21 Blizzard Memes To Keep You Laughing Through Winter Storm Jonas

The East Coast is gearing up for the Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country is not suffering from winter weather too. Although the rest of the country may not have a Jonas Brother-inspired blizzard coming their way, some lucky souls, like me, live in the Midwest and roll with winter storms all season long. I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep warm during an insane blizzard is to troll the Internet for hilarious blizzard memes.

This is, of course, after I’ve taken all the adult precautions like making sure I have plenty of canned food, wine, and a friend with a fireplace to run to should things get too The Day After Tomorrow for my liking. Personally, I find the best time to enjoy a good internet meme is when the meme’s subject doesn’t affect you personally. Hence why I’m having a field day with all the Winter Storm Jonas memes right now.

Although my fellow Midwesterners and I haven’t been subject to a full-on blizzard this season, it’s only a matter of time before one comes out way. I’m living in this frigid tundra day in and day out, and I deserve a laugh, right? And if you live somewhere with a temperate climate, feel free to point and laugh at all of the silly winter memes. There will come a day when you’re knee-deep in the blizzard life, and then you’ll understand.


Even Babies Get The Winter Blues

Even though there might not be any sunshine, you can count on the white out to blind you.


Wine > Everything

For some people, the only thing that matters is having enough wine to get you through the worst of the storm.


Your Reliable Anchorman

If you live in the Midwest, this meme speaks to you on a deeply spiritual level. What I'd give for a reliable weather man.


What's The Scenario?

Everyone in the green zone is laughing. Evil, evil laughs at everyone north of that red dotted line.


Beer To Snow Ratio

Stop by your favorite brewery and stock up accordingly. Somewhere between one and five growlers should keep you stocked through the worst of it.


Fifty Shades Of Fire

Throwing shade at Fifty Shades of Grey and a babyfaced Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah, I love this meme.


French Toast?

Not that I'm opposed to living off of french toast for a weekend.


Working Through The Winter

Street parking, the arch nemesis of everyone in a blizzard.


Quick Thinking In A Blizzard

Not going to lie, I use this tactic even when I haven't lost power. Sometimes, I just run out of room in the freezer.


Ditches Love Cars

This time of year, ditches love cars more than usual.


No Angels

Hate snow? Grumpy cat feels your pain.


I Just Saw A Snow Flake...

This meme made it onto a local news channel, which is how you know milk and bread are the hottest items during a blizzard.


Bread And Milk!!!

Anyone on the East Coast is feeling this meme very deeply today.


High Beams On

You don't even have to drive at high speeds in order to feel this phenomena, five miles an hour in a serious blizzard will do the trick.


For The Dogs

Dogs might just get the shortest end of the stick, because they have to go outside in a blizzard. Unless you've miraculously potty-trained your dog, in which case you should probably be teaching a class on that.


Snow Wars

In the midst of a blizzard, sometimes you have to go to the store. And when you do, you look like this.


The Air Hurts My Face

Why am I living where the air hurts my face? I ask myself this several times a year.


Delays Over Snow Days

Children of the Midwest, let's pour one out for all the insane blizzard conditions you had to go to school in.


The Bread Lebowski

You might be the only one, Mr. Goodman. Because the bread shelf is straight up empty.


Hide Yo Supplies

People get so paranoid when a storm comes to town that they buy out all the bread, milk, and eggs. What is with that?! Wouldn't it be better to buy canned items, boxes of pasta, and other non-perishables? I'll file this under things I will never understand.


Game Of Snow

Perhaps the realest of all the memes, because with every good winter storm comes a thousand memes about said storm.

Images: Jon Nicholls/Flickr; DIYLOL; Quickmeme (2); MakeAMeme; imgflip