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21 Mother's Day Fails Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Your Own Family

It shouldn't be difficult for your fam to give you a pleasant Mother's Day. They spend all their time with you so they theoretically know what you like better than anyone, and most moms I know would be eternally grateful for the simple gift of a 45-minute-long uninterrupted nap. And yet, Mother's Day fails happen every year, proving some kids and partners just can't get it together for the matriarchs in their lives.

Considering the plethora of ways you can celebrate Mother's Day, it's truly mind boggling that so many moms end up disappointed by their families every year when the holiday rolls around. Obviously, not everyone can give their mom a five-star spa treatment and it's totally understandable if the holiday sneaks up on you, but it's pretty low-effort to put together a handwritten card or make breakfast. Moms are the ones who go to work for their families every day of the year, so dedicating one day to them really isn't difficult. But the fails come anyway, whether it be because of a bumbling partner or because someone didn't think to check the five-year-old's handmade card before they handed it to mom.

However, Mother's Day mix-ups can be pretty humorous, and seeing that other moms experience the same antics from their partners and children is a good reminder that this is a universal phenomenon. So read on for some hilarious and horrifying Mother's Day fails, and know you're not alone.

1. Procrastination Party


This is a familiar sight on Mother's Day Eve, as well as the night before Valentine's Day. At least they're getting cards at all. Bare minimum for the win.

2. Mix Up

When dead-tired takes on a literal meaning. Thanks Hallmark.

3. Facts

Are you a mom or a live-in chef? Who's to say?

4. Halfway There


Who's gonna tell them it's the making the cake part that's a sweet Mother's Day gift? I give your permission to throw a full-blown temper tantrum if your family does this to you.

5. Called Out


It's a little embarrassing that the teacher probably saw this card before the mom did. But if your kid can't be honest with you, who will be?

6. Stay Safe?

Nothing says motherly love like preventing another pregnancy.

7. Playing Favorites

Wearing a "My Dad Is My Hero" t-shirt in a Mother's Day card picture is honestly next level ironic. You can't make this kind of stuff up.

8. My Presence Is A Present

*Face palm.* At least it's something she spent some time on, and it's pretty funny.

9. A For Effort

You're still doing way better than all the kids who didn't order their moms flowers at all, Angel. And now she'll have a nice surprise the next day!

10. Who Taught You To Write


Unless the card comes with a bottle of wine, it's not going on the fridge.

11. Sweet AND Sour


The card said "I picked it because that show is for old people who still like cartoons, like you" according to the original Imgur post. So, like, thanks for being thoughtful but also ouch.

12. The Most Important Meal Of The Day

In their defense, apple sauce and a taco would be a pretty sweet breakfast to a five-year-old. I recommend drinking the Shandy before consuming the other offerings.

13. When Your Gift Literally Sucks


In case anyone was wondering, cleaning supplies are not what you should get your partner/mom/grandma/any other woman in your life for Mother's Day unless she specifically asks for it.

14. One Question: Why?


Adding the bow to the gift makes it somehow extra insulting. *Removes Michael from family tree.*

15. Squeaky Clean

Again, cleaning supplies are not a suitable gift unless the mom specifically asks for them. Don't even get me started on the sexist implications here.

16. Technically Right

Their adult version does mirror their younger selves, but it's not quite as cute. They're sweet to try, though, and mom probably got a good laugh out of it.

17. Is It Too Late To Return Them?

With the combined brain power of five children, this is all they could come up with. Fingers crossed it was a prank, and a giant bouquet of flowers was waiting around the corner.

18. Brutally Honest


Maybe she'll like him more if he pulls through on a Mother's Day present. *Flips hair.*

19. Mother Of Dragons


Even if doesn't look perfect, it's still really thoughtful this dad went to all the trouble to make that cake. Take note, GOT fans.

20. She Tried

On the bright side, Molly's mom wasn't upset, and she can prove she really did buy the flowers thanks to the powers of camera phones.

21. The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Note to self: Eggos and Fruit Roll Ups do not make a good combination. Props to the mom who received this gourmet breakfast if she really tried it.