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20 Short & Sweet Baby Girl Names That Prove Less Can *Totally* Be More

As much as I love long, elegant names like Isabella, Genevieve, and Jacqueline, there is something strikingly beautiful about a name that's short, sweet, and simple. Plus, these short names are typically easier to spell and pronounce — saving your daughter more of her precious time than you may realize. Heck, my name is Caroline and the amount of times I'm asked, "With a C or with a K? Is it -line or -lyn?" drives me a little nuts. These 20 short baby girl names are perfect if you're in search of a little (yet strong) name for your little (and strong) bundle of joy.

These names are all over the charts in terms of popularity, but they've all got one major thing in common: they use minimum letters for maximum effect. Whether you've got an affinity for the old-fashioned or you're seeking a modern moniker, there's definitely a short name on this list for you. Plus, choosing a short name will make your baby girl's life a lot easier once she has to learn to write it — so it's win-win. Pair it with your favorite longer name as a middle, and you've got the best of both worlds.



The name Eva means "life," and this name has certainly come to life over the past decade — it's currently #73 on popularity charts in the U.S. and hasn't left the top 100 since 2009, according to Nameberry. It's the slightly less common, equally beautiful sister to "Ava," which is currently #3 in the U.S.



When I hear the name Lucy, I picture a woman who is joyful, warm, and welcoming, but will also put you in your place if you wrong her. There is something undeniably sweet yet equally sassy about the name Lucy, which means "light" and is currently sitting in the #52 spot on baby name charts in the U.S.



Vera was incredibly popular in the United States in the beginning of the 1900s, but began plummeting in popularity by the middle of the century. Lucky for us, it's due for a revival. Currently #278 in the U.S., Vera means "faith" —and I have faith that there will be a generation of cool young Veras soon.



This is my best friend's name so I'm slightly (read: extremely) biased, but I don't think there are many names more sophisticated than this one. Plus, Sloane means "raider," which is just totally badass.



Jade is often used as a middle name, but I think it makes a gorgeous first name, too. It's sleek and trendy, and any girl with this name is basically destined to be independent and cool. Plus, it hasn't cracked the top 100 yet, so there won't be a million Jades in your daughter's kindergarten class.



If you love old-fashioned names, Ada is a great option. It hasn't seen the top 100 since the 1880s, and is currently only at #321. If you like Ava but dislike how common it is, this is an excellent alternative.



For those who celebrate Kwanzaa, the name Nia is certainly not new. Nia, which means "purpose," is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa, and is celebrated on the fifth day of the holiday. Ranked #497 in popularity in the U.S., Nia is equally beautiful and meaningful.



I'd be honored to share my name with Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde. After all, she fought her way from partying fashion major to successful Harvard Law student — that's pretty impressive. Despite the movie franchise's success, the name is only ranked #373 in popularity, noted Nameberry.



Though typically used as a nickname for Beatrix or Beatrice, Bea is just as precious as a standalone name. The meaning of Bea is "she who brings happiness," which manages to make the name even cuter.



Zoe is pretty popular, and for good reason. This short name manages to be feminine, spunky, sweet, and powerful all at once. It's currently #41 in popularity in the U.S., and it's probably not going anywhere but up.



Quinn is an Irish name that manages to be incredibly darling on both genders. It's climbed to #76 on the popularity charts for girls, probably thanks in part to Dianna Agron's character on the popular show Glee.



I am a sucker for old-fashioned names, so I cannot get enough of this one. It can be used as a nickname for Helen, Eleanor, and Penelope, but I think it works juuust fine on its own. You will not find many other Nells in the world — it didn't even make the popularity charts in the U.S. in 2017.



The name Thea means "goddess" so... do you really need to know anything else? It's simple, feminine, old-fashioned, and beautiful. This short name is a winner.



Ah, another beautiful classic. The name Jane has been around forever and it's definitely not going anywhere. Meaning "God is gracious," Jane is a lovely name to move from middle name to first name territory.



Some might argue that Ruth is a bit of an "old lady name," but who wouldn't want to share a name with Notorious R.B.G.? It's a biblical name that means "compassionate friend," and it's perfect for your budding little feminist.



Paige is a gorgeous classic. Is it possible to dislike this name? It's sophisticated and timeless, and not popular enough to get annoying. It's currently #179 in the U.S., and will probably stay a "safe" distance from the top spots.



There are a ton of different ways to spell this pretty name, but this way seems the most user-friendly. Kira's got Russian origins, and has a slightly foreign sound without being difficult to pronounce, according to Nameberry. It's #377 in the U.S., so it won't be the next Ava or Emma.



When it comes to one-syllable names, Claire is one of the very best. Meaning "bright and clear," it's a name that has always been popular without ever feeling too common. If you like this name but want something slightly less popular, Blair is its similar yet more rare cousin.



Another name on this list that might remind you of Reese Witherspoon, but hey, she's a delightful woman to be associated with. Reese is a unisex name that means "ardor," and any girl with this name is bound to be (delightfully) sassy.



I've always liked the name Maeve, but I love it after learning that it means "she who intoxicates." This name has its origins in Irish mythology, and is still pretty uncommon at #360 on the most recent U.S. popularity list.