20 Kids Shows On Disney+ You'll Love Watching Too

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Nothing ruins a Saturday morning faster than having to sit through painful children's programs while your kids have their screen time. But fortunately for all the parents out there who prefer to tune in with their kids during TV time, there are actually a bunch of kids shows on Disney + that are good enough that you'll actually want to watch them as a family. From creative new content to full seasons of nostalgic flashbacks from your own days of watching Disney Channel, Disney+ has you and your fam covered when it comes to content for kids of all ages.

When Disney+ first went live in November 2019, viewers were quick to scan through the content to check out the shows and movies they watched back in the day, like Lizzie McGuire and Cool Runnings. As enjoyable as that is, Disney+ also comes with endless options of age appropriate content for little kiddos.

Not every kid-friendly show on Disney+ was quite my cup of tea, I'll admit, but there were so many gems on there that I can't complain. In fact, here are at least 20 kids shows on Disney+ that even parents can sit through and enjoy with their little ones.

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