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20 Rainbow Baby Names For Girls To Honor Your Sweet Miracle

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There’s nothing like a sweet, swaddled newborn girl, but when that little one is your rainbow baby? The magic is even more pure. A rainbow baby refers to a baby born after you lose a baby due to miscarriage or infant death, and they are often thought of as tiny, adorable miracles that bring their parents so much joy and hope. A little one this special deserves a rainbow baby girl name that is just as special.

Many parents choose to give their baby girl a name with a lot of meaning behind it, but one that honors your rainbow baby’s existence, and the loss that came before her, can hold so much weight. When searching for the perfect name, look for something with a feeling of inspiration that can immediately make you feel lifted up and more hopeful. Nature-inspired names that give you the same feeling a rainbow does, along with names that have virtuous meanings are great ideas here. After all, having a rainbow baby isn’t always easy. For a lot of moms, there’s more anxiety involved, and there’s so much worry and fear that your baby won’t make it into those swaddles you have perfectly folded in the nursery. Give her a name that shows how long you’ve waited and how joyful you are for her. These rainbow baby names for girls are sure to inspire you.



Sure, it’s an obvious choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. The name Hope will make you feel, well, more hopeful — sure that the future will bring more joy and happiness than any tough times you’ve gone through in the past. This sweet, simple name will remind you of what you held onto and the strength you had when waiting for your rainbow baby.



Stella means “star,” according to Nameberry, which is a sweet way to honor your tiny miracle. It has this beautiful celestial connection that proves that your little one was always there, just waiting for you in the sky. That’s a beautiful way to think about your child, and reinforces your connection.



Abigail is a classically gorgeous name that can be shortened in a variety of ways (think Abby and Gail, for starters). It also has a lovely meaning: according to NameBerry, it has Hebrew origin and means “my father is joyful.” I know. The tears, right? If your Abigail has a dad who’s been waiting for her, this is a wonderful way to honor their patience.



I think Beatrice is such a sweet, vintage name full of charm, but the meaning is even better. Nameberry noted that Beatrice means “she who brings happiness.” I mean, really, what better name for your rainbow baby girl? It literally describes her entire existence. Plus, a name like this is now on the more unique side since it’s less modern.



The name Joy really doesn’t need any more explanation: it means happiness, plain and simple, which is the exact feeling your little cooing infant brings to you every single day. The French meaning for the name Joy also means “jewel” and “rejoicing,” which are two more words that perfectly describe your feelings for your child.



No, this isn’t a misspelling of the classic name “Hannah.” Hana is a really cute spelling variation with a truly adorable meaning. According to Nameberry, Hana means “flower” and “blossom,” which gives you the nature-like feel similar to a rainbow, but also reminds you of what can bloom when you feel like there’s no hope.



Seriously, how charming is the name Felicity? Aside from the lovely sound it has, it also has great meanings: it means “good fortune” and “happy,” two of the best definitions of a rainbow baby. This is a virtuous name that will cue all of the happy sighs. And the unique nicknames (like Flick!) are so cute and fun.



Sunny is another girl name that requires no explanation, but I’m going to give you one anyway. Sunny will remind you of the bright days ahead thanks to your little girl, and will help warm your heart after waiting so long for her. Oh, and if you don’t sing “You Are My Sunshine” to a rainbow baby named Sunny all the time, then I admire your restraint.



This adorable sweet name is very unique and just sounds like a bundle of cheerful joy — it’s seriously cute as a button. Nameberry noted that it’s short for Mariposa, which is a name that means “butterfly.” A baby who soars and flies and is full of bright, beautiful energy? That’s your girl, and you’ll always love her for it.



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Another name of virtue, Grace is a very traditional option that has its own brand of sweetness for a little rainbow baby girl. The name Grace was, at first, a reference to the “grace of God,” so if you’re religious, this name will be extra special for you. Grace can also mean “love,” which is exactly what you feel.



If you want a name that is less traditional, but still has a classic feel to it, try Vera, which is a quirky and fun option. This is a Russian name that means “faith,” according to Nameberry. I think it’s darling and is less obvious than a virtuous name, with the same beautiful meaning behind it.



Like Vera, Nadine is a name with a virtuous meaning, although it’s more subtle and certainly more unique. Nameberry noted that Nadine is actually the French version of the Russian name Nadie, and it means “hope.” This is a lovely name to give your child who embodies what the word hope means without being too obvious about it.



If subtlety isn’t your thing, then go for an obvious and virtuous name like Faith. This popular classic brings to mind hope, happiness, and perseverance, which describes your journey to getting your rainbow baby. It also means an unquestioning belief and complete trust in God, so it’s perfect if you’re religious.



Speaking of being religious, anyone who is will love the name Joanna. When you first hear it, Joanna doesn’t seem quite as religious as something like Faith, but according to Nameberry, the name means “God is gracious.” This seriously makes me tear up a bit when I’m thinking of a sweet rainbow miracle baby.



I don’t think the world hears the name Eileen enough, but I personally love it. Especially because this Scottish version of the name Helen means “bright, shining one,” according to Nameberry. What’s brighter than a baby girl born at a time her parents need her the most? What shines more than your sweet little rainbow?



The name Esme was once extremely unique, although it has started to become a more trendy option as of late. Still, that doesn’t take away from how special it is. It also means “beloved” and “esteemed,” which is a beautiful way to explain what your little miracle baby means to you.



When you hear the name “Iris,” you might think of flowers, which is still a lovely sentiment. But that’s not the only thing this name means. Iris is also the name of the rainbow goddess of Greek mythology who used rainbows as a bridge to bring messages from the gods to mankind. How perfect is that?



Your rainbow baby is probably the light of your life, and the biggest joy in your heart. Give her a name that embodies that feeling with something like Helena. This name means both “light” and “the bright one," and that’s exactly what your sweet little girl is — the light that came after the darkness.



If you’re looking for something more unique, Evangeline is a beautiful option (and if that seems too long, this one can easily be shortened to Eva). Evangeline means “bearer of good news,” and that’s a perfect way to describe your little baby girl. She brought about so much happiness and love to your family, just like her name suggests.



Another unique option that has a quirky and vintage quality to it, Florence also brings a special message — the sweet name means “flourishing” and “prosperous,” two lovely ways to describe your little girl who you hoped and dreamed for so much. I also love the nicknames that come along with this, like Flo.

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