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20 Times Meghan Markle's Maternity Style Totally Nailed The Cozy Chic Look

The Duchess of Sussex is an accomplished person in many ways, all the way from her feminist-driven work to her credits as an actress. As for another area the mom-to-be has nailed? Many parents might agree that Meghan Markle's maternity style hits the mark in more ways than one. Arguably the best part of her pregnancy wardrobe is how it expertly mixes comfort with high fashion, a balance that can be difficult to achieve.

On Saturday, April 13, The Daily Express reported a rumor that Markle's maternity wardrobe cost a whopping $800,000 in American dollars. It's unclear if this was the case, but what is fairly obvious?Markle has a knack for creating comfortable yet regal looks while pregnant.

Thalia Brown Thall, Markle's former stylist, attested to this fact in an interview with People. “Her style was always classic and clean. She loved jeans with white collared shirts and little pointy shoes," Thall explained. "And sneakers, I think I’ve seen her in a thousand pairs!"

Yep, that sounds like the Duchess of Sussex to me. The mom-to-be has embodied this exact vibe ever since announcing her pregnancy in October. Ready to see it for yourself? Here are 20 times Meghan Markle’s maternity style mixed comfort with high fashion.


A Chiffon Dream

Maybe I'm a sucker for chiffon and a cute pattern, but Markle nailed her maternity style with this pretty and bird adorned dress. It's whimsical and relaxing.

As Markle's pregnancy comes to a close, it's fun to reflect on her gorgeous and cozy maternity style. A+ work, Duchess.


Sparkling Through Pregnancy

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Markle isn't afraid to wear a little shimmer, a trait she exemplified in this sparkly gown. The dress looks like it's easy to move around in, and it adds a layer of sexiness with the leg slit.


This Look Screams High-End Comfort

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A soft turtleneck dress is a win in my book. Markle appears elegant and cozy in all white, like a walking dream.


Keep The Bump Cozy With An Eye-Catching Long Sleeve Shirt

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Markle has worn a lot of dresses since marrying Prince Harry in May 2018, but that doesn't mean she has retired your average long sleeve shirt. In this look, the Duchess of Sussex amped up the chicness of her outfit with black and white stripes. Trés elegant.


Praise Be To Flowy & Elegant Dresses

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This gown reminds me of a high-end, luxurious, and fashionable snuggie. Markle did an excellent job here of combining a red carpet look with maximum comfort. Bravo.


Chic For The Beach

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Early on in Markle's pregnancy, she donned a long and loose striped dress for a public engagement. Although the top portion of the dress is formfitting, the bottom half of the ensemble pays homage to the bump. Way to multi-task, mama.


You Can't Go Wrong With A Little Black Dress

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Who says you can't wear a little black dress while pregnant? Markle nailed this wardrobe staple by opting for chiffon material (once again, this is great for warm weather and movement) and a relaxed blazer to bring the look together.


Repeat Style? Why Not

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The Duchess of Sussex clearly has a thing for long and striped dresses. Although this outfit is similar to another one she rocked, it still stands out due to its low-key color palette. It's simple and elegant all at once.


An Iconic Spring/Summer Dress For The Win

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Markle knows how to pick out a pretty and chic pattern, as evidenced by her beautiful short-sleeved dress here. The dress doesn't look too confining, and it's floral pattern is perfect for a summer or spring event.


Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons

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Buttons are probably the last thing a pregnant person wants to deal with, but Markle nailed the look with this white dress. She proved that buttons can be fashionable and comfortable, which can be rare to find with maternity clothes.


Business Casual For The Bump

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Business attire can be difficult to rock when you're pregnant, but the Duchess of Sussex came out on top with this loose-fitting white shirt paired with a blazer. The tasteful shirt looks light and airy, and her blazer is really cute.


Stunning Stretchy Dress? It's A Go

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I can't say for certain, but this incredible purples dress looks like it was made with a stretchy material, which is perfect for a growing bump. And I absolutely love the red jacket chose to wear over the gown — the contrasting colors just pop.


Pretty & Comfy In Blue

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How comfortable does this ensemble look? Although the design isn't anything new (button down dresses are pretty common), the dress material looks very upscale. And who couldn't love that gorgeous blue color.


You Can't Go Wrong With A Turtleneck

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Once again, Markle knows how to wear a turtleneck. This time she opted for a brighter and more eye-catching white color, which is absolutely gorgeous.


Lady In Red

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Markle knows how to rock a red dress, especially when pregnant. Instead of opting for a form-fitting and potentially uncomfortable dress, she decided on a sophisticated design that gave her bump some breathing room. Simple and classic.


A Chic Sundress? Yes, Please

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Not only is the pattern on this flowy dress gorgeous, but the material looks incredibly comfy and perfect for warmer weather. Parents who experienced their third trimester in the summer can probably relate to this sentiment.

P.S. The dress' blue color is stunning.


Plenty Of Room For The Bump

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This effortless look combines two timeless pieces: a white business shirt and a black skirt. The best part? The skirt looks like it allows ample room for Markle's bump.


Chic For Days

In this look, Markle looks like she just stepped off of a Hollywood red carpet. But similarly to her other maternity outfits, the black dress doesn't look too constricting.

Plus, she gets extra points for an off-the-shoulder look.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond

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This gown hits it out of the ball park. From the electric blue color to the seemingly comfortable material, the outfit might be the Duchess of Sussex's best ensemble to date.


A Chapeau? Why Not

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Markle isn't afraid to take fashion risks, as evidenced by this white hat she wore during an outing with Prince Harry. It pairs perfectly with her snow-colored jacket, green clutch, and classy dress.