20 Cute Instagram Caption Ideas For Pictures Of Your Kids Behaving

Most people understand that social media, though pretty to look at, is not an accurate representation of real life. Instagram, for example, is typically used as a "highlight reel," and that makes sense. You're more likely to whip out your camera when your kids are doing something adorable instead of, you know, when they're shrieking on their bedroom floor because you said it was bedtime. These 20 Instagram caption ideas for pictures of your kids behaving are perfect to accompany any of those highlight moments you want to share. After all, the next tantrum could happen at any moment, so quick! Capture this blissful moment of quiet while you still can!

Maybe it's because I'm a writer or maybe it's because I'm a massive sap, but I wholeheartedly believe that a quality Instagram caption is almost as important as the photo itself. Years later, when your children are in new seasons of life, you'll be able to look back fondly (and maybe tearfully) at these snapshots and accompanying words. So say what you will about social media or Instagram, but these pictures and the words we attach to them allow us all to look back at our children's childhoods with awe, wonder, and love.

So sure, you could slap on a few emojis and call it a day, but these quotes and phrases are so much better. Find one that pulls on your heartstrings, and pair it with your favorite photo of your little ones being angels.

1. “To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter." -PT Barnum


This is perfect for a candid shot of happy, smiling children.

2. "Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed first."

You're your child's ultimate cheerleader. Use this caption for a photo of your little one doing something they're proud of!

3. “You don’t know what unconditional love is. You may say you do, but if you don’t have a child, you don’t know what that is. But when you experience it, it is the most fulfilling ever.” -Regina King

I'm sure all parents can agree that the love you feel for your child is unlike anything you previously imagined.

4. “One thing I know for sure about raising children is that every single day a kid needs discipline.... But also every single day a kid needs a break.” -Ann Lamott


Structure and discipline are both crucial for a child's development, to be sure, but they also need some time to have a little fun.

5. "Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories."

Even behaved children make messes. Worry about that later, and focus on the memories now.

6. "Let them be little."

They won't be little for long, so you might as well document their littleness with a photo and remember that the good and bad days don't last forever.

7. "When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work."


Have fun with your babies. Your mile-long to-do list can wait.

8. "A child enters your home and for the next 20 or so years makes so much noise you can hardly stand it. Then the child departs, leaving the house so silent you think you are going mad." -John Andrew Holmes

Embrace the noise and the chaos just as much as you embrace the well-behaved, quiet moments. Eventually, you'll miss the chaos.

9. "Time spent playing with children is never wasted."

Don't put playtime at the bottom of your priority list.

10. "To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today."


So go enjoy your time with them, especially when they're behaving.

11. "I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring." -Liz Armbruster

Some days, it seems like that light is brighter than ever. Mostly on the days they're cooperating and behaving, but that's neither here nor there.

12. "What is a home without children? Quiet." -Henny Youngman

Embrace the noise.

13. "A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”

Yes, raising a child is a rollercoaster. Yes, it's worth the utter madness.

14. "We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." -George Bernard Shaw


Your children benefit when you play with them, but so do you.

15. "We will never have this day again, so let's make it count."

This is the more eloquent way of saying YOLO.

16. "And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling." -Shanti

That's the recipe of a fulfilling day with your babies.

17. "Happiness is the laughter of children."


Is there anything better? It almost makes you forget all the shrieking and whining they're also capable of.

18. "I have dishes piling up and a mountain of laundry that needs to be done. But that doesn’t matter today. Today I will laugh. Today I will play. Today I will love. And if that’s all I accomplish today, it will be enough."

The dishes and laundry will never end, but their childhood will.

19. "Cherish your children...for they are the footprints you will leave behind." -Taylor Evan Fulks

Pair this with a picture that shows you're leaving behind a super-behaved angel of a legacy... even if that's only the case half the time.

20. “The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh


The perfect caption for photos of you with the kids. At the end of the day, your time and attention is the best thing you can give them.