19 Mother's Day Memes To Make You Laugh & Cry


It's hard to believe Mother's Day is here again, and it's especially hard for me to believe it's my second one. Before, Mother's Day was a day to take my mom out to lunch and give her a card, but now I'm so excited to have my own little one celebrate me and to share a special day together. Social media also makes this day super fun because I love reading everyone's posts about their mom and laughing and crying at all the Mother's Day memes.

I mean, laughing and crying pretty much embodies all of motherhood, right? Like yesterday when I was looking for the remote. I was on my hands and knees, ducking to look under the couch when I felt a toddler butt land on my back. Yes, my child sat on me while I was trying to find the remote to make Sesame Street come back on for her. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about motherhood, nothing will.

Because it's a hard job, but it's also hilarious. And sometimes, the hilarity comes from it being hard. You have to keep your cool somehow, right? Even if it means laughing through the pain of stepping on a LEGO. (Just kidding. That sh*t is torture.) That's why memes are the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day. They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry, and they'll remind you why you're doing this motherhood thing anyway. So in honor of Mother's Day, here are 19 perfect memes that embody everything about the day and celebrate motherhood perfectly.

1Alcohol Makes A Great Mother's Day Gift

Throw a bottle of wine in there, too.


The best part? It never stops.


I mean, are we really that surprised?

4This One's For All The Middle Children

I feel you. You're totally her favorite.

5A Reminder On Mother's Day

Word. She raised you, didn't she?


Now let Mom sleep in on Sunday, OK?

7You Won't Have To Clean Old Nuggets Out Of Your Car Either

It's all about balance. Motherhood is hard, but d*mn, you're going to miss those macaroni noodle necklaces on Mother's Day.

8The Truest Mother's Day Card That Ever Was

Also, thanks for letting me "forget" to pay off that credit card I used.

9Truth Hurts, Fellas

Just don't put off her Mother's Day gift, OK?

10It's A Tough Gig

But someone's got to save the world, right?

11Word To The Forgetful

She knows the truth.

12You Buy It From A Store

Just kidding. Hugs and kisses are fine. (Please don't forget the wine.)

13Mothers Are Everywhere

And man, they love their children.

14Where's The Medal?

Because all moms should get one.



And please stop typing in all caps.

16It's Called Unconditional Love

So buy her a box of chocolates or something at the very least.

17You'll Always Need Your Mama

And she'll always be right there for you.

18Kanye Said It Best

There's going to be a lot of interrupting at the brunch tables on Sunday, isn't there?

19Better Late Than Never


But try saying it the rest of the year, too. Happy Mother's Day!