that Mum never plays with them, it's just that Dad is more about the silly games. Because of this, Mum is often heard saying she's going for a run or a walk. In an episode where the family is at the beach, Bingo asks her why she likes to take so many walks alone (and if you're the parent who always jumps at an opportunity to get a few minutes of solo time, you totally understand why Mum likes to sneak away).


The Kids' Morning Energy

Have you ever woken up to your kid staring right at your face when you open your eyes or, at the very least, by a child climbing into your bed begging you to wake up? Mum and Dad know that struggle, too. In an episode, Bluey and Bingo lie on top of Dad until he wakes up, jump up and down once he's out of bed and still trying to wake up, and beg him to start playing before he's even had a sip of coffee. They're basically playing out a morning scene in every parents' home.


Muffin's Missed Nap

Bluey and Bingo are thrilled when their cousin, Muffin is coming for a sleepover because that means they get to stay up extra late. Except when Muffin shows up, her dad explains that she's in the process of dropping her daily nap. Throughout her stay, Muffin is delirious, running into everything, acting out, and showing all the classic signs of a little kid who missed her nap.

Sending love to Muffin's dad as he manages this all-too-familiar transition.


The WFH Struggle

Dad works from home, and the kids never seem to grasp that when he's working he can't play. No matter how many times he says he has to work, they come up with a way to distract him and demand he plays with them before he does another minute of work. If you're a working parent who has experienced this, raise your hand!


All The Questions

Across episodes, Bluey and Bingo are heard asking some of the most hilarious, strange, and frustrating questions. "Where was I before I was born?" "Who is your favorite kid?" "Can I have money for the claw machine?" and every parent's favorite, "Why?" Every now and then, the questions are back to back, which is always fun at first, but quickly becomes tiring. Thankfully, Dad and Mum normalize the "no more questions!" plea from parents, so your kids won't be disillusioned to think other parents love to answer endless questions.

If you haven't already, it's worth the seven minutes to watch an episode of Bluey. All of the characters are relatable in so many ways, and if you're having a particularly tiring day of parenting, chances are good Mum or Dad will remind you that you're not alone. If nothing else, you'll at least get a quick rest and a laugh in before the next adventure.