21 Impossibly Cute Photos Of Puppies & Kids For National Puppy Day

I feel like I'm a fairly content person in life, but every time I see pictures of puppies and kids, I'm immediately diagnosed with a dog and baby fever. There is something so sweet and innocent about the combination of puppies and kids that it makes me want to live on a farm so I can have a whole mess of both running around. But more than that, it's just total unconditional love between the two.

I think even if you're not much of a dog person (PS. What's wrong with you? Have you seen a doctor?), you can agree that dogs are some of the most loving creatures in the world. And puppies? Well they are just a bundle of love, energy, and happiness with four legs. They follow you wherever you go, they want to be up against you for snuggles in any way possible, and they will love and protect you so fiercely. This animal is known for its unconditional love, for trusting its family more than you'll ever know, and for being a great companion. Is there any better buddy for a kid than a puppy? The bond the two will have is second only to the best playmate either one of them could ask for.

Which is exactly why you should celebrate National Puppy Day with these 21 impossibly cute photos of puppies and kids. Warning: You're totally going to want to take all of them home.


Hi, I Love You

Look at that sweet pup reaching to kiss his little human. I can't, especially with the tiny paw on his chest. Pure innocence right here and it is almost too cute to see.


Tiny Protector

The mom of this sweet girl says that her daughter rescued her pup, Rooster (is that not the cutest name in the world), three years ago and the two have been inseparable. Totally heartwarming to see such a bond between these two tiny protectors. I can only imagine how fiercely they love each other.


Squad Goals

Proof that pups are family, this sweet photo from Baby Bee Photography is the perfect family portrait. There's nothing like raising dogs and kids together.


Unconditional Love

Snow on the ground and what does this little guy do? Holds a puppy close to him to keep the pup warm. Nobody shows unconditional love like kids and dogs, and it is so sweet.


Um, We're Napping Here

I'm telling you, these two look like they're going to cause some serious mischief when they get older. But they're cute enough to get out of any trouble obviously.



Sloppy kisses from puppies and babies alike? Sign me up.


Proud Puppy Lover

I can't with this little fella's face. He looks so proud and happy to be holding that fluffy pup!


Love Me

So many breeds of puppies are considered dangerous, but this picture proves that when you raise a puppy in a way they deserve, they know nothing but love and friendship.



A boy and his dog, right? Ugh, my heart.


Love Has No Boundaries

This picture is proof that there's no boundaries or lines to be drawn when it comes to love. Dogs are just as capable of filling a little kid's heart as Santa on Christmas morning. (Honestly, pups are even better at it, I think.)


Staring Contest

Staring contest that looks like it's going to turn into a serious cuddle sesh, and I can't say I blame either one of them.


Pure Bliss

I mean, come ON. Heart eyes all over the place. This is pure happiness.


OK, I Want Him

This is the same face I make to my boyfriend every time I see a picture of a puppy or a newborn. I can have it, yes?


Double The Cuteness

I love how both of these sweet babes are having their personality shine as they hold the puppy. The little boy is totally stoked and the little girl is all time to snuggle. So sweet.


Play Break

This beautiful girl looks like she just took a break from playing with her pup to show them off to the camera. This is the kind of picture every parent needs in their photo album.



OK, I'm melting over here. They both look so in love with each other and I can't with that puppy's coy face. Such a sweet bond!


Hi, I Missed You

Dogs are the best when you want to remember what you're worth. They're always so happy to see you, and it's the best feeling ever.


Puppy Attack

This little girl is in heaven, but so are those puppies. Don't you love the way all the puppies are trying to get up to kiss her little face?


I'm Ready For My Close-Up

That moment when you're looking fabulous and in the middle of a photo sesh and your puppy is all, "Hey, gimme a kiss." I don't think that precious baby minds one bit.


When You Have The Sweetest Heart

Look at that beautiful girl's face. Nothing but love on it for that sweet puppy, and they totally know it. That puppy is snuggling into her like she's the only thing they've ever known and no, I'm not crying, there's just something in my EYE.


The World's Best Playmate

Both the puppy and this little boy are incredibly lucky. There's no better playmate for either of them, and I bet they have a blast together.