bunny Peeps
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Here's What To Do With All Those Extra Peeps So They Aren't Still There At Halloween

Y'all, it's officially time to get out your Easter baskets and start planning those Easter egg hunts. I can hardly believe it. But let's be honest, what makes Easter extra fun and delicious is its most famous fluffy staple. You know those little brightly colored animal-shaped marshmallows known as Peeps. Those sugary little bunnies and chicks are cute, but not everyone is a fan. And even if you are, how many marshmallows can you honestly eat? To avoid them sitting on your counter until Halloween, here are some things to do with leftover peeps because there's always way more than we can handle.

I've searched far and wide and have come up with all kinds of creative ways to use that over-abundance of Peeps. It turns out that you can actually use your Peeps for way more than just snacking. (Or doorstops when they get hard enough.) There are all kinds of kid-friendly marshmallow science experiments and even decorative crafts to bring a colorful Easter and spring vibe into your home. There are even recipes for Peep martinis (yes, please) and milkshakes that will keep both parents and kids happy — and hyper. But, you can always go with some edible play dough, too. Basically, these are majorly versatile, and Peeps don't have to go to waste.


Turn Them Into An Easter Wreath

If you're into edible crafts, check out this festive wreath made out of Peeps and basket filler. It adds some spring joy and a delicious marshmallow scent to your home.


Make Peeps Popcorn

Did you know that you can make Peeps popcorn? This sweet and savory treat is sure to be a hit with your family. It's perfect for a sweet after school snack or movie night treat.


Peeps S'mores

Who doesn't love s'mores? Instead of traditional marshmallows, use these colorful Peeps for an extra sweet surprise. Perfect for Summer!


Rice Krispie Peeps

There are so many variations you can do with these, but the kids will love these Rice Krispies Peeps to make some awesome rainbow eggs.


Peeps Milkshake

Another sweet treat you can make with the kids is a Peeps milkshake. If you're concerned about sugar, use real fruit and some vanilla frozen yogurt and include one Peep as a garnish.


Peep Play Dough

This fun activity will keep your kids entertained from start to finish. Have them make the play dough with you and watch them become extra proud of their little Peep creations.


Make Some Peep-a-chu Characters

Is your child a Pokémon fan? You can create these little Peep Pikachus using just yellow bunny Peeps, some melted chocolate, and food coloring.


Dip Them In Chocolate

Everything is better when it's dipped in chocolate. If you're not a Peeps fan, maybe dipping them into some melted chocolate will do the trick. You can even get creative and dip them in ways that make them look like they're hatching out of an egg. How cute, right?


Add Them To A Cake

These little guys make an adorable little decoration to any cake. You can place them along the outside or create a colorful Peep cake-topper. Either way, these help complete the perfect Easter cake.


Create A Festive Centerpiece

Peeps always add a pop of color, making them perfect for creating a bright Easter centerpiece.


Race Car Peeps

Another fun activity to do with the kids that's both entertaining and delicious. Just look at how cute that little bunny race car driver is! And it's full of your kid's favorite snacks.


Make Some Peeps Houses

Make a little bunny house or chicken coop using Graham Crackers and melted chocolate or frosting and of course, Peeps. You can use the finished product as an Easter decoration or you can let the kids eat it.


Pudding Cups

These pudding cups are such a cute idea for an afterschool treat or dessert.


Science Experiments

If eating the Peeps isn't on the agenda, check out these fun science experiments.


Peep Fudge

And of course, there's always fudge. Check out this delicious, quick and easy Peep fudge recipe.


Grilled Nutella & Peeps Sandwich

Just like a grilled cheese, but way better. Instead of traditional marshmallows, you could use Peeps, making this grilled Nutella sandwich extra colorful.


Sunflower Peep Cake

If you love to make creative cakes, check out this sunflower cake using yellow chick Peeps.


Peeps-Infused Vodka

Here's a win for the adults. Try this marshmallow-infused Peep vodka for the perfect Easter martini.


Rainbow S'mores Skillet

Like s'mores, but it's a dip. Use Graham Crackers to gather up all this chocolatey gooey goodness, making it the perfect party dish.


Rubber Ducky Jello Cups

Aren't these just the cutest little Jell-o cups? Use some yellow chick peeps on top of blue Jell-o to create a cute little bath time inspired dessert.