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20 Cute Instagram Caption Ideas For Pictures Of Your Kids Getting Along

One of the less-acknowledged duties of parenting is the role of diplomat: helping mitigate conflicts and forging armistices amongst your children. Your kids love each other, but sibling politics are a complicated affair, arising from toy custody disagreements, territory disputes, and occasionally, subterfuge. However, there are many blissful times of peace when your children display how they're cut from the same cloth, and you may want to celebrate this rare opportunity of your children getting along with the perfect Instagram caption. After all, you’ll want to immortalize the moments of unity as a reminder for yourself (especially during long road trips).

Of course, the more your children get along, the more adorable mischief they can get in. As their partnership develops, they'll start to learn two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to fun hijinks. The more the merrier (and messier), and it's amazing to watch the developing bonds between siblings, even when that means they raise heck together. Whether these moments of simpatico are once in a blue moon, or if it's just another day of escapades for your squad of little ones, here are some humorous photo captions to accompany photos of your children joining forces… for better or worse.


Sharing is caring. Even when it comes to mud.


Sometimes sharing means sharing everything: dirt, germs, and muddy footprints.


At first I was just happy they were getting along… now I’m worried what they’re plotting.

Who knows what plots those little scamps are concocting.


And he said he’d never get used to having a younger sister.

Sometimes your kids don’t like the idea of a new sibling, until they realize the recruitment potential.


I told them "inside voices," so they went outside.

The more they get along, the higher the decibel.


Just five minutes ago they weren’t on speaking terms.


For when it seems the “silent treatment” doesn't last long.


I told them to cooperate. I didn’t realize they’d unionize.

Well, at least they’re working as a team.


I’m certainly not going to tell them they can’t dress as each other for Halloween.

Why burst their bubble?


8. It’s so much easier to pull off a heist when you’ve got a partner.

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There’s no “I” in “team,” but there’s an “i” and “me” in crime.


It turns out you CAN have a tea party with robot-fairy-ninjas.

Instead of fighting, they've combined make-believe genres.


Like two horses in harness. Now I wish someone would tell me where this wagon is going.

Did you know that horse teams that like each other can trot faster? The same thing seems to go for children.


The tides of war have changed: there’s no more pivotal discovery than when the youngest has found the tickle spot.

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It’s a watershed moment when the younger sibling discovers “the tickle zone.”


Historical photo of the Treaty of Versailles, 1920.

One for the history books.


They’ve discovered their mess productivity increases when they synergize.

They’re collaborating, but does their collaboration have to get everywhere?


Thick as thieves… cookie thieves.

A regular Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


At first he wanted the stork to take his baby brother back… now he’s got a slingshot to fend off any storks who dare approach.

If any storks want to get to the baby, they’ll have to get through him first.


A group of lions is called a "pride," a group of porcupines is called a "prickle," and my kids are called a "conspiracy."

In David Attenborough voice: “Here we see a pair of stinkers in their natural habitat.”


I’m saving this photo to show them when they’re teenagers arguing over who gets the car.

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Keep these precious memories for posterity, you may need them to embarrass your kids later.


Two peas on an iPod.

Nothing brings peace like a shared screen.


We’re going on vacation. He wants to make sure we pack his little sister so she doesn’t get left behind.

What? The luggage carousel looked like fun!


Their Tug o’ War just became a Hug o’ War.

Turns out you can hug with these nuclear arms.