20 Cute Slip-On Sneakers For Moms, Because You Just Can't With Laces Anymore

When I get my daughter Claire ready for preschool in the morning, it’s a fairly streamlined process. I get her fed, dressed, and brush her teeth and hair. And when it comes time for her sneakers, it's: slip one foot in, strap, slip the other foot in, strap, and done. But when it comes time to getting my own shoes on, I always curse myself. Why don’t I own cute slip-on sneakers? Every pair of casual footwear I own comes loaded with laces or other bells and whistles that makes slipping them on and off an absolute impossibility — trying to shove my 7 wide foot into already-laced shoes is a total exercise in futility. That might explain why I’ve shown up to Claire's preschool in flip flops on one more than one occasion — in February.

Luckily, slip-on sneaker options for women have come a long way, baby. (Think less orthopedic and more glam.) So bypass the traditional sneakers that have laces you’ve come to loathe and put your best foot forward in these cute options. They'll get you out the door in a pinch, you won't find yourself hiding in the car during school drop-off, and you'll never look at a lace-up sneaker the same way again.