Tiny House Calls

20 Dollhouse Instagram Accounts You *Need* to Follow


For centuries, dollhouses were less of a toy in the corner of the playroom, and more of a work of art. Children could still play with them, of course, but as these incredibly stylish dollhouse Instagram accounts show you, there is some absolute elegance in miniatures. I just cannot get over the attention to detail and precision needed to complete the dollhouse rooms showcased by these designers, never mind the fact that I had no idea the dollhouse design trend was such a thing. There's a growing community of dollhouse hobbyists who build, rehab and decorate miniature houses, and I want them all. Aiding dollhouse designers with their craft are online shops that specialize in accessories like miniature wall art, vintage furniture, and tiny faux plants.

Stephanie Wallace, a dollhouse furniture maker in Ballarat, Australia, told the Concord Monitor, “If the rise of Instagram hadn’t happened, neither would this resurgence of dollhouses. All of a sudden the focus is on visual content. And it’s a way to form connections with people.” Wallace goes on to credit the positive nature of this community in a time of so much negativity online. "I have never had a troll or negative comment,” she said. “The reason is that people are seeking positive human connection. They’re encouraging each other actively."

And with that, prepare to marvel in the incredible work that is dollhouse design.

1. Life in a Dollhouse

Life in A Doll House

Ella, the designer behind Life in A Dollhouse, is enjoying the "little things in life," according to her Instagram bio. Her creations are so realistic, it's just astounding. She also runs a popular miniatures Etsy shop where she sells furniture for dollhouse enthusiasts. Will you be one of them?

2. My Miniature Abodes

My Miniature Abodes

That breakfast looks pretty delicious, right? My Miniature Abodes creator Robina's dollhouse designs will make you feel like right at home. Look at those tiny pancakes!

3. Tiny House Calls

Tiny House Calls

Tiny House Calls popularity went through the roof when dollhouse creator Kwandaa's Fixer Upper replica went viral. What began as a creative outlet for the the obstetrician and certified interior designer has now amassed a huge fan base of over 40,000 followers on Instagram (and counting)!

4. Joyful Girl Gypsy Heart

Joyful Girl Gypsy Heart

Joyful Girl Gypsy Heart's whimsical Instagram page will have you embracing the shabby chic trend and wishing her handiwork came in sizes a bit larger. I can almost smell those roses.

5. Millamaloo


Millamaloo stands out as her dollhouse designs are contained in little suitcases in varying sizes that are available for purchase via her Etsy shop. Both portable and adorable!

6. Tiny Perfect World

Tiny Perfect World

Tiny Perfect World's chic mini modern dollhouse designs make me want to redecorate my much bigger and adult-sized apartment. Love that wallpaper design! You can find inspiration by visiting her Etsy shop, too.

7. Mini Home Co.

Mini Home Co.

Mini Home Co. takes minimalist botanical chic to a whole new level with her dollhouse designs made in Australia. She has the most adorable miniature fiddle leaf fig tree in her Etsy shop right now.

8. Little Lucciola

Little Lucciola

Oh, to just hop into the world that Little Lucciola has created. Her dollhouse designs can be found in little suitcases and whimsical shelves, just perfect in a child's bedroom (or yours). Her Etsy shop ships worldwide from Ireland.

9. My Tiny Perfect Little World

My Tiny Perfect Little World

My Tiny Perfect Little World has created a magical little world in her corner of the internet, thanks to Instagram. Love seeing her designs, and especially photos of her daughter actually playing with her creations. A good reminder that a dollhouse is meant to be played with (and we're not judging exactly who is doing the playing).

10. Casa Di Gioia Modern Dollhouse

Casa Di Gioia Modern Dollhouse

The sweet dollhouse designs from Casa Di Gioia Modern Dollhouse come all the way from the Netherlands. Love her page's mini aethestic and inspirational quotes, and my daughters would totally love this room.

11. Lavender Belle

Lavender Belle

Honestly, could I just move in here, please? Lavender Belle's miniature designs are so authentic and dreamy, I simply can't get enough.

12. Jessica Cloe Miniatures

Jessica Cloe Miniatures

I could move into this bedroom right now! Jessica Cloe is a creative designer by day, miniaturist by night. You can shop her dollhouse designs on her website if you've become inspired after checking out all these incredibly creative accounts.

13. Paper Doll Miniatures

Paper Doll Miniatures

Go outside with Paper Doll Miniatures outdoor garden and pool. So serene, right? While her landscaping is on point, I must say it's the lighting that puts this design over the top. Attention to detail... check.

14. Izzy's Wonders

Izzy's Wonders

I'm not sure if I love the tiny glasses or cozy fur blanket more in this dollhouse bedroom design from Izzy's Wonders in Australia. She too has a lovely Etsy shop where you can buy her handmade dollhouse prints, among other fab accessories.

15. Mulvany & Rogers

Mulvany & Rogers

Mulvany & Rogers takes accuracy to a whole other level with their classic dollhouse designs modeled after British architecture. Want to own a castle? This might be your best chance, as their dollhouse designs are for sale. Check out their website to learn more about the intricate detail behind their process.

16. Nana Jeanne's Minis


Nana Jeanne Smith writes in her Instagram bio that this is a new hobby she's taking on with the dollhouse her own mom made for her daughter. Her creations are so sweet and lovely, and knowing that this is basically a family heirloom is so endearing.

17. Melvin's Miniatures

Melvin's Miniatures

Melvin's Miniatures is the incredibly darling Instagram account of the equally charming Etsy shop where you can buy miniatures for all your dollhouse needs. Just look at this plate stand! And the pumpkins! And the tea towels! Swoon.

18. My Miniature Emporium

My Miniature Emporium

My favorite part of My Miniature Emporium is how they show the scale with a finger slid into each photo. I mean, this coffee bar is just off-the-charts incredible. All of their work is inspired by the modern farmhouse trend, and just give them their own HGTV show already.

19. CF Miniatures

CF Miniatures

Can you even handle all this detail? For fans of miniature things, CF Miniatures is absolutely the page for you, filled with tons of inspiration and so many tiny things.

20. Welcome Borrowers

Welcome Borrowers

The fact that this dollhouse account is named Welcome Borrowers is more than enough to make me fall in love. The details are just exquisite, and honestly, it just makes me so happy.