21 Freakin Hilarious Things You Need To Text Your Bff On Nat'll Best Friends Day

Have you figured out how you're going to celebrate your bestie this National Best Friends Day? Odds are you're both going to be busy on the day (it's not a major holiday, after all), but you can send still your BFF a funny text for National Best Friend Day. It'll make their week.

National Best Friend Day falls on Saturday June 8 this year, according to National Day Calendar, so hopefully you can at least take advantage of the weekend and grab a meal with your best pal. I mean, it's the least they deserve for telling you your new haircut looks good (or bad), giving you pep talks when you have to potty train your 2-year-old, and sending you memes about 90 Day Fiancé. You should probably dedicate a whole day to them, in the vein of Leslie Knope's love for Ann Perkins, but the reality is it's not always possible to stop everything when you have a family to hang out with. This year, a text might have to suffice, but you can make sure it's the kind of message that will make her day.

Read on for some funny text options for the holiday that will have them rolling. Cheers to you two.


You're one of the only people I find tolerable

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

It's hard finding someone you never get tired of, so your bestie deserves a shout out for continuing to not be annoying. Tell it like it is.


I'm thankful I found someone just as weird as me

How often do you find someone who can match your level of abnormality? I'm guessing it's infrequent, so be sure to shout out the reason for your special bond.


If we were trapped on a deserted island, I'd wait as long as possie before going cannibal on you

Opting for starvation instead of sacrificing your friend is the ultimate compliment.


We'll be friends forever because you already know too much

Your best friend could write the tell-all of the century on your life, so you've gotta keep them around. (Plus, they're the best.)


Thanks for letting me call your parents mom and dad

After a certain number of years of friendship, your BFF's parents basically become your parents, but it's still nice to thank them for unofficially adopting you.


We're besties because you always order dessert with me

Sharing chocolate cake is the ultimate form of intimacy, you heard it here first.


You're the reason I need an unlimited data plan


Listen, you need to text your bestie at least 50 times a day. How else would you get advice on what you should give your 2-year-old for lunch and notify them that you actually bought that jumpsuit you'd been on the fence about?


Thanks for making sure my kids turn out cool

You've gotta help your kids become kind, fully formed people, but your best friend is in charge of helping them learn about good music and the best candy combinations. You all need them.


I'd give up wine for you (but please don't make me)

It's the ultimate sacrifice, but you'd do it for them.


Screaming at the TV during 'The Bachelorette' with you is the highlight of my week

Some TV shows are a group activity, and your Bachelorette Mondays just wouldn't the same without your BFF's commentary.


Roses are red, violets are blue. Most people suck, but I don't hate you

Poetry, comedy, and a sweet sentiment? It's basically the perfect message.


Counting down the days until we live in the same retirement community

pixelheadphoto digitalskillet/Shutterstock

It'll be a while, but you know you two will be tearing up the bridge tournaments in a few decades. This bond is for life.


I'd abandon my family to join 'The Amazing Race' with you

Your bond will get you through that finish line.


I'll fight anyone else who thinks you're their best friend

There. Can. Only. Be. One. (And it's you!)


I can't believe we don't have our own talk show yet

You crack each other up constantly, so it just makes sense to take those talents on the road. Who wouldn't find your story about the time you got lost in Target hilarious?


Thanks for teaching me the art of the selfie

They've taught you countless life lessons, but this is the one that has staying power. You owe your Instagram feed to them.


I would give you my Amazon Prime password


This message involves trust, an act of service, and the desire to share life with your bestie. It's the ultimate BFF message.


You're the only person I'd willingly go to a workout class with

Few people can both motivate you and make an hour on a machine bike not seem like an insurmountable amount of time. This is what best friends are for.


My kids like you better than they like me, and TBH me too

The kids probably like them better because they're always bringing them chocolate, but the reason doesn't matter. What's important is that everyone in your fam is on the same page: Your best friend rules.


We're two halves of a whole idiot

Hey, at least you found each other.


You'd be my one call from jail

They're the only one you trust to pick up the phone always, no matter what. Shout out to the unconditional love of a best friend.