20 Breastfeeding Memes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You Leak (Again)

While breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience with your baby, and has many health benefits, it sure can get boring after the first few weeks. For those first few weeks, you're busy marveling at your baby, incredulous that you created the magical and adorable little creature in your arms. But after that, you may need these 20 breastfeeding memes to get you through that nursing session.

Let's be honest, sometimes breastfeeding can get boring, and there's nothing worse than your phone being just out of reach, or your remote being on the other chair and you can't get to your Netflix queue. Being able to multitask comes in handy, and while some moms master the art of walking around and do other things while her baby is attached, others may decide to have a snack while their baby is chowing down. (I won't tell anyone if your baby has had a ton of food fall on their head.)

And while it's a miraculous feat to be able to provide your baby nourishment, things sure can get uncomfortable and downright funny when it comes to everything that comes along with being a breastfeeding mama. There are lopsided boobs, shark teeth, painful engorgement, leaks, you name it. Thankfully, there are other folks out there on the internet who get it, and find the humor in this important task. And they've provided these memes online for your entertainment, as you scroll through your social media feeds while your baby happily eats away.


Shark Attack

Definitely what it feels like some days — especially if they're starting the teething stage.


Haha, Think Again

According to your baby, you may never have your boobs or your body back to yourself again. But look at that face.


Starbucks' Newest Beverage

Normally it annoys me to no end when people pronounce espresso with an "x." This is the exception.


One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

So accurate. Where's that little bracelet when you need it? I wonder if they make a bra with one cup a size A, and the other a size G?


A Little Shopping Spree Never Hurt Anyone

Almost as bad as a late-night, Ambien-induced shopping spree. You couldn't stop yourself and didn't even realize what you had done until you hit that "order" button. Oops.


The Cries Never Bothered Me Anyway

Now that song is in your head once again for the millionth time. And you thought you were rid of it, at least for a while. You're welcome. Also, having leaky boobs sucks.


Hottest New Fashion Trend For BFing Mamas

Someone get on this. Clothing made specifically for breastfeeding accessibility.


The Worst

Decisions, decisions, when that phone is just out of reach.



For-ev-er. Forever.


Measuring Is Non-Existent

Sounds about right to me.


Are Those Happy Tears, Or...

Can you say ouch?


Chunk-A-Munks Are The Best

Chunky baby thighs are the most wonderful things on Earth. Nom nom nom.



"Yeah, I have a question. First of all, how dare you?"


Hey Girl...



Oh, the irony. It never fails.


Because That Was Hard Work

All the giant crocodile tears necessary.


Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

But even with one baby, is breastfeeding always that easy and relaxing?


One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Pt. 2

When you accidentally let nature do the talking to let you know which side is next.


Oops, Sleep Deprivation Is The Worst

Wrong hole there, mama. It's OK, I know you've had like five hours of sleep in the last week.


Now That's An Impressive Latch

Some days, it really feels as though your nipples are that long, doesn't it?

While incredible, breastfeeding certainly has its ups and downs. Like most things, it's always important to have a sense of humor about it, lest you go insane. Breastfeeding mamas, I salute you. Keep on, keeping on.