20 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts For Under $10

It's the most wonderful time of the year — unless, you're almost broke and still need to buy one last present this holiday season. Luckily, there are plenty of cool Secret Santa gifts for under $10 that will still make any recipient feel pretty darn loved.

If you think about about it, the whole concept of Secret Santa is pretty genius, especially if you've got a big group of friends or a bunch of coworkers in the office. You only need to buy one thing, and there's a good chance that you can probably put a bit more time into selecting the gift. And although $10 isn't a huge limit, you can still stretch your bucks in the right direction and get something that your Secret Santa draw will be surprised by. Or at the very least, not look at and think, "What the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

This year, you should make a vow to yourself that you're going to remember quality over quantity — unless, of course, you're spending that $10 on lottery tickets (which is always a decent gift, especially if they turn out to be big winners.) Here are some good suggestions on great gifts to pick up for a Hamilton or less.


For The '80s Baby

CastleMcQuade / Etsy

Jareth Christmas Ornament, $6, Etsy

If your Secret Santa is a David Bowie fan, a child of the '80s, or just someone who has an incredible sense of humor, this Jareth Christmas ornament will make their tree shine bright.


For The Parent

TammysSewing / Etsy

Give your friend the gift that keeps on giving — organization. This cute Minions-themed crayon holder comes with eight crayons, and will entertain his or her kids for a span of time that'll allow for some peace and quiet.


For The Book Lover


Eiffel Tower Bookends, $10, Amazon

Everyone appreciates a good set of bookends. These Eiffel Tower bookends are obviously inspired by Paris, but they're perfect for anyone who is looking for cute new decor.


For The Home Chef


Bamboo Salt and Pepper Box, $16, Amazon

Your Secret Santa recipient might not be applying to Cutthroat Kitchen anytime soon, but he or she definitely enjoys time in the kitchen. This bamboo salt and pepper box might be the perfect thing to help inspire more dishes. Keep in mind that this isn't available on Amazon Prime, so you'll want to order it fast to ensure you'll get it by Christmas.


For The Punk Rocker

Tisetas / Etsy

"I Am Unicorn" Pin, $1, Etsy

Remember that feeling in high school, when we walked into a store and saw they had a collection of fun pins? Back then, pins were the best way to set ourselves apart. Luckily, people still make them — and grabbing a couple pins from Tisetas on Etsy might give your recipient that same sense of childhood glee.


For The Feline Fanatic


These cute cat magnets will spice up any fridge, or brighten up any work space. Even better, they won't knock a water bottle on a computer keyboard like a real cat would.


For The Doodler


If you drew the name of someone whose meeting notes are always filled with flowers and hearts, this Etch-a-Sketch themed notepad is just the ticket. It'll be 200 pages of fresh space, perfect for a fresh new upcoming year.


For The One Who Scream For Ice Cream

TheGiftingSpot / Etsy

Seersucker Tote, $5, Amazon

It's never too late or early for a tote bag. This bright and cheery ice cream tote will pretty much help melt away the cold weather and snow flurries.


For The One With The Sweet Tooth


Milk and Cookies Socks, $9, Amazon

It might have been a downer to get socks as a kid, but now? Now you'd be eyeing a pair of adorable milk and cookies socks like these for yourself. This is the perfect pair of socks for your Secret Santa recipient to pair up with PJs for some late night snacking.


For The Dog Lover

Perpetual Kid

Bread Cutter, $10, Perpetual Kid

If you work with someone who likes sandwiches, and loves dogs, it's almost like this dog bread cutter was made with them in mind. Let your recipient take their dough to the next level at a reasonable cost. (By the way, this is also available on the website in cat-form.)


For The Well-Known Prankster

Perpetual Kid

Whoppee Cushion Mug, $10, Amazon

It'll give them a laugh, and also hold their hot beverage of choice. This whoopee cushion mug is like nothing else out there. It's a conversation starter, and a heck of a cool gift.


For The Recipient Who Loves Her R&R


'Tis the season to draw up a bath, and pretend that your in-laws don't exist. If your recipient is dealing with a lot of end-of-the-year stress, they might just appreciate this holiday-themed bath fizzer.


For The True Adventurer

AquaTide / Etsy

For some reason, this arrow bracelet just screams "go outside, and get some fresh air." It's a nice, simple little piece that your free spirit Secret Santa recipient will surely appreciate.


For Your True BFF

deannewatsonjewelry / Etsy

Friendship Ring, $8, Etsy

If you managed to draw the name of someone you're super close with, you're in luck. This friendship ring in copper fits the budget, and also shows your appreciation. Plus, it's simply cool to look at.


For The Writer

DogearedJournals / Etsy

Recycled Book Notecards, $10, Etsy

Whether it's reading or writing, your recipient will just adore these recycled book notecards that both add a bit of class and show a lot of appreciation for the classics.


For The Christmas Lover


Looking for a cute ornament? How about if that ornament is in the form of a cute festive bird? These adorable little guys are collectible, but only available in stores. (You can also find a fabric bird in "small statue" form in stores, for just $5. Trust me — I own six of them. I simply can't stop.)


For The Comedy Fan


If you know that your Secret Santa recipient only watches Elf on television every year, gifting them the Elf DVD will guarantee that it'll become a family Christmas classic in their household. If they've never seen it before? (Gasp.) Give them their gift a little early, since this film is a must-watch.

Click here to watch.


For The Bling Queen

If you've got a friend or a coworker with a lot of finger bling, this gorgeous glass ring dish will help ensure that they'll never misplace them. It also might be a great gift for someone who always loses their keys. The fact that it's orange will definitely help it stand out.


For The Organized Friend


Do you know the best part of containers? You can put anything in there. If your recipient works in an office, this small flower container might be good for bulletin board pins or paperclips. If they're big on hair care, it's ideal for bobby pins. The sky is truly the limit.


For The Attention-Getter

Old Navy

If you drew the name of the girl who loves dancing, fun stories, and flashy garb, these ring-chandelier earrings will probably be a big hit. She'll love that she can wear these casually, or pair them with a fancier dress.