19 Funny Secret Santa Gifts To Make Your Friends LOL

Secret Santa is one of my favorite traditions during the holiday season. I loved it as a kid when I was always gifted something cool like fruit-scented erasers or Lisa Frank puffy stickers. But as an adult, the tradition started to lose its luster. Maybe because everyone started giving things like coffee cups and gift cards. What's the fun in that? I get that people want to give something that's worth buying, but funny Secret Santa gifts are not hard to come by.

The best part of a Secret Santa gift is that you don't always have to know a lot about the person to find them a great gift. You just need something with a little functionality that makes them smile, and won't break the bank. You can find fun games they'll love playing with their family, accessories for their work desk that will make their day, and even fun little novelty items like breath spray that are still hilarious. Below are 19 funny Secret Santa gifts that are guaranteed to help spread the cheer to your family, friends, and co-workers. None of them are more than $25 and some are even less than five dollars, giving you every opportunity to find one you can afford and will be excited to give. Be the Secret Santa everyone wants to have.


Secret Santa Shirt

We've all pulled that name that leaves us scrambling the day before the Christmas party, right? Look Human has you covered with this hilarious Secret Santa shirt ($20). Plus it's super soft and comfy. Who couldn't use a fun t-shirt?


Basket Case Game

The basket case game ($13) will keep everyone entertained the rest of the night, so make sure to gift it to a good sport. (And play it while drunk. I imagine it's 10 times more hilarious.)


Pizza Socks

Everyone loves pizza. Everyone loves warm feet. So why wouldn't people love Urban Outfitters' pizza socks ($8).


Thumb Sumo Kit

Thumb wrestling matches just got a whole lot more exciting with this thumb sumo mega kit ($9).


Texts From Your Ex

Based on the hit Instagram account, Texts from Your Ex ($10) is a hillarious account of awkward exchanges between former lovers. Gift this book to your Secret Santa recipient and listen to them laugh out loud at the real text exchanges.


The Oatmeal 2016 Calendar

What's funnier than cats? The Oatmeal comics featuring cats, obviously. You don't have to be a feline fan to know that cats can be total a-holes and find The Oatmeal 2016 Calendar ($17) hilarious.


Random Crab Tote Bag

Everyone you know needs this random crap bag ($8). Everyone.


Cupcake Shower Cap

Let your giftee feel like a beautiful baked good and get to keep their hair dry with this cupcake shower cap ($9).


Drinking Buddies Drink Markers

"Hey, who's drink is this? Where's my cup?" Get rid of those questions by gifting them these Drinking Buddies drink markers ($17). The little men hang on the inside of their cups and are individually named with different colored speedos to keep everyone from swapping germs or trying to find a Sharpie.


Emoji Magnet Set

Magnets are always a great gift for their functionality, but this emoji magnet set ($15.00) from Urban Outfitters is cute and funny, too.


Feel Incredibly High Breath Spray

Yep. This hilarious breath spray ($6) from Blue Q is 100 percent legal and will make you feel "like you're completely baked!" Hilarious.


Bacon Bandages

"Is that a slab of bacon on your shin?"

"Yes. I cut myself shaving."

This conversation can be made real with these bacon-shaped bandages ($7). (They don't smell like bacon, though. Bummer.)


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

Another laugh out loud gift from Blue Q is this hand sanitizer ($6), specifically for those who "maybe touched their gentials".


Sir Perky Wine Corkscrew

He's functional. He's good looking. And he's going to open you a bottle of wine. Everyone wants a Sir Perky wine corkscrew ($9).


Porn For Women

This may be the best book ever written. Filled with pages of men cleaning the house, doing laundry, and offering to drive a minivan so their lady can have "something fun to drive", Porn for Women ($12) is a hilarious book.


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Jazz up your co-worker's desk with this unicorn tape dispenser ($18). So magical, so happy, and makes all meaningless tasks better.


'Breaking Bad' Cutting Board

Not to be used for cooking blue meth, Heisenberg can still motivate you to get in the kitchen with this Breaking Bad cutting board ($23) from The Engrave Rave.


B*tches Get Stuff Done Coin Purse

The perfect gift for a kick*ss woman (AKA, all of us), this "B*tches Get Stuff Done" coin purse ($4) features motivational language and is also kind of hilarious with the lady floating on clouds.


Tattoo Pens

Temporary tattoo stickers are for kids. These tattoo pens ($9) from ASOS though? They are perfect. Who doesn't want to try out their own tats and get to wash them off at the end of the day?