19 Mother's Day Gifts For The Mom Who Is Obsessed With DIY Projects

Since Pinterest became a thing, I feel like the world of DIY has been booming. DIY is a fun hobby and it keeps your creative juices flowing, all while creating things you need and want for your home with your own two hands. (Nothing gets better than that for me.) Do you know a mama who loves anything and everything crafty and DIY? Don't get her the usual flowers and jewelry (unless that's what she asked for, obviously). Think outside of the box and check out some Mother's Day gifts for the DIY savvy mama. These gifts will be thoughtful while satisfying her Pinterest obsession of finding all things DIY.

Mom will think fondly of her special day —and of you — whenever she lovingly creates something for herself or for her family and friends. Who wants their home to look cookie cutter and like everyone else's home anyway? With these crafting and DIY tools, your home will reflect your loved one's and your personalities — making your house a home and creating a lovely, cozy environment. Plus, with many of these gifts, you could potentially make it a family affair, doing a big project together on the weekend. But if the mom in your life craves alone and creative time, be sure to help her carve that out for herself as part of the gift.


'The Year Of Cozy'

The Year of Cozy, $15, Amazon

I personally love this book. It has all kinds of month-specific recipes and crafts you can to do make your home a little more cozy. The photography is beautiful and none of the crafts are that hard, but they look great.



20-Pack Canvas, $40, Michaels

I loved making canvas paintings for my husband's and my first apartment, rental home, and now our own home. Painting is relaxing and fun — at least for me — and you can customize and personalize artwork for your own space without breaking the bank. You can even use canvas to make your own collages, sealing the pictures with Mod Podge.


'The Hands-On Home'

The Hands-On Home, $25, Amazon

This is another "seasonal" guide to recipes, but it includes DIY preserving, making your own cleaning supplies, and other DIY things you can do to make your home magical and homey. I also love this book because of the storytelling involved and the beautiful photos.



Paint, Varies, Michaels

Any crafter knows that paint can be essential for most projects. Whether it's acrylic or oils for canvases, or watercolor for paper, Michaels has all the different types of paint the crafty mom in your life would need.



Brushes, Varies, Michaels

If you have paint, you gotta have brushes, right? There are so many brush kits that offer several different styles for many crafting and DIY projects.


'Little House In The Suburbs'

Little House in the Suburbs, $15, Amazon

Homesteading has always been a dream of mine, but for now we live in the city, doing a little homesteading when we can. This book teaches you how to garden, raise chickens, goats, bees, and DIY skincare and house cleaning products, whether you live in the suburbs or the city. It even shows you how to make cute gift baskets for your neighbors in case you need to apologize for your livestock.


Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils, Varies, Michaels

Whether it's for making her own cards for friends and family, or just coloring in some adult coloring books for stress relief, colored pencils are a must-have for the DIY mom. She'll definitely put them to good use for something, that's for sure. And she shouldn't share these with the kids.


Paint Pens

Paint Pens, Varies, Michaels

There's actually quite a lot you can do with paint pens. You can personalize plates, coffee mugs, and other household items, and you use them on canvas, and even make your own ornaments.


Mod Podge

Mod Podge, $2 to $40, Michaels

Mod Podge is the secret weapon of most DIY and crafty moms. You can use it as glue or a sealant on projects. And it's really easily applied with a paint brush. If you don't understand what this magical product does, that's OK. I'm sure the DIYer in your life will know exactly what to use it for.


'Shift Your Habit'

Shift Your Habit, $5, Amazon

Not only does this book teach you how to DIY cleaning products, including laundry detergent, toothpaste, deodorant and soap, but it also shows you how to save a ton of money just by being eco-friendly in your home and by doing all the DIY you enjoy.


Bird Houses

Bird Houses, $1 to $15, Michaels

This would be a fun project for mom to work on alone, or it could be a fun Saturday afternoon family project. All you need is a bird house, some paint, and paint brushes — and eventually some birds.


Candle Making Starter Kit

Candle Making Starter Kit, $33, Michaels

Candles make great gifts, and they'll definitely make your own home look and smell cozy and lovely. Candle making can be a relaxing project for a rainy day — and even better, the mom in your life will know all the ingredients going into the candles, making sure they're safe for the family while smelling delicious.

Michaels offers this kit, and also several pages of other essentials you could use for candle making at home, including a variety of scents, wicks, and bases, like soy.


Soap Making Kit

Soap Making Kit, $23, Michaels

Like candles, homemade soap makes a great gift, especially if you can formulate it with ingredients your friends and family will love. This particular kit uses lavender, but the Michaels website offers pages upon pages of different fragrances, soap cutters, and glycerine and shea butter soap making options.


Wooden Words, Shapes, & Letters

Wooden Words, Shapes, and Letters, Varies, Michaels

Wooden words, shapes and letters are so versatile in what you can do with them. I once used scrapbook paper and Mod Podge to cover each letter and added buttons and other embellishments to make "LOVE" lettering for our bedroom. I've also used wooden letters for my son's room, spelling his name over his crib after painting each letter. The full words would be a fun project if you want to make some decor for an upcoming holiday, and there's a lot you can do with painted shapes.


Paper Craft Essentials

Paper Craft Essentials, Varies, Michaels

Paper crafting can mean a lot of things. You can do mixed media projects with it, create your own stationary, your own cards, whatever your heart desires. Michael's offers a variety of stamps, stencils, and tools where you can cut shapes out of paper.


Quilty Subscription Box

Quilty Box, $48, My Subscription Addiction

Does the mom in your life love to quilt? I've always wanted to learn and it's definitely something on my bucket list. I love quilts and find them beautiful, especially antique quilts. So maybe I'll ask for Quilty Box for Mother's Day — after I take a quilting class first, that is.

According to the description, each box comes with fabric, patterns, thread, or notions, and will have a theme. Even cooler, every purchase of a Quilty Box sends 5 percent of the profits to Quilts for Kids, "an organization dedicated to turning fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children in need."


Scrapbooking Kit

Scrapbooking Kit, $30, Michaels

A lot of mamas love a good scrapbook. It's a fun way to go through pictures of her family and remember fun trips, birthdays, holidays, or even the day-to-day grind. This kit above includes most of what you'll need, but if she likes doing her own thing, Michael's has a ton of pages on their website featuring embellishments, refills, papers, stamps, stickers, and other supplies.


Adults & Crafts Subscription Box

Adults & Crafts Subscription Box, $33, My Subscription Addiction

Reviews for this particular crafting subscription box are phenomenal. It's been touted as "the best craft box for your money," and the projects are "just challenging enough," but not too hard. It's perfect for girls night in, alone time for her, or even family crafting time. You can try a new hobby every month, and what's more fun and inspiring than that?

One husband bought this for his wife because she was complaining a lot about how she never had any time to be creative because of her extremely demanding job. "After a few boxes, not only did the complaints stop, but our otherwise boring apartment started to breathe a sigh of creativity. Her complaints about never having any time to purchase gifts for friends also came to a grinding halt, as she now had personalized gifts for friends if she decided so," he said in a review. Pretty high praise, if you ask me.


Craft Organization

Craft Organization, Varies, Michael's

If this adorable organization station for her crafts doesn't get her inspired, I don't know what will. Whether it's a cute rolling cart like this one, or even some colorful storage bins, the more whimsy the storage containers, the better, in my opinion.

Get the DIY mom in your life something she'll actually use and enjoy time and time again, even if that means thinking outside of the box and getting her crafting supplies. You'll love what she comes up with and enjoy finding all of her creative work around your home.

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