20 Weird But Genius Things Even Babies Who Are Hard To Please Will Love

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Your fussy baby or young toddler will probably grow up to be a wise, discerning adult — but that reassurance doesn't make today's meal, nap, or bedtime tantrum any easier. These weird but genius products that even babies who are hard to please will love provide real solutions for surviving some of the most difficult parenting tasks without wanting to scream. Because sometimes taking parenthood one day at a time and finding genius inventions to help calm a fussy baby is the best (and only) way to enjoy the ride.

Most parents would probably agree that meals, naps, and baths can be a struggle with any baby or toddler — so when you have a naturally fussy child, these times of day can be especially challenging. The great news is that a lot of little ones are easily distracted and with the right distractions and entertainment, you can help lighten and change the mood during these times of day.

Instead of associating naps with boredom or dinner with "yucky," a smart product like a multitasking sound machine and projector or a board game dinner plate can help you figure out the trick to getting your baby to nap and will make mealtimes more pleasurable experiences. Check out these 20 weird, genius products that even the fussiest can't resist.

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