If You Want To Shop, Try These 18 Women-Owned Etsy Shops For Int'l Women's Day

If you've ever shopped on Etsy, then you know that it is a go-to website for people all over when they're looking for unique gifts, personlized home decor, or a customized gift. But the real reason why Etsy is so great? It allows entrepreneurs to actually make a living by selling their creations. From stay-at-home moms to women chasing their passion, there are Etsy sellers to support on International Woman's Day that will make you feel really good about your shopping spree. So many of these women are living life on their own terms by creating and selling, and people are loving it.

You can literally find anything on Etsy. Once while watching Outlander, I really liked this unique 18th century-style cowl the main character was wearing. So a simple Google search landed me on an Etsy page dedicated to knitting creations based on the show I was watching. I ordered the cowl on the spot, and it is one of my favorite scarves to wear on the coldest days. I love it because it makes me feel like a proper 18th century Scottish lady, but also because it gave me the opportunity to support a woman-run small business. Whether you're looking for a gift or just want to treat yourself, consider these women-owned shops for your Etsy shopping.


Modern Mud

Shop owner and mom of three Noami Singer opened Modern Mud when she discovered her love for pottery. She was working three jobs when she decided to launch, and now has over 4,000 sales on Etsy. She creates unique organic, glam pottery items and sells mugs, jewelry dishes, ring holders, and jewelry.


Goose Grease

These adorable customized wooden dolls are handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Anna and Juan Donado. Anna is a wife and mom who runs this Etsy shop out of her home studio in New York City, and this entire business started when she was just trying to make little wooden dolls for her own babies. Now she supports her family doing it. These customized dolls make really cute wedding cake toppers or just a cute personal gift or home decoration.


Random Rompers

When mom Krystal opened her Etsy shop in 2015, she was on the brink of being evicted from her home. Now she's sold over 5,000 of these adorable handmade rompers perfect for little ones with all kinds of fabric and print options. She was able to keep her home and even quit her full time job to support her family through her Etsy sales. "I started selling rompers and it saved my family," she said.



After noticing her daughter using a bed sheet as a superhero cape, Savannah-based mom Lane Huerta decided to create these adorable gender-neutral capes and has now turned her shop into a sweet little children's play wear store. She's even at the point where she can employ a small group of seamstresses. Talk about the power of imagination.


Little Goodall

This Etsy shop was founded by artist, designer, and mom Molly Goodall in 2010 when her son refused to wear his hood in the cold. She created the Ferocious Lion coat in an effort to convince him to wear his hood and boom, her idea became a store. Isn't that a story every mom can relate to? Little Goodall sells all kinds of really adorable ponchos and coats for kids like animals, unicorns, and rainbows.


Brooklyn Candle Studio

This Etsy shop sells minimalist candle designs made with 100 percent soy wax and without all the yucky stuff. Shop owner and mom Tamara Mayne launched her shop in 2013 and has since sold over 2,000 candles. This female entrepreneur now has her candles in over 200 stores in 15 countries, and the schedule has allowed her to spend more time with her son while juggling her business. The dream.



In 2009, wife and mom Kel Cadet discovered her passion for working with wooden beads, leather, and other original materials to make jewelry and accessories. She opened her Etsy shop in the two-bedroom apartment she lived in with her husband and two kids, and the rest is history. Now her family has found a larger home with a studio just for her and her passion.


Baby Jives Co.

This Etsy shop sells unique nursery room decor designed by wife and mom Jahje Ives. As a new mom, Jahje couldn't find the perfect mobile for her nursery, so she just made one. Her designs are inspired by the magic of childhood, and she hopes to bring some wonder into the world with mobiles, swaddles, and other nursery accessories. It's no wonder why business is booming for this mom, and she's racked up over 3,000 sales.


Milk & Honey Luxuries

Sarah Parker is a mom who built this business while raising two kids and going to school. She makes adorable customized kitchenware like keepsake silver spoons, mugs, and cutting boards. Her shop has done so well, they've sold over 7,000 products to date.


Hook & Matter

Hook & Matter sells modern jewelry in gold, rose gold, and silver. The shop is run by two sisters, Aimée and Sara Schiwal. Together they work as a team with Aimée designing geometric jewelry, while Sara takes care of the business tasks. These two women entrepreneurs are running a successful business while raising two families.


Rebecca Schoneveld

Rebecca Schoneveld began learning to sew at just 4 years old and has grown her one-of-a-kind wedding apparel business into a storefront in Brooklyn, New York. She and her team work to create beautiful, size-inclusive gowns to brides around the world.


Cors Candles

Cors Candles' shop owner Courtney Gilbert makes unique vegan candles with zero toxic additives. She started making candles 14 years ago in her kitchen, and now has her own studio space in New York where she creates a variety of mystifying candle designs.


Jill Makes

Jill Makes is an Etsy shop featuring "handmade jewelry for upbeat people." The shop owner Jill Foreman has a family of four and runs a successful business with over 18,000 sales. She makes adorable handmade necklaces, earrings, and customized key chains.


Claudia G. Pearson

This London-born mother of two began her career as a commerical illustrator in New York City in the 1990s and has since grown a successful business based on her own creative illustrations. Her Etsy shop sells articles such as canvas bags, glassware, mugs, and aprons, all featuring her unique art work.


Piper Purls

OK, I had to include an Etsy shop that sells my beloved cowl. Piper Purls is owned by Rachel and she sells Outlander-inspired knits as well as vintage books. I mean, just look how comfy and cosy that cowl looks.


Bky Kid

This Etsy shop, Bky Kid, sells colorful T-shirts with track designs for kids to play with. That's right, it's an interactive T-shirt for both adults and kids. Etsy shop owner and mom Becky Thada got the idea when her 16-month-old was driving her train along her back and noticed it felt oh-so-nice. What mom wouldn't want a free back massage while their kids play?


The Lettered Lane

If you love heirloom-quality decor, you'll love The Lettered Lane. The shop is run by mom-of-two Brittany, and began on the floor of her garage with a borrowed saw. After making a wooden sign of her first child's name, she began selling the creations and her store quickly expanded. She now has over 10,000 sales, a shop with so many sweet gifts to choose from, and the flexibility to have her business while being home with her kids.


Prints of Peace

While she's just starting out, Prints of Peace shop owner Caitlin is slowly amassing her own list of Etsy sales. With her sweet watercolor portraits, customers can customize a painting that represents their own little family, including pets and specific clothing. They're great wedding gifts, housewarming presents, and just sweet reminders of what your family looks like right then. Caitlin's Etsy bio noted that she uses her shop as supplemental income for her family — which includes three kids — so purchasing from her is a win-win for everyone.