19 New Year's Resolutions You Can Accomplish In A Day (No, Seriously)

New Year's Eve celebrations may be overhyped and usually a letdown, but I do enjoy the actual holiday. There's something about starting fresh, looking back at the last 12 months to see how far you've come, and enjoying the thought of a new year to make into whatever you want. Resolutions are also some of my favorite things to write, especially if they are New Year's resolutions that you can accomplish in a day.

Oh sure, I love the year-long promises to myself, but those often fade away by March and I have to play catch up. The trick to resolutions is to pick things you can make a habit. It may be hard to work out more often, but if you set a schedule and get into a routine, it can be done. You also have to pick things that are fairly easy to accomplish or that fit into your life without too much rearranging. Like resolving to be more appreciative of your partner or to do a random act of kindness each day. But no matter what resolutions you come up with, you're bound to slip at some point in the year. To keep your resolution game strong and feel accomplished, add one of these 19 resolutions you can do in a day to your list. All of them can give you the jump you need to tackle the bigger ideas on your list and you won't be as discouraged come spring.


Try A New Recipe

Every year you tell yourself you're going to get out of the skinless, boneless chicken breast recipe, right? Well do it this year and get it done in a day. Find a great recipe, try it out, and boom. You've officially tried a new recipe in 2016.


Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Something as simple as buying a homeless person lunch or volunteering at the animal shelter can count as a random act of kindness and only take a day to complete. Although the way you'll feel afterwards, you'll probably keep this one up all year long.


Complete A Project From Your Pinterest Board

You've been pinning since 2011 and still haven't made that IKEA hack. Go for it this year. Pick a project, gather your materials, and knock it out.


Quit A Bad Habit

Want to quit biting your nails? Do it in a day. Want to stop picking at your split ends? End it in 24 hours.


Eat More Vegetables

Grab a bowl full of veggies for dinner one night and bam. You've officially eaten more vegetables this year.


Write In Your Journal

I truly believe everyone should keep some kind of journal or notebook, so if your resolution is to write in one, it can definitely be a one day resolution. You don't even need any prompts or some big life event to happen, -- just start writing.


Go On A Tech-Free Friend Date

I hear that lots of people try to stay in touch with their friends without the use of Facebook or social media. This is a great one to do in a day by calling your friend and inviting them out for a lunch date that doesn't require a Facebook invite or any Instagram pics of your food.


Spend More Time Outside

I really need to add this one to my list, especially because picking a beautiful Saturday to spend outside can accomplish it.


Read A New Author

I'm bad about reading the same books over and over, or sticking to the same rotation of authors, so I can definitely get behind this resolution. All it takes is one day and a new book.


Read One Of The Classics

And on the flip side, I'm also really bad about having never read some of the classics. So if Jane Eyre is on your list or you've been trying to finish Little Women for the last 10ten years, this is a great one-day resolution to add to your list.


Experience A New Culture

Go to a church you've never been to before, join a cultural celebration for the day, or hang out with a friend who has different traditions and culture than you do. You can experience so much in a day, especially if you just open your eyes and see what your own town has to offer.


Visit A Place You've Never Been Before

It doesn't even have to be adventurous! Maybe there's a museum you've wanted to visit, but haven't had the time, or a town just a few hours away from you that's home to the best pancakes in the state. Get out there and explore.


Watch A Movie You've Never Seen

Everyone loves to tell me they've never seen Star Wars or that they have no idea who Clark Griswold is. If you're one of those people who's constantly being told, "Oh my god, you haven't seen this movie?!" then this might be the resolution for you.


Write Down The Things You Love About Yourself

Being positive about yourself is a great resolution and something you can do in a day. Write down all the things you love about yourself, both physically, mentally, and emotionally, and let the good vibes flow.


Give Compliments To Those Around You

This takes almost no effort and only 24 hours, plus it will make everyone, including you, feel great. Tell the cashier you like her earrings. Tell the bartender she has a nice smile. Tell your hairstylist that you appreciate all he does. It's a sweet gesture to do for a day, but it's also a great habit to pick up year round.


Stop Cursing

Just for the day, remember? You can do it for 24 hours, right? (Unless you step on a LEGO block or an upside down plastic princess shoe. Then you have my permission to let the f-bombs fall where they may.)


Take A Class

Whether it's a beginner ballet class or a class to learn CPR, it can be done in an afternoon and make you feel awesome.


Learn A Skill

Think of it as Girl Scouts for adults. Learn a skill like how to start a fire, how to change your oil, or how to hem a pair of pants. Perfect for a daily activity.


Cut Back On Alcohol

You spent one entire day of 2016 without alcohol. That counts as cutting back for the year.

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