21 Christmas Memes To Get You In The Spirit Of The Season


Social media, in regards to Christmas, gets a bad rap — trying to create Pinterest-worthy desserts and keep up with the Instagram Stepford moms when it comes to Christmas decorations can be overwhelming. But Christmas memes? Well they can perfectly explain everything for you this holiday season.

How many times do you tag your BFF in a meme on Facebook or Instagram with the phrase, "This is me"? At Christmas, finding that perfect meme can be even more relatable. I mean, what else can explain your frustration at your bank account this time of year or your need for extra eggnog around the Trump supporters of your family?

So whether you need some Christmas memes to share on social media so your family and friends know how you're feeling this year or you just want some to laugh at, here are 21 Christmas memes that are guaranteed to put you in the spirit. (And maybe have you reaching for the spirits, too.) Because it may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's not without its faults. Don your gay apparel, eat, drink, and be merry, and find a meme that makes you go, "Ho ho ho. This is me."

1. Oops

Thank God for Amazon Prime, am I right? (I'm right.)

2. Twinsies

I mean, seriously.

3. It Smells Like Pine At Least

And you have to keep chanting "quantity, not quality."

4. That's Punny

I'm going to find it hard to sleep tonight after this.

5. 'Tis The Season

Ah. Cats. Even Christmas turns them into *ssholes.

6. It's Called Strategy

Thanks for that Wal-Mart card, Aunt Francis. Hope you like the slippers.

7. Oh Batman

But did Robin lay an egg? Did the Batmobile lose its wheel? These are the real questions.

8. Accurate

Oh hey, this me.

9. I Need More Tinsel

Buy all the giant wreaths. All of them.

10. You Can Keep Stuff In It

You know, it's the thought that counts.

11. Me On Christmas

Blankets and blankets and blankets. And pig.

12. BRB, Crying

You can get stressed by the light of the Christmas tree. Festive.

13. Christmas Me Wins

So does rum and eggnog.

14. Truth

Perfect, if I'm honest.

15. Christmas Shank

This is what my 2 year old's candy cane looks like every time she finishes one.

16. Oh Great

Even the Target dollar spot can't help me now.

17. Oh That's A Zero

So maybe New Year's gifts? Cool.

18. The Greatest Love Of All

Don't even need a gift receipt.

19. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

PS. Liquor would never do this to you.

20. Those Stupid Bows

Plus I'm always losing the tape.

21. Don't Touch That Ham

And keep your hands out of the cookies.