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20 Gifs For Marriage After Children, Because Sometimes You're Too Exhausted For Words

God bless gifs, for those of us who are too tired from parenting to think of a coherent sentence, or to come up with something intelligent enough to convey our feelings, there they are in all their two to six-second glory. So sometimes as tired parents in order to get our feelings across, we just need gifs for marriage after children, whether it's texting with our spouse, telling our best friend how "over it" we are, or even if you're assigned an article about gifs. Especially if you're assigned an article about gifs.

Marriage and relationships after having children are different for every couple. For some, you fall in love with your partner even more when you see them being a parent to the teeny tiny human being you made together. For others, they want to murder their partner for the entirety of their child's first year, but then it gets so much better. And I mean, everything gets better. Ever notice how much stronger your relationship is with your partner and your child when you've had more than three hours of sleep? From the good, the bad, the ugly, to the touched out, the vulnerability, and the sometimes sexless relationship, there's a gif for that.



Obviously you both sacrifice a lot when you have a kid, like free time, sleep, date nights whenever you want, spontaneity, etc. When it's time to save those moments, you'll do whatever it takes.



Remember when you'd sit up and marathon-watch Netflix shows? That will probably be a thing of the past, because you'll both be lucky if you can stay up past 10, especially if your kid is an early riser. And I think all children are programmed to be this way, right?


Coffee In Bed = Most Romantic Gesture Ever

My most favorite and romantic thing my husband does for me right now doesn't include gifts, candlelit dinners, diamonds, or elaborate date nights. It's when he brings me coffee in bed in the mornings. Before kids I think I might have taken this act of love for granted.


"Vacation...." (??)

After kids, sometimes a vacation is really just getting frustrated at your kids like you do at home, but somewhere else and not sleeping in your own bed.


Touched Out

After my toddler has been crawling all over me all day, I just need to be left alone sometimes. No touchy.



Parenting is hard work, and sometimes it may feel like you and your partner are coworkers instead of being in a relationship. But the best is when you act like a couple and work great together as a team.


You See A Tougher Side Of Your Partner

Some people claim to have never really heard or seen their spouse yell at someone or lose their cool until they had kids. Surprise?


Deeper Connection

See that adorable tiny human sitting over there? You guys made that. Together. And you're both responsible for the tiny human's well being and teaching them to be a good adult human. This will definitely bring some couples closer together. Some couples even say watching their partner be a parent to their kid makes them fall even more in love with them.


Low-Key Dates

Good babysitters are hard to find. Low-key dates at home after the kids go to bed are your best bet.


You're Broke

Kids are expensive, y'all. Like whoa.


Tag Team

"Tag team back again..." A good relationship consists of an equal partnership, in my opinion. And now this kind of marriage is more important than ever when you need to tap in and out with your partner to make sure the other one doesn't get wiped.


Always Getting Caught With After-Bedtime Drinks

Your night cap together may now include tiny humans wanting a glass of water or being afraid of the dark.


Getting Caught Having Sex

If you're ever not too tired to actually do it for once.



You will see a completely different side of your partner than you've ever seen before — you'll definitely see who they are at their worst and at their best.



Many parents, myself included, say that their marriage was tested after having children. Hopefully this test will make your marriage stronger and show that you guys can do anything and your relationship is stronger than ever before.

For others, it may be the final straw when your husband leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor and you trip over them and wake up the baby for the fifth time.



When parenting becomes pure chaos, hopefully you'll look at your partner and remember who you both were before kids and that they're "your person" who you know will make you feel better no matter what.


Tax Benefits

I was pleasantly surprised, not gonna lie. But thank god since our medical bills for his birth were just too high.


Give & Take

The new flow of your relationship will hopefully be taking turns doing undesirable tasks and knowing when to step up when your partner is at their wits' end.


Rocky Until The Baby Sleeps More

You'll both be beyond grumpy and tired. Therefore probably a little more testy and not wanting to put up with crap. It will get better, I promise. Try not to kill each other.