20 Weird But Genius Things Moms Are Buying For Their Kids On Amazon

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Parents buy a lot of products for their babies and toddlers and most are what you'd expect: wipes, onesies, and more diapers than you can count. But these weird but genius things moms are buying for their kids on Amazon are just a little bit different... no one will tell you that you need them to survive parenthood, but boy do they help.

When you start potty training, you may be thrilled every time your toddler sits on the potty. It may never occur to you that there will come a time when baby has to transition to a bigger toilet — there's a slightly strange, but totally genius product that tackles that problem.

You may be looking for teething solutions that don't involve teething rings that your baby will inevitably lose around the house, or a way to keep diaper blowouts from getting so... explosive. Perhaps you never thought it would be possible to tame your toddler's baby hairs without using at least half a can of hairspray on their hair — well, it’s time to put that aerosol can down because someone invented a far more effective method.

The world of weird baby and toddler inventions is a mom's oyster, so take advantage of it by perusing this list and deciding which products can make your house a happier, more zen zone.

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