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These 20 Unisex Baby Names Are Inspired By Summer & Happy Vibes

Are you planning to welcome a new bebe into the world come July? Or perhaps you're newly pregnant, and want your wintertime wee one to bear a name that evokes the wide blue skies of a June afternoon. Either way, I've rounded up 20 bright and breezy unisex baby names inspired by summer and its sunny, carefree days.

It's funny to think of baby names having a seasonal vibe, but so many of them do. I mean if you name your child Autumn or April, there's a pretty obvious connection there. And according to Slate, there is evidence that shows that certain names spike depending on what month the child is born. (Nicholas and Carol rise in popularity in December, while there's a slew of Patricks in March.)

I personally really dig summery baby names, as I like the chill, relaxed feelings they call to mind. The names I've selected below all highlight the positives of summer, and in no way address some of the less enjoyable aspects of the season. You will note there is no mention of naming your child "Mosquito," "Bra Sweat," or "Aloe Vera." Though I suppose you could go that route if you're looking for something more original? And if you don't mind raising a child called Skeeter.



I adore the name Daisy. Like the flower, it has such a simple, sweet, beauty. It actually comes from the phrase "day's eye," in a nod to how the flowers open their petals at day break. Just be aware that the name might conjure different images for different people. Daisy Buchanan. Daisy Duck. Daisy Dukes...



While many people tend to think of this one for a girl, it can totally be used for a boy as well. (I once knew a handsome gent named June, and believe me, the name totally worked.) "June" is derived from the goddess Juno, the goddess of love and marriage, and it's definitely considered an old-fashioned name, which of course means it's due for a comeback.



So Leaf of course means, well, a leaf, but it also is considered derivative of the Norse name Leif, which means "beloved." It's generally considered a boy's name, but I mean, the name is Leaf, so I feel like you can pretty much do what you want here? Fun fact: Joaquin Phoenix went through a period in his youth when he called himself Leaf.



The name Laurel conjures images of lush, green forests, and was the symbol of peace in ancient Rome. It's a more original twist on names like Laura and Lauren, and it always makes me think of Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream, creeping mischievously through the forest in his laurel crown.



This most recently has been popularized by the actress Lake Bell. The name has a calm, cool quality to it, summoning thoughts of blissful summer days swinging from a rope out into the placid waters below. Though word of warning — it may doom your child to a lifetime of "Hey, go jump in the..." jokes.



Meaning "great" or "magnificent," August feels like a force and has a poetic quality to it. It weirdly does not make me think of the actual month of August, which I generally associate with stifling heat and sweating my face off. It's another name that works for either gender, and also has some cute nickname options. (Gus and Auggie are reliably adorable.)



This is a such a gorgeous name for girl, but one must be prepared for people thinking you just ripped off Beyoncé and Jay Z. The ivy plant represents faithfulness and fidelity. Though it may also make people think of poison ivy. So perhaps if you have twins, one could be Ivy, the other Calamine?



Isla is of both Spanish and Scottish origin, and means the place everyone would really like to be in the summer: an island. I am always a fan of "I" names, and I feel like this one is playful and full of moxie. But that could be because I associate it with the playful, full-of-moxie Isla Fisher?



The ultimate in cheerful names, this means "happy temperament". Though do bear in mind — your kid's temperament is still unknown, so this one could prove risky. If your child turns out to be a pensive yowler who loves nothing more than frowning and throwing blocks at your face, this moniker might take on a bit of an ironic edge.



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Another great unisex, body-of-water name. This one matches up well with almost any last name, I think. It just has that perfect, steady, two syllable sound: River Smith. River Gutierrez. River Finkelstein. It just works. For those of a certain age, it will also call to mind the devastatingly handsome face of River Phoenix, whom I now must Google images of and stare at quietly for a moment.



I can remember being 12 years old and being really annoyed that my name wasn't Skye, which I thought was the absolute coolest name ever. But then I also thought "World" would make an awesome name, so I don't know... Skye means, well, the upper atmosphere, but I mean who wouldn't want to be named after that great, wide blaze of blue?



This name was actually at the top of my list if I'd had a baby girl. I love the power and beauty of Aurora, and I love that it means "dawn," and evokes such positive images of light and new beginnings. Or maybe i just watched Sleeping Beauty too many times as a child. Who knows.



This is a spin-off of Julia and Julian, both of which originate from Julius Caesar. It's another gender neutral name, and I think a really cute and unusual choice for a boy. It draws to mind popsicles, fireworks, and fireflies — all the delights of this sultry, sunny month.



If you can forget for a moment the stinging insect of summer, this is an incredibly sweet girl's name that means "she who brings happiness." However, if your child ends up being allergic to her namesake, it shall also mean "she who brings an Epi Pen."



A charming boy's name that has the sound of "summer" within it, Somerset is an old English name and it's derived from "summer settlement." Of course, the most famous Somerset is playwright Somerset Maughn, who once wrote, “Impropriety is the soul of wit.”



Meaning "bright, little bird, and famous," this is a cheerful, perky German name that inspires images of summertime robins and starlings swooping through a warm evening sky. And hopefully it shall never bring thoughts of pigeons or seagulls chasing down your fries.



The summertime zodiac sign, Leo means "lion," and was the name of several popes. Leo has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and was the 50th most popular boy's name in 2018. My own son is friends with no fewer than three Leos.



While technically not a summer name, Eden means "place of pleasure or paradise," which to me gives off a strong summery vibe as I associate it with gardens and getaways and lush, tropical locales.



A Persian name that means "the sun," this is an unusual and original choice. If you fear it will call to mind Billy Rae or Miley, you could opt for the kicky Italian version: "Ciro". Anyway, Claire Danes has a son named Cyrus, so therefore it must be cool, yes?



Clearly the most summery name of all! British in origin, this name inspires thoughts of carefree, easy-going days, and of Zoey Deschanel in retro sundresses, flirting with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Again, this one is a roll of the dice, as your child might not have the most summery of dispositions... but I mean hey, all baby names are a roll of the dice, really. You can name your child Montgomery, and then they end up being more of a Mo. Only time will tell!