20 Things We Should Absolutely Bring Back From 'Stranger Things'

I believe Stranger Things is one of the best shows on Netflix for many reasons — not only for the amazing writing and storytelling or the fact that there's horror, suspense, drama, and humor all combined into one, but really, it's all of the glorious, glorious '80s nostalgia. The intro alone hits me right in the '80s baby feels with the neon and the ambient techno music in the background. I think neon and ambient techno music should make a comeback in addition to these 20 things we should bring back from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 3 spoilers ahead.

Well, in addition to these 20 things, as well as Barb and ...

(No, seriously. *SPOILER ALERT* Do not read any further if you haven't finished Season 3.)

... Hopper. Because oh my God, y'all. I was a wreck. I cried the entire last 30 minutes or so of the last episode of Season 3, and then I cried again an hour after I watched it because I couldn't stop thinking about that scene. But for real, is he actually alive? He better be, or I just can't handle it. I guess we'll have to wait and see when they release the fourth and final season of the series. But until then we can reminisce about these amazing '80s things that should most definitely come back. Because not only would that be rad, but I think life would be just a little bit more fun.


Walkie Talkies

The entire time I watched the show, I kept catching myself wondering why they just don't use Google or why they can't call each other or text on their cellphone. Oops. But seriously, walkie talkies are way more fun and take a little bit of effort and know how to use. Every kid should have a set.


Old Schwinn Bikes

Talk about the perfect bicycle. And most of them even had enough room for two people, either standing behind or sitting. Perfect for cruising around your neighborhood with friends or to make a quick getaway from the Demogorgan.


'The Neverending Story' Sing-a-longs

This part of Season 3 was one of my favorites. Not only did it showcase Gaten Matarazzo's (Dusty) beautiful singing voice, but it provided a much-needed lighthearted and fun moment in what I believe was one of the most intense and shocking episodes of the entire series. I feel like if the world had more The Neverending Story sing-a-longs, it would be a much better place.



Malls are dying, and frankly, I think it sucks. When I was in middle school and high school, it was so much fun to go and hang out there alone and have some independence. It was the place to meet your friends, grab a bite, and do some light shopping with your babysitting money you earned. Plus, what an easy and fun date idea for those early dating years, right?


Quarter Arcades

I know there are still arcades out there, but boy are they expensive and have way more high-tech gaming options than what I'm talking about. I want to go to an arcade with a roll of quarters and get my Pacman and Galaga on. That was such a fun way to enjoy an afternoon on a Sunday.


Original My Little Pony

It may make me a "nerd," but I was obsessed with My Little Pony when I was a kid. The OG My Little Pony most definitely was better than the new one. Plus it had all the "standard nerd tropes — centaurs, dragons, castles and magic," which makes them totally rad, obviously.


Sam Goody

I just miss a place where you can go in and buy tapes or CDs (depending on what decade you went into one of these stores). There are a few record stores left, but long gone are the days where you could wait until the new release day and grab your allowance money and hit Sam Goody to snag your favorite artist's new album.


Suncoast Video

Like Sam Goody, Suncoast Video was also the best because you could go in there (in person!) and peruse all the movies and TV shows you wanted, all in VHS form, of course. Also, I kinda miss the VHS, too, come to think of it.


Wood-Paneled Station Wagon

Talk about an amazing vehicle and a must-have for road trips. This car screams classic. Plus what's not to love about the space in the back for kids to spread out?


Steve Harrington Hair


I mean come on. Who doesn't like that gloriously voluminous head of hair that Steve Harrington sexily shook throughout the series?


Kitten Heel Shoes

I'm sure they still make these, but I know I have a hard time finding them. I want all kitten heel shoes, and all of them to be in bold, vibrant colors. And I think they definitely should be more popular than they are right now. If we can bring back the Cortez Sneakers into popularity, why not the kitten heel?


Real Newspapers & Journalism Jobs

I wish all small towns still had newspapers like the Hawkins Post (minus the jerk face editors and misogynistic journalists). And on top of that, I wish journalism wasn't a dying industry and we still had a physical paper that you had to purchase. Because then everything wouldn't be free online, and then we may be able to pay writers again to work at actual newspapers.


Nancy's Hairstyle

I wasn't a huge Nancy fan at the beginning, but I think she's definitely one of my favorite characters now. She's a bad*ss who can sling guns around like nobody's business, she's smart, driven, and her haircut is bomb. It was a more grown-up look from her previous long locks, and the shorter, messy do was definitely sexy.


The Lowercase San Serif Gap Logo

Just because I liked it and I thought it looked cool. I'm no graphic designer or anything and I'm sure if you are you're probably rolling your eyes at me, but that's OK. Bring it back.


'Back To The Future' In Theaters

Great Scott! This classic deserves to be back on the big screen again, just like in 1985. How much fun would it be to see it in theaters?


Meeting Your Significant Other By Saving The World Instead Of On Tinder

"As a wise man once said, we have shared trauma..." Talk about something that brings people together. Something about fighting an evil Demogorgon and saving lives seems way sexier and attractive than swiping left or right on Tinder.


Bowl Cuts

How much easier and cost-effective would it be for the bowl cut to come back? All you have to have is a pair of scissors and a bowl, right? They may not be the most attractive, but they sure were economical.


Mr. T Cereal

"I pity the fool who don't eat [this] cereal." What's not to love about Mr. T cereal? I mean, even Pee-Wee Herman loved Mr. T cereal so it had to be good, right?


The Tom Selleck Mustache

I never liked this mustache or thought it was attractive in the least — until my man Hopper had one.


Looney Tunes

I loved Looney Tunes when I was a kid and wouldn't mind seeing some of them make a reappearance — minus the incredibly not PC episodes, that is.