19 Things Every '90s Cool Girl Did On Friday Nights


No matter which decade you grew up in, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Friday nights rule. School's done for the week, and the next 48 plus hours feel like an endless stretch of free time. But before diving into the weekend, there were some things every '90s cool girl did on Friday nights before she could deal with Saturday and Sunday.

As soon as the final bell rang on Friday afternoon, the game was on! Time seemed to be on your side as you and your girlfriends planned what to do with all that free time in front of you. Those were the days when you could pile into your bedroom with your BFFs and go to town on a pile of Sassy magazines, while jamming to Boyz II Men and downing a bag or two of Cool Ranch Doritos. It was all part of your Friday night ritual and it helped to make you who you are today.

While you and your friends gossiped about boys and Melrose Place, thousands of others 90s cool girls were holding down their own rituals with their friends and making Friday night memories. So what do 90s cool girls remember about those special times? Here are 19 ideas to kick off your trip down memory lane.

1Stocked Up On Sun In


A girl had to be prepared for laying out on Saturday, so she made sure to buy a fresh bottle of Sun In on Friday night to be ready to roll.

2Made Cut-Offs


Everyone knew an old pair of jeans could be reincarnated as a pair of cut-off jean shorts by way of a sharp scissor.

3Developed Secret Pager Codes


As you sat with your girlfriends on your bedroom floor, you came up with a code language to send each other on your pagers.

4Went To The Mall


The mall had everything a girl could want: stores, friends, and a food court.

5Went To A Non-Parents Party


Once, about every month, someone's parents would go out of town and leave a parent-free house, perfect for throwing a party.

6Painted Her Nails Blue


Blue nail polish was just hitting stores, and the 90s cool girl was the first to wear this look to school.

7Met Friends At The Movies


There was more talking, flirting, and candy eating than movie watching going on in these days.

8Had A Sleepover


Even though you spent hours on week nights talking on the phone with your friends, it just wasn't enough! Come Friday, you needed to stay up all night catching up on every detail.

9Watched 'Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch'


No matter how busy you were, you had time to watch Sabrina use powers you could only wish you had.

10And Then Watched 'Boy Meets World'


The T.G.I.F lineup was a standard of Friday nights, so there is no way you could walk away from the TV after Sabrina The Teenaged Witch, you had to stick around for Cory and Topanga.

11Practiced The Macarena


You needed to be prepared for the next time this song came on at a party or school dance.

12Played Nintendo 64


You could stay up as late as you wanted on Friday night, so that meant endless hours of making Mario jump through pipes.

13Begged Mom To Drive You To Blockbuster Video


Before you could drive, you needed mom to give you a lift to Blockbuster.

14Watched 'Clueless' Ten Times


The best part was you could keep the movie all weekend, meaning you could watch it as many times as you wanted. (As long as you remembered to be kind and rewind.)

15Played Windows Solitaire


If you played long enough, you could keep beating your best record from last Friday night.

16Dreamed Up Ways To Meet JTT


You knew if he could just meet you, he would fall instantly in love with you.

17Took Care Of A Tamagotchi


Or forgot to! It was so hard to remember to feed those little guys when you were having so much fun watching T.G.I.F.

18Organized Her Pog Collection


Even though you weren't sure how to use them, you had a ton of Pogs all over your bedroom.

19Identified With A 'TMNT'


Before you and your friends were deciding which SATC character you were most like, you discussed which ninja turtle you identified with the most.