19 Questions About '90s Movies That Still Need To Be Answered

Until my dying day, I will argue that the movies of the 1990s were some of the best in cinematic history. I don't know if it stems from my love of the popular actors, like Tom Hanks, or if it's all just nostalgia-induced, but I am utterly obsessed with this time period in film, despite the amount of unanswered questions about '90s movies

It's rare to find a movie that wraps everything up nicely at the end, no matter the decade, but the 1990s seem to have a knack for it. In fact, the unanswered questions aren't even necessarily ones that affect the plot of the film or the integrity of the storyline. In some cases, people are simply curious about a detail that was left unexplained or the origin of something was never found.

And I know — they're movies. That's what everyone loves to say when I have questions about a plot line or about a character. I get that writers and directors can't explain everything in 90 minutes without possibly boring viewers. But that doesn't stop the audience form wondering, even years after the fact. These 19 unanswered questions about 90s movies, however, I'd like a few more details about.


What Actually Is An "Obscene" Amount Of Money?

In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts shopping and tells the store manager he's going to be spending an "obscene" amount of money. How much is that exactly? How much did all of those cream suits and polka dot dresses and hats actually cost old Edward Lewis? I feel like I have to know in case I ever decide to jokingly reference it and then someone expects me to drop a couple of grand.


Why Did The Batsuit Have Nipples In 'Batman & Robin'?

Warner Bros

Maybe I'm biased because I'm a Tim Burton's Batman girl, but why on earth did the batsuit in Batman & Robin have nipples? Were they there to protect Batman's nipples? Surely he's wearing some kind of undershirt with that thing. Can you imagine the chafing?


Why Didn't Rose Share Her Door?

In Titanic, we all cried and had our hearts broken as the majestic ship went down with its passengers and crew, but arguably the most tragic moment of the movie is when Rose won't scoot over a few inches so Jack can have some of her damn door float. Why, Rose? Why did you want Jack to die?


How Did Romy And Michele Afford That Beach-Front Apartment?

I mean, it's not a studio. That thing has a living room and is fairly huge and right on Venice Beach. Romy works as a cashier at a Jaguar dealership and Michele is unemployed. How did this happen?


What Happened To Old Man Marley's Hand?

In Home Alone, the rumor is that the McCallisters' neighbor, Old Man Marley, has murdered half the block and kept the bodies in salt. Of course, this is later found to be untrue when Kevin actually talks to Marley, but what happened to Marley's hand in the drugstore scene? He slams it down on the table and you can see a bandage wrapped around it with blood seeping through on both sides? What the hell did you do to yourself, Old Man Marley?


Was The T-1000 Actually Going To Cook Dinner?

In Terminator 2, the T-1000 is undercover as John Connor's mom, calmly chopping veggies for dinner. John interrupts the whole facade by calling home, but the question remains — aas the T-1000 actually going to make some kind of wholesome supper? Why waste all that time chopping celery if no one was going to eat it?


Why Can't The Beast Use A Fork?

Or read? He was human at one time, and a prince at that. What the hell, Beast?


What Did Forrest Gump Actually Have To Say About The War In Vietnam?

No one gets to hear, and it still drives me crazy.


Why Didn't Tim Hand Ellie The Gun?

Ellie and Alan are holding the door shut to keep the velociraptor from coming in? She tries to reach for the gun laying nearby, but says if she does, the velociraptor will get in. And what is little Timmy doing? Standing there like a fool. Pick up the gun, Tim!


How Does Buzz Lightyear Know To Act Like A Toy?

Buzz Lightyear believes he's a for real space ranger, so how does he know to go silent and still when Andy enters a room?


What Is In The Briefcase In 'Pulp Fiction'?

So many things happen in Pulp Fiction that it's easy to let this one slip on by. But seriously, what is causing that glow from the briefcase?


Why Doesn't Anyone Think Sam Is A Creep?

OK, I know Josie isn't really a teenager in Never Been Kissed, but no one thinks it's creepy that her teacher had a connection with her and makes out with her the minute he realizes her age?


How Does Malcolm Not Know He's Dead?

I mean, seriously. We're assuming he thinks he's been hired by someone in The Sixth Sense, right? Isn't he wondering why no one will pay him for all this work he's doing with Cole?


Why Is No One Taking The 'Scream' Attacks Seriously?

I can not tell you how infuriating this is. Why the hell is Sydney home alone after two students from her high school have been brutally murdered? Why does no one call the police when Ghostface calls her at Tatum's house? Why are the parents of these teens letting them get drunk at a party instead of at home with the doors locked? Maddening.


How Does The Whipped Cream Stay On Darcy's Body?

Did she stand in a freezer for hours so her body wouldn't immediately melt the whipped cream in Varsity Blues? How is it all still so . . . perky?


How The Hell Has Smalls Never Heard Of A S'More?

Scotty Smalls is not an alien visiting planet Earth in The Sandlot. How in God's name has he never heard of a s'more before? Why do his parents just let him spend hours with an erector set all day?


Does Dottie Drop The Ball On Purpose?

In A League of Their Own, Dottie's little sister, Kit, makes the game-ending slide for Kit's team to win the World Series because Dottie, playing catcher, drops the ball. So did she drop it on purpose? Does Kit just happen to knock it out? This has bothered me since I was little and dear God, I have to know.


Is There A Chance Joe And Kathleen Are Related?

In You've Got Mail, Joe Fox's grandfather makes a comment about how enchanting Cecilia Kelly is, and how they used to "exchange letters". There's no more elaboration, except to note that her daughter now owns the bookshop Fox and his family are going to put out of business. So did Kathleen Kelly's mother date Joe Fox's grandfather? There's no mention of Kathleen Kelly's father —could she and Joe be related? Could she actually be his aunt? MIND. BLOWN.


Why Didn't Binx Ever Tell Anyone What Happened?

OK, sure, Binx is transformed into a cat in Hocus Pocus, but oh my God, he's a cat that can talk. Why did he just rub up against his father's legs and meow? OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TALK.