20 Cheap Halloween Decorations Under $20, Because You're Not Exactly The Pumpkin King

I've been trying to be good this year and not "extra" by waiting until the official first day of fall to put up my fall and Halloween decor. Y'all, it's so hard, but it does help that the temperature is still in the 90s here in Georgia (unfortunately). But the first day of fall is on Sept. 22 (so close), and I noticed my Halloween-specific stock of decor is lacking. So of course I started looking up cheap Halloween decorations, because now that I have a kid, I feel like I need to step up my Halloween game and really make it a tradition of getting into the spirit. For him of course. (Even though he's 4 months old.) So if you're on a budget but want to step up your Halloween decorating game like me, it turns out Target and Walmart are the places to go.

Target and Walmart have creeptacular and scary, as well as cutesy and fun, cheap Halloween decor selections this year. And a lot of it is under $20. So happy Halloween to all of us, am I right? Now if only the temperature outside could match my awesome and inexpensive Halloween decor. But for now, I'll just enjoy these 20 cheap Halloween decorations and will it to cool off outside.


Dog Skeleton

Part of me is bothered by this particular piece, and the other part of me thinks it's perfect for Halloween. For just $15, you too can have a French Bulldog Skeleton to freak out your neighbors and your own pets as they come across it.


Witchy Weather Vane

Isn't this just too cute? I love this and want it in my front yard. It's whimsical and cute enough for those who aren't going for the scary vibe at their house this year.


Hand-Bones Wine Holder

How cool is this wine bottle holder? I'd use this all year round. It's creepy and functional — a pretty good deal for $15.


Spooky Wreath

Everyone needs a fall or Halloween wreath on their door, and this "shatterproof" wreath at Target is cute and festive without being gruesome. So if a zombie or other gory door covering isn't in your wheelhouse, this may be a cute alternative.


Hanging Ghosts

I feel like I had these in the 80s when I was a kid. Have they not changed since then and that's why they're only $2? I'm not complaining as this was my favorite Halloween decor item from childhood. But when you walked by mine, it would shake and light up and make "ghost" noises, which simultaneously thrilled me and scared the crap out of me when I was just trying to walk to the bathroom at 2 a.m.


Halloween Wheel of Fate

Pat Sajak and Vanna White aren't included with this wheel of fortune, but take a spin and see what lies ahead for your fate. I think this would be cool for a kids' room and they'd have fun playing with it in addition to your house looking festive.


Posable Skeleton

Everyone needs a skeleton in their Halloween decoration arsenal, and at only $15 this one's a must. And the fact that it's posable makes it even more fun.


Ghost Projection

Even though this is right up there with obnoxious inflatables in your yard, I have a special place in my heart for these projections. There's just something so cool about seeing ghosts flying on the walls of your house. And I can't believe it's only $15.


Plasma Skull

This decoration is pretty sweet and looks like it would be fun for kids to play with as well as admire. It reminds me of something you'd see in a children's museum, but way creepier. This would look awesome in your living room or on your front porch, scaring all of your trick-or-treaters.


Scary AF Pig

This pig is scary AF, and it reminds me of the mask in the movie Saw, which is one of the most horrifying movies I've ever seen, and we watch it every year to celebrate Halloween. Gruesome and a mind twister — what more could you want for Halloween? This hanging version of the pig of course. Give your guests nightmares for days and offer to "play a little game," with them when they arrive.


Dragon Skull

I actually kinda like this not just as a Halloween decoration and would put it in my son's room once he's older. (Because of course he will like dinosaurs as much as I do, right?)


Hanging "Boo" Sign

This super cute "Boo" hanging decoration is only $2. And for that price, you could buy a few of them and hang them all over your house, inside and out.


Zombie Door Cover

Scare all the neighborhood children away with this on your front door. They'll be too scared to knock — meaning more candy for you. Muahahaha.


Spooky Cat-Eye Window Decals

These cat eyes will be the talk of the neighborhood and will certainly be hard to miss. And they aren't as large and in charge as those expensive inflatables, but certainly make a statement in front of your house for all those trick-or-treaters.


Lacey Spider Web Table Cloth

Pretty sure Morticia Addams would love to have this in her dining room, and all of our inner Morticia Addams' will be pleased to have this inexpensive piece of decor bringing Halloween spirit into our own homes.


Skeleton Phone

Hello? Is it [this awesome animated skeleton phone] you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile. Lionel Ritchie would even be a fan of this skeleton phone, I think.


Eyeball Doorbell

This creepy doorbell makes some terrible noises and is animated to boot — perfect for a spooky Halloween.


Halloween Hand Towels

Growing up, nothing marked the change of the seasons or holiday quite like hand towels. My family had hand towels for each season and every holiday, including Halloween. And you absolutely were not allowed to use them. They're "just for looks," as I was told. I suppose I'll keep the tradition alive at my house with these hand towels.


Bloody Hands Window Decals

Your kids can get in on the fun and help you decorate with this one. These creepy bloody hand prints and drops will look awesome on your front windows, warning trick-or-treaters not to come too close or take more than one piece of candy. You see what happened to the other children, don't you?


Spider Web

It just wouldn't be Halloween without that stringy spiderweb would it? And bonus, this one glows in the dark. Spooky.

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to be expensive. Get creative and head over to Target and Walmart before these items are all gone — because that would be scary.