20 Princess Diana Quotes That Showcase Her Kindness, Legacy & Wisdom

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There have been many notable members of royalty throughout history. But every once in a while, one comes along that is so special, so relatable that they become larger than life. Princess Diana was definitely one of them. Her memory and legacy have lived on for decades after her untimely passing, and these Princess Diana quotes reminds us why she was indeed the people’s princess.

I was lucky enough to be a child when Diana became a princess. I remember awakening at 4 a.m. to watch her royal wedding to Prince Charles with my grandmother, shrouded in the blue light of a small TV there in the bedroom, peering at that glorious dress. But Princess Diana was so much more than her clothes, or fashion sense, or public appearances. We see some of her memory living on in her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who have taken charitable works to a new level in the royal family. Much more than just patrons, they are true activists for the causes they care about.

Here’s a glimpse at Princess Diana’s mind and heart as seen through her words. They serve as a reminder of a special mother, wife, and woman who just happened to also be a princess.

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