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20 Aries Cat Names For Your Kitty With A Warrior Within

A cool cat needs an equally cool name, but how do you even begin to go about narrowing it down from the enormous number of options out there? If you're all about checking your horoscope and looking to the stars for guidance in life, you could turn to the zodiac for name inspiration, too. Kittens born between the end of March and mid-to-late April are Aries, and there are so many cute Aries cat names to choose from.

The exact dates for Aries are from March 21 to April 19, and no matter how sweet and cute your Aries cat may be, if their birthday falls within this window, pointed out that they've probably got an aggressive, primal side that loves to hunt. Combine that with the fact that Aries is ruled by Mars (the planted named for the Roman God of War), and you've probably got a furry little warrior on your hands. But don't worry, they've definitely got a softer side, too. Cat Time noted that Aries cats can also be plenty playful and super smart, which sounds like a pretty amazing combination to me.

Here are 20 name options that will showcase your little Aries furball's personality perfectly.



Pounce is an adorable name for cat that feels like a fearsome warrior on the inside. It's the moniker King Tommen chose for his beloved kitten on Game of Thrones, according to Entertainment Weekly, though the royal pet got the title of Ser as well.



The tiger is often dubbed the King of the Jungle, and your little feline is sure to be the King (or Queen) of your castle. Let's hope they're a benevolent ruler.



With the live-action remake of The Lion King hitting theaters this year, there may be lots more little kittens running around named Simba. The movie is due out on July 19, according to Variety.



Nala is just as much the star of The Lion King as Simba, and she may embody the traits of an Aries even more perfectly. She's being played by Beyoncé in the new flick, so you'll know she'll be fierce.



After lions and tigers, jaguars are the next biggest cat on Earth, according to World Atlas. A name like Jag is a cute option for a cat who's far mightier than he looks at first glance.



What cat has more energy than Pooh's good friend Tigger? "The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things," after all.



Chase could be a cute name option for an Aries cat with lots of playful, aggressive energy. I'd guess chasing after and pouncing on a laser pointer toy would give this guy hours of entertainment.



After the thrill of the chase comes the joy of the hunt. Don't be surprised if you're little Aries hunter loves bringing you "gifts" in the form of unfortunate birds and mice.


Go Go

An Aries cat might constantly be on the move, so a name like Go Go could be a fitting choice for your little prowler.



You may think Oscar the Grouch when you hear the name Oscar, but its meaning is actually totally Aries appropriate. Nameberry noted that it means "champion warrior."



Harry Potter fans may be drawn to a name like Bellatrix for their Aries cat. The name means "warlike," according to, and the Death Eater was nothing if not warlike.



You can shorten up Bellatrix to Belle, which has the added connotation of beauty. The smart Disney princess makes a wonderful namesake.



Your Aries kitten may channel some of that aggressive energy into aggressively protecting you. In that case, a name like Sasha, which means "defender of mankind" according to Baby Name Wizard, could be totally fitting.



Game of Thrones fans may be into the name Arya for their cat. It sounds just like Aries, and Arya Stark is definitely a warrior if there ever was one.



Mars may be the Roman god of war, but Alala is a Green goddess of war according to Nameberry. That makes it a great option for an Aries cat, perhaps with the cute nickname of Lala.



Cat Wisdom 101 noted that Aries cats value their independence. Solo is a super cute name choice for a kitty with a bit of a loner streak, especially if their fur mom or dad is a Star Wars fan.



If your cat prefers to hide out for some alone time on a regular basis, Shadow is a fitting name — since that may be all you see of them at times.



Aries is ruled by Mars, the Red Planet, according to Astrostyle. That makes shades of red color names Aries appropriate, and Rose is a super cute one.



Catster noted that Aries cats are natural leaders, so expect them to be at the head of the pride if you've got multiple kittens at home. That makes a name like Henry a good choice — it means "estate ruler," according to Nameberry.



If your Aries cat has an April birthday, you may want to name them after covetable birthstone. The April birthstone is a diamond, after all, so you might as well run with it.