These 20 'Star Wars' Halloween Costumes Include Baby Ewoks, Porgs & Droids Galore

My kids have been trying to make a final decision about their Halloween costumes for several weeks now. Yes, we're that family who plans out our Halloween costumes way in advance, mostly to ensure there is plenty of time to order exactly what our kids want. Throughout the years, different hit movies and TV shows will rotate in and out as popular costume choices each fall. One classic theme that never goes out of style and has been a hit with families for generations are Star Wars halloween costumes.

As a fan of the movies and beloved characters since very early in my childhood — thanks to my amazing parents who rented all three of the original films for me to watch in a single day — I am living proof that the franchise appeals to a range of age groups. Because of this, you can almost guarantee that everyone in your family will find at least one Star Wars halloween costume that they will be happy roaming the galaxy in. (Or, you know, just the neighborhood.)

When you decide to go with a Star Wars halloween costume, the most basic decision that needs to be made is whether you are going to go for a classic character from the original movies, or choose a newer favorite from the current films. Either way you go, just make sure that at least one member of your trick-or-treating group is wielding a light saber to help guide the way on your Halloween candy gathering mission.


Toddler TIE Fighter

It may seem traditional to dress up as an actual character, but for those of you wanting to go a little out of the box with costumes this year, this TIE Fighter costume is an ideal option. Bonus: It's currently on sale for more than half off!


Baby Ewok

There is almost nothing more adorable than an Ewok — unless of course it's your baby dressed as an Ewok. The Ewok costume is perfect for taking advantage of the years before they develop their own ideas of what's cool as a Halloween costume and decide they would rather be Luke Skywalker.


Kids Poe Dameron

If your kid wants to channel their inner fearlessness, dressing as resistance pilot Poe Dameron is one way to do just that. Complete with a flight helmet and mask, they can truly feel like they're flying high this Halloween.


Adult Princess Leia

There are a few versions of Princess Leia to choose from when it comes to selecting a Halloween Costume, but this sultry version is perfect for moms who want to channel their inner princess.


Captain Phasma

Darth Vader may be the obvious choice for those who want to venture to the dark side, but you can also connect with your inner darkness when you don this Captain Phasma suit for Halloween.


Kids Lando

The success of Star Wars movies that venture outside of the main film cannon such as Solo: A Star Wars Story give us an in-depth look at the lives of characters such as the charming Lando Calrissian. Your kids can dress as Lando this Halloween in this costume from Party City.


Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume

Introduced in Episode 7 as the newest antagonist from the dark side with famously good parents, Kylo Ren is a menacing figure to be reckoned with that you can dress up as for Halloween if you want to inspire just a bit of fear in the neighborhood kids this year.


The Last Jedi

It might be hard to find a throwback Luke Skywalker costume these days, but that doesn't mean dressing like the Jedi master is out of reach. This costume will help you embody Luke Skywalker as he appears in The Last Jedi, but to get the full effect, you might also need to wear the beard and wig which are sold separately.


Darth Vader Costume With Sound

If your kid wants to dress like the most powerful Sith Lord, investing in a Darth Vader costume that makes eight sound effects, like this one from Disney, is the only way to go.


Queen Amidala

I'm an absolute sucker for the Star Wars movies that I got to see in theaters during my own childhood, so wearing this Queen Amidala costume from The Phantom Menace is something I would most definitely do with gusto if my family decides to go the Star Wars costume route for Halloween this year.


Han Solo In Carbonite

I'm not sure if this costume would feel like walking around in a giant inflatable mattress or not, but it seems like being able to dress like Han Solo in Carbonite would make it totally worth it if it did.


R2D2 Dress

This costume could not be more perfect for little girls who are obsessed with Star Wars. This R2D2-inspired dress, complete with a fancy petticoat and shiny blue arm gauntlets, would only be better if it made those precious beep boop beep sounds the droid is known for.


Classic Han Solo

Thanks to Star Wars: A Solo Story, finding a classic Han Solo Halloween costume is not as difficult as it may have been a few years ago. This costume from Walmart includes Han's iconic shirt and vest, pants with attached boot tops, and a holster.


Kids Finn Costume

First known as FN-2187, Finn is a lovable and admirable character who escapes his lot in life as a First Order Stormtrooper to join the resistance. This year, your kid can dress like Finn for Halloween and show everyone why Finn is one of the absolute best Star Wars characters in the current movies.


Inflatable Jabba The Hut

Jabba the Hut may be a deplorable character in the Star Wars world, but you'll likely be the hilarious hit of every Halloween party you attend when you sport this inflatable costume.


Rey In 'The Last Jedi'

Although there are multiple versions of the Star Wars heroine Rey to choose from, this The Last Jedi version from Party City is the brave version that ventured out to find Luke Skywalker and learn his Jedi ways, making it the perfect choice for your daring this Halloween.


Kids Throwback Luke Skywalker

An all-white outfit may not be something that most kids can handle without staining it or getting it dirty, but it is most certainly worth taking this risk to dress them in Luke Skywalker's most iconic look.


New Sith Trooper

The Sith Troopers from the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker appear ultra menacing as part of the First Order in their shiny red suits. Your kiddo can don one of these detailed dark side costumes this Halloween.


Kids BB-8 Costume

BB-8 is one of those characters that Star Wars just wouldn't be the same without. And the best part about this particular BB-8 costume is that it's currently on sale.


Porg Costume

My kids have been totally obsessed with Porgs since we saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now, they can dress like one for Halloween, and our lives will truly never be the same as they were before the adoration for these cuddly creatures began.