20 Really Good Irish Movies To Watch On St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We all know St. Patty's Day as a drinking holiday and, let's face it, we can't drink like we used to. That green beer no longer settles well in our stomachs. So how can we celebrate this festive day? Why not get the whole family together and watch one (or two) of these Irish movies to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. I mean there is more to this holiday than just drinking and going to down on chocolate gold coins.

You can watch a classic coming-to-America story, like the Oscar-nominated film Brooklyn. Or Once, which was so good they even made a Broadway adaptation of the film. If horror movies are your thing, then the 1997 movie Leprechaun will scare your pants off. If you want a family-friendly film to watch with your kids, then check out A Very Unlucky Leprechaun. It will leave your kids wishing a Leprechaun lived in your house. Don't forget about one of the many Irish gangster films like The Departed and The Boondocks Saints, but you might want to make sure the kids are asleep before watching one of those.

So, make some mashed potatoes and a hearty beef stew, and curl up on the couch with the whole family to watch one of these Irish films.



If you haven't seen Once, you are missing out. This is probably one of the greatest Irish films of all time. Not only will it bring you to tears but the theme song "Falling Slowly" will be stuck in your head for days.



Brooklyn is a must-see film. It's about a young girl who comes to American in search of a better life. While America is the land of dreams, this young girl can't help but feel homesick. It isn't until she meets a sweet Italian man at a dance that her life really begins to change.



Just look at this little Leprechaun; he is frightening. After watching this horror film, you might be scared to sleep with the lights off. Definitely don't let the kids stay up for this one, unless you want them sleeping in your bed tonight.


'Leap Year'

A romantic comedy that will not only warm your heart but will make you want to book a trip to Ireland asap. Not only does Leap Year feature the beautiful countryside of Ireland but also, the ever-so-sexy Matthew Goode stars in it, alongside the quirky and lovely Amy Adams.


'A Very Unlucky Leprechaun'

A young girl moves to a haunted house in Ireland and befriends a Leprechaun who lives there. With the help of nine-year-old Molly, this unlucky leprechaun finds his luck. Watch these two develop an unlikely friendship.


'The Departed'

The Departed not only features an A-list cast but is spearheaded by the award winning director Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio goes undercover to take down Irish-American gangster lord Jack Nicholson in this totally captivating flick.


'The Secret of Roan Inish'

A young girl sent to live with her grandparents learns about the legends of their small fishing village where Selkie, a seal who can turn into a human has married one of her ancestors.


'Sing Street'

A typical story of a young boy who starts a band to impress a girl. This coming-of-age film will totally warm your heart. Plus it'll give you some cool beats to groove to.


'The Secret Of Kells'

The stunning colors this Oscar-nominated cartoon will leave you and your family at the edge of your seats. Watch Aiden and his apprentice Brendan journey through Ireland to complete their mission.


'Luck Of The Irish'

Here's a Disney Channel original movie that the whole family could get into. A teenager and his family is being controlled by an evil Leprechaun. He must win a gold charm to set him and his family free.


'The Quiet Man'

If you love a melodrama love story, then this boxing movie is one to check out. John Ford, who plays an American boxer, travels to Ireland and falls in love with the stunning Mary Kate Danaher. This movie puts The Notebook to shame.


'In The Name Of The Father'

Based off of a true story, a father and son are convicted of an IRA bombing, which they did not commit. Watch as Emma Thompson fights for the freedom of these innocent men.


'The Boondocks Saints'

The Boondocks Saints is a cult classic gangster film. Watch fraternal Irish twins who are followed by the FBI, while they try to take down Bostons evil operating man.


'Songs Of The Sea'

Songs Of The Sea is a film for the whole family. It is a story about a young Irish boy and his mute sister who can turn into a seal. Watch them as they set on an adventure to save their fairy friends.


'The Secret Scripture'

Decades after being sent to a mental hospital, a young psychologist takes an interest in an elderly Irish woman's diary. The diary reveals romance, drama, and the truth.


'Far And Away'

Hey, remember when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were married? I know, I forgot too. Watch their love blossom as they both run away to America.


'My Left Foot'

My Left Foot earned Daniel Day-Lewis his first ever Oscar nomination (and win). In this film, Day-Lewis plays a young Irish boy born with cerebral palsy. Using his only controllable limb, his left foot, he learns to paint and write.



If you are looking for a horror film that will make you laugh, this is it. There is comedy, romance, and monsters all wrapped into one film. How could it get any better?


'The Guard'

In this crime comedy, an Irish policeman is forced to team up with an uptight FBI agent. This film will make you belly laugh with its shenanigans.


'The Commitments'

If you love to rock out, this is the movie for you. With a killer soundtrack, this 1991 film about a working-class musicians will get you boogieing all night.

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