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20 Halloween-Inspired Baby Names For Those Who *Love* The Holiday

I like Halloween. I enjoy fall weather, I like candy, and I love seeing cute little babies and kids dressed up in their costumes. I've realized, however, that Halloween is a full on lifestyle for some people. It doesn't matter if it's October or June — they're watching horror movies, wearing black, using a Ouija board, and cuddling their tarantula. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but there are certainly Halloween fanatics out there. If you fall into this category, why not give your child a spooky name? There are plenty of Halloween baby names perfect for your future scary movie marathon partner.

Don't worry — you can pay tribute to your favorite holiday without naming your child something like Hannibal or Morticia. I mean, unless you like one of those names, in which case, go right ahead. The following names come from horror films and books, and no one has to know their origin unless you volunteer it. Plus, that makes for a really great conversation starter. ("I'm Michael, as in Michael Myers, as in the crazed serial killer from the Halloween films. So nice to meet you.") Whether your bundle of joy is due on Halloween or you simply want to celebrate your favorite holiday year-round, these names are for you.



Michael Myers is the fictional murderer in the Halloween movies. He was also the star of some of my earliest nightmares, since my parents decided this was an OK movie for a first grader to watch (thanks Mom and Dad). This name is pretty perfect for a horror flick fanatic who wants to name their child something dark, but more subtle than say, "Lucifer."



Winifred, or Winnie, is the name of Bette Midler's character in the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus. She is dramatic, vain, vengeful, temperamental, and awesome. You probably don't want a daughter who acts like Winifred... but it's still a great, Halloween-inspired name. And, ironically, the name means "blessed peacemaking," according to Nameberry.



The name of the little boy in the terrifying horror film, The Omen. I say "little boy" loosely, since technically he's the Antichrist and son of the Devil... but that's just semantics, right? I personally love the look and sound of this moniker, and if you want a dark origin story... it's perfect!



Raven has a variety of spooky associations. It means "black," which is an ominous color in itself. It also refers to a type of wild bird, an X-Men character, and a famous (and creepy) poem by Edgar Allan Poe. In other words, this is a Halloween name through and through.



When I hear the name Jack, I think of the protagonist in Tim Burton's film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is, obviously, a skeleton, and the "Pumpkin King" of a town obsessed with Halloween (aptly named Halloween Town). If you aren't a fan of this movie, what about Jack-O-Lanterns?



Coraline is the protagonist in Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel Coraline, as well as in the film adaptation by the same name. The story is dark, creepy, and perfect for a Halloween baby. Fun fact: Gaiman originally meant to call his character Caroline, and a simple typo created the name Coraline. As a Caroline myself, I'm a fan of my name's evil twin!



Freddy Krueger is the classic horror villain. His skin is terrifying, his hands are horrifying, and A Nightmare on Elm Street is the ultimate Halloween flick. The name Freddy alone is a sweet, classic, gentlemanly name, and the association with Freddy Krueger makes it cool.



I'm unabashedly obsessed with Wes Craven's Scream series, so obviously I love the main character, Sidney Prescott. Sidney is smart, resourceful, brave, and she's overcome a very traumatic past. She's the ultimate heroine to name a daughter after, but bonus: it's a totally unisex name!



Jason is the name of the crazed serial killer in the 1980 horror classic Friday the 13th. Even if you've never seen the movie, you've definitely seen the hockey mask Halloween costume (that's enough to give you nightmares whether you know the film or not).



Carrie is a famous 1974 novel by Stephen King that was turned into a film in 1976 (and remade a few times since). While it's not as jump-out-of-your-seat scary as some other horror movies, it's downright creepy. I like this name because when people inevitably ask if your daughter was named after the lead character in Sex and the City, you can laugh and say, "Not so much."



This evil little doll from the movie Child's Play (and subsequent films) is seriously one of the most disturbing horror movie characters. In other words, it's perfect for a Halloween-inspired baby name. Personally, I prefer Chucky as a nickname for Charles... at least he'll have a few options if he doesn't want to share his name with a homicidal toy.



Do you remember how obsessed everyone was with The Blair Witch Project when it came out in 1999? I specifically remember my older brother telling me that it was "absolutely a true story," and I was petrified to watch it. That said, Blair is a wonderfully spooky Halloween baby name, and is unisex!



Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock is considered by many to be the "Master of Suspense." Some of his most well known horror movies, like Psycho and The Birds, paved the way for horror filmmakers today. Use the name Alfred to pay homage to one of the greats.



Only name your child Buffy if you don't think they'll mind hearing a hundred references to Buffy the Vampire Slayer — because they'll definitely get those. A nickname typically used for Elizabeth, Buffy is a perfect name for an independent and fearless little girl.



Though Edgar Allan Poe wasn't necessarily scary, much of his work is dark and frightening. According to the Poe Museum's website, "Poe completely transformed the genre of the horror story with his masterful tales of psychological depth and insight not envisioned in the genre before his time and scarcely seen in it since."



Two words: Hello, Clarice. The 1991 horror movie Silence of the Lambs forever changed how people will hear the name "Clarice," thanks to Anthony Hopkins's goosebump-inducing delivery. The protagonist Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, is a total boss, so she's a great namesake for your child. Bonus: Nameberry noted that the name means "bright, clear."



Bram Stoker was the author of the 1897 novel Dracula. Basically, Bram came up with a lot of the "vampire knowledge" that is widely accepted now. If you'd rather name your child Dracula, more power to you, but Bram is a great option if you want something a little more subtle.



Poison Ivy is a fictional super villain from the Batman comics and movies. Of course, it's also the name of the itchy, poisonous plant that gives people rashes, which is scary in itself. The name Ivy is perfect for your little one — who will obviously be part superhero and part super villain, depending on the day.



I first heard a variation of this name on Laguna Beach, with the cast mate Talan. Personally, I think it's a bit creepier with an O, because it makes me think of a bird's sharp talons. Use this name for your son, and hope he doesn't gauge your eyes out.



If you are really committing to the Halloween theme, why not go with Wednesday? Wednesday Addams is the ultimate goth child, with her pale skin, long black hair, and deadpan demeanor. Somehow, she's also incredibly endearing.