You'll Want To Make *All* Of These Adorable Easter Treats

During the spring season, my kids typically have some sort of Easter celebration at school. Whether they call it a spring fling, spring party, or an Easter party, the theme usually involves plenty of pastel colored decor, candy, and a few snacks. Teachers often request that parents bring spring or Easter-themed snacks for the class to enjoy at these parties, but finding an Easter treat that is fun and tasty for kids, and also easy to put together at home can be a challenge. Luckily, this list of Easter snacks for kids to take to school features plenty of recipes and ideas to inspire you.

While most of these Easter snacks for school are homemade, I know as well as any working mom (or even a tired, busy stay-at-home mom — I've been both) that making a school treat completely from scratch is not always the most convenient option. So, when time is of the essence, feel free to get creative and assemble some store-bought, semi-homemade goodness to pass out at your kid's school. That is most definitely my go-to move when classroom Easter celebrations pop up, although I do love enthusiastically attempting the homemade options once in a while as well. Regardless of the route you choose, these Easter snack ideas for school will have your kid hopping for joy as they share the deliciousness you create with their classmates.


Easter Egg Bark

This adorable Easter egg bark by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is ridiculously easy to make. It literally contains only two ingredients — melted white chocolate chunks and Easter egg jelly beans. Chewy and delicious, this bark can be broken into pieces and shared with your child's entire class.


Little Lamb Cupcakes

If you're feeling like being a little bit extra with your school Easter treats, these lamb cupcakes by Bakerella are almost too precious to eat. Piped icing and candied bows give these cupcakes adorable details that kids will go crazy over.


Easter Rice Cereal Treats

This Easter snack for school is so pretty, it practically begs to be the centerpiece of any Easter celebration. Inside BruCrew Life created this easy-to-make recipe with fluffy marshmallows, pastel-colored chocolate candies, and rice cereal to celebrate spring with a yummy, gooey treat.


Easter Overload Brownies

These delectable brownies from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen are stuffed with Oreo cookies, fudge sauce, and caramel bits, and topped with marshmallow Peeps. They make for perfect school Easter treats to pass out to your kid's classmates.


Bunny Cookie Pops

These adorable Easter treats by Bakerella are so easy to make, yet look intricate. A combination of store-bought cookies, candy pieces, and molded chocolate create these cute bunny pops for kids to hand out to their friends at school.


Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

These adorable Easter cookies by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs give traditional sugar cookies an Easter twist by adding chocolate Easter egg-shaped candies with pastel-colored candy coating in a small "nest" right on top.


Krispie Treat Chicks

Another way to use rice cereal treats to create Easter-themed snacks for school is to mold them into cute Easter chicks like this example from Cookies and Cups. These particular treats use store-bought Cadbury eggs to form the base of the chick for a delicious surprise when kids bite into their treat.


Vegan Easter Bunny Cupcakes

If anyone in your child's classroom has dietary restrictions, a vegan cupcake, like these by Healthy Happy Life, may be the way to go when it comes to making Easter treats for school. This recipe uses non-dairy baking ingredients as well as plant-based food dyes for the colorful topping.


Marshmallow Easter Eggs

This creative no-bake Easter snack option by Jelly Toast Blog is great for kids. They're adorable with decorative icing on top and are even pretty if you need to leave them undecorated in a pinch.


Carrot Cake Cookies With Cream Cheese Drizzle

A sweet twist on a carrot-themed dessert, these carrot cake cookies will make a delicious Easter snack for your child to take to school. The cream cheese drizzle and optional white chocolate chunks make these cookies by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs extra sweet.


Bunny Bait Snack Mix

This sweet and salty Easter treat can easily be bagged up to hand out in individual servings to your child's classmates. Accoding to Meatloaf and Melodrama, the quick and easy mixture can be comprised of just about anything you have on hand — popcorn, pretzels, cereal, chocolate candies, etc.


Spring Flower Pretzel Bites

These easy-to-make pretzel bites by Princess Pinky Girl are the perfect Easter snack for school. Simply use melted white chocolate to adhere pastel chocolate candies to square-shaped pretzels in a flower pattern, place in cellophane bags, and be prepared for your kids to love passing these out to their friends.


Easter Bunny Tail Candy Bark

Swirly food coloring through melted white chocolate creates a beautiful marbled-pattern in this Easter candy bark from Meatloaf and Melodrama. Topped with pastel candies and marshmallows, this pretty Easter snack can be broken into pieces to dole out to all of your children's classmates.


Easter Bunny Cutout Cookies

Investing in some store-bought cookie dough and a mini bunny-shaped cookie cutter can yield adorably delicious results for your child's Easter festivities when you use this Easter cookie idea from Princess Pinky Girl.


Reese's Easter Bunnies

This particular Easter bunny treat requires a bit of finesse to create made-from-scratch molded chocolate ears placed delicately on top of a white chocolate peanut butter cup, but the result shown by Mom on Timeout makes for an adorable snack for kids.


Loaded Candy Cookie Bars

These Easter cookie bars by My Baking Addiction look so delicious that they may not make it out the door to my kid's Easter party. Filled with marshmallows, candy eggs, and chopped up Cadbury eggs, there is no denying the Easter treat goodness of these cookie snack bars.


Rainbow Marshmallow Dream Bars

This fun twist on a rice cereal treat bar comes from the No. 2 Pencil blog and is filled with one of my kids' all-time favorite breakfast cereals — Fruity *freaking* Pebbles. Talk about an Easter treat. Gooey marshmallow deliciousness combined with the fruity-flavored cereal sounds heavenly and exactly like something all of my kids' friends would go nuts over.


Easter Bunny Sugar Cookie Baskets

These adorable cookies are baked in muffin tins and topped with a sour candy strip "handle" to give them the shape of an Easter basket. The idea from Princess Pinky Girl uses shredded coconut that has been dyed green and jelly beans to fill the center of the cookies for a fun Easter treat your kids will love sharing with their classmates.