20 Hallmark Holiday Movies For When You Want *All* The Feels

Despite all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you will likely take at least a little time to cuddle up and watch Hallmark's holiday movies this month. It is as much of a Christmas tradition as trimming your tree.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that Hallmark movies are my holiday jam. I often turn them on while I'm doing things around the house as background noise, but inevitably get sucked in by the holly jolly plot line. I can't escape the pull of a picturesque snowfall and plop myself down on the couch to finish the film instead of putting away the laundry. Who needs their clean socks in actual drawers anyway? These Hallmark Christmas movies aren't going to watch themselves, people.

Are they usually predictable as all get out? Sure, but that's exactly why I love them so much. The jokes about people who watch these "cheesy" films are plentiful, but snuggling up under a big fuzzy Christmas blanket with a mug of hot chocolate to watch a former child actress fall in love with the handsome stranger in the cabin next door truly never gets old. If zoning out in front of a sweet movie that most definitely involves a Christmas cookie-baking scene makes visions of sugar plums dance in your head, here are 20 Hallmark Christmas movies to watch this month.


'Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses'

New for 2019, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses is about a single mom who decides to follow her passion of interior design and lands a job decorating the estate of a wealthy businessman for the holidays. Said wealthy businessman is played by Matthew Davis, better known as Warner Huntington III from Legally Blonde. Although his character does have some Warner-like tendencies, this is definitely a Hallmark movie, so you'll likely fall in love with him around an hour in.

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'The Mistletoe Inn'

As a writer, this gem from 2017 is one of my personal favorites. In The Mistletoe Inn, aspiring novelist Kim is dumped by her soon-to-be published boyfriend, so she signs up to attend a romance writing retreat right before Christmas. The retreat is held at a Vermont inn where wall-to-wall Christmas decor sets the stage for Kim's encounter with a new love interest, as well as a run-in with her ex.


'Write Before Christmas'

One of the things Hallmark Christmas movies do so well is pull actors from beloved television shows and movies and drop them into a holiday setting filled with magic and mystery. Write Before Christmas stars Chad Michael Murray and Torrey DeVito, and as a fan of the show One Tree Hill, it was hard for me to watch Lucas Scott and Nanny Carrie be all lovey-dovey, but I have to admit that it did spark a bit of nostalgia.

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'A Christmas Melody'

When I see Mariah Carey, queen of Christmas songs, as a stuck-up PTA mom in A Christmas Melody pop up on my TV, I will stop whatever I am doing and watch. Plus, the adorable little girl that plays Lacey Chabert's daughter is too cute for words, and Kathy Najimy (aka Mary Sanderson) makes an appearance as well — an epic holiday crossover from Halloween, if I do say so myself.

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'A Gift To Remember'

A Gift To Remember is one of those Hallmark Christmas movies that I can just watch over and over again. Bookshop worker Darcy crashes into a man walking his dog who then falls into a coma. When he wakes up, he can't remember anything about his life, so Darcy helps him piece things together, only to find out that things are not quite as they may appear with this handsome stranger. Hilarious moments and touching acts of kindness abound in this film, and I can only hope that the 2019 sequel Cherished Memories: A Gift To Remember 2 is as enchanting.

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'Merry & Bright'

Although it's not necessarily filled with dramatic scenes of corporate espionage, Merry & Bright does boast a fair bit of company drama and competition with a Christmas-themed backdrop. Full House star Jodie Sweetin plays the CEO of a candy cane company who gets to know a handsome business man that she believes her mother has set her up with. In reality, he's been hired by another company to find ways to make Sweetin's company more profitable, which causes drama that must be resolved before Christmas arrives.

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'A Royal Christmas'

Mean Girls fans will recognize the leading lady in A Royal Christmas as Toaster Strudel heiress Gretchen Weiners, but Lacey Chabert's character in this Hallmark Christmas movie is decidedly more likable. When a young seamstress' boyfriend reveals that he is the heir to the throne of the country of Cordonia, she travels with him to meet his mother, the Queen of Cordonia, for Christmas. A comedy of errors occur as Chabert's character attempts to impress the stately queen so that she will approve of her boyfriend's plans to propose to her.

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'Christmas At Graceland'

Kellie Pickler absolutely shines in Christmas At Graceland as a business executive who travels to Memphis at Christmastime to close a deal to take over a large bank. While in the beautifully decorated city of Memphis, she bumps into an old boyfriend who reignites her former passion for making music and makes her question the direction her life is headed.

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'Coming Home For Christmas'

In Coming Home For Christmas, Danica McKellar (aka Winnie from The Wonder Years) plays an estate manager named Lizzie who is tasked with creating one last memorable Christmas for the Marley family who is planning to sell their beloved estate. When Lizzie attempts to reunite several estranged members of the family, she finds herself in an unexpected love triangle all while prepping for the family's last Christmas Eve gala.

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'Let It Snow'

Candace Cameron Bure plays a resort executive who is sent to a family-owned ski lodge to make plans to modernize it following her father's company's acquisition of the property in Let It Snow. As fate (or Hallmark) would have it, she meets the property owner's son who initially ruffles her feathers, but eventually charms his way into her heart and helps reveal the true magic of the lodge through as much cookie baking, tree trimming, and carol singing as Hallmark could possibly fit in one two-hour movie.


'A Shoe Addict's Christmas'

Candace Cameron Bure is as sparkly as ever in the sweet Hallmark holiday movie, A Shoe Addict's Christmas. Her character, aptly named Noelle, gets locked inside the department store where she works and is visited by a guardian angel. She then visits Christmas past, present, and future, in this modern-day Hallmark version of A Christmas Carol.

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'Christmas At Dollywood'

My country-music-loving self cannot wait to watch Christmas At Dollywood this year. New for 2019, this Hallmark Christmas movie stars Danica McKellar as an event planner who returns home to Tennessee to plan a Christmas event at Dollywood. Dolly herself makes an appearance, as does her holiday music, so it is worth the watch for any country music fan.


'A Very Merry Mix-Up'

Meeting your future in-laws can be a completely nerve wracking experience — especially if your husband-to-be isn't with you, you have to meet them at an airport ahead of Christmas, and your phone is dead. When this scenario hits Alice in A Very Merry Mix-Up, her future brother-in-law comes to her rescue, leading to an unexpected twist of fate that is tidily wrapped up by the end of this charming film.

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'A Cookie Cutter Christmas'

Is there a more festive holiday activity than baking and decorating Christmas cookies? I think not. Two teachers battle it out in a Christmas cookie bake-off judged by a five-star chef (totally realistic, right?) in A Cookie Cutter Christmas. A new love interest for one of the contestants who helps her sharpen her baking skills rounds out the ingredients needed to make this Hallmark holiday movie a delicious treat to enjoy this December.

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'12 Gifts Of Christmas'

In 12 Gifts Of Christmas, Anna, an unemployed painter, takes a job working as a personal shopper for a handsome executive named Marc. Sparks fly as they work together in the days leading up to Christmas, while Anna's pure heart for holiday goodness teaches Marc about the true meaning of gift-giving, and Anna learns that her artistic successes can be measured in ways she never expected.


'A Christmas Detour'

When a snowstorm leaves two holiday travelers stuck at a hotel in Buffalo, New York, they team up with each other and a charming older couple to make their way to Connecticut in time for Christmas. A Christmas Detour has all of the makings of the ideal Hallmark holiday movie including mixed signals between would-be lovers, the fateful crossing of paths, and the obligatory almost-kiss under a light snowfall.

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'Best Christmas Party Ever'

Party planner Jennie attempts to impress her boss with a warm and inviting Christmas party for a toy store after she learns that his nephew will be taking over after his retirement in Best Christmas Party Ever. His nephew (and Jennie's now future boss) is, of course, a charming fellow who Jennie must work with on the project in order to make sure that the party goes according to plan.

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'A December Bride'

When Layla attends her cousin's wedding to her ex-fiancé with Seth, the person responsible for introducing the couple, she must play along when he surprisingly announces their fake engagement. A December Bride is filled with all of the mishaps and romance you might expect from a Hallmark holiday movie against a backdrop of a picturesque Christmastime wedding.

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'A Perfect Christmas'

If you have ever had to keep a major secret from your family in order to keep the peace, you will surely relate to the holiday antics of newlyweds Steve and Cynthia in A Perfect Christmas. When Steve loses his job and Cynthia finds out that she's pregnant, each works to keep their news a secret to hopefully keep their first year celebrating Christmas with their families together a drama-free affair.


'Christmas Getaway'

When a travel writer books a Christmas getaway for herself at a quaint lodge, she finds herself in a double-booked cabin with a single dad, his daughter, and his mother. Because there is nowhere else available to stay and no way out of the snowy town for a few days, the foursome ends up sharing the holidays together and making priceless memories in Christmas Getaway.

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