20 Children's Books About Witches That Will Ensure You Have A Happy Halloween

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One unexpected thing that I actually enjoy the most about being a mom is being able to take my son to the bookstore to pick out books depending on the season, month, or holiday. When he was 4 months old, I purchased Five Black Cats by Patricia Hegarty for Halloween, and it's still one of our favorite books. This year, I'm excited to add a collection of children's books about witches for our Halloween bookshelf.

Whether you need a fun picture book, a more advanced book for new little readers, or a chapter book for your elementary aged kids, this list of children's book about witches has a little something for every kid — until they're old enough to read Harry Potter and learn about the best witch of all, that is. (Hermione Granger, duh.) But until then, these super fun books about witches will happily and spookily take up real estate on your kids' bookshelf. And on the plus side, these books are so fun, you'll actually enjoy reading them over and over again, which you know you'll do since kids are gonna "kid," if you know what I mean. In fact, just before signing on for my shift, I read Five Black Cats to my son about seven times. No exaggeration. And he's still currently trying to get me to read it to him again now. I'm sure he'll be just as excited about one of these books on witches.

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