20 Pancake Recipes For National Pancake Day

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I am admittedly not a morning person, but I do love devouring scrumptious breakfast food any time of day. And apparently so does the rest of the world, which is why I'm compiling pancake recipes for National Pancake Day. Yes, there is an entire day devoted to celebrating this iconic breakfast treat. I mean, why not, right? Waffles, bacon and eggs, crepes, bagels, and the like are some of the most delicious foods I can think of. One of the most enjoyable things about breakfast foods is how versatile they are. Breakfast foods can be sweet, savory, or even spicy if the mood strikes, and none more so than the quintessential breakfast food — the pancake.

Flat or fluffy, square or round, no matter which way you serve them up, pancakes are completely worth celebrating. Their versatility is virtually unmatched. You can drench them in syrup, dip them in honey, slather them with whipped cream, or drizzle them with a variety of delicious toppings to create a beautiful breakfast plate that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. These pancake recipes for National Pancake Day feature a variety of different ways to enjoy making and eating this beloved breakfast food.

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