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10 Mother's Day Gifts That Are Easy To Make

Whether you love to get your arts and crafts on, or just don't want to spend a fortune on a Mother's Day gift, opting for a DIY present is always a good idea. What's more heartfelt than homemade, right? Plus, there are more than a few Mother's Day Gifts that are easy to make, and won't take a lot of time or money. You and your little artist can make them together for, say, grandma, or you can sneakily share this link with your partner so you can be the happy recipient come Mother's Day! There's nothing wrong with a little harmless hint-dropping, right?

From handcrafted bath treats to simple breakfast-in-bed recipes to upcycling things you already own, taking a DIY-approach to Mother's Day will make your gift stand out from the pack. If you have a mom like mine — who always says, "Don't get me anything, I have everything I need!" — then Mother's Day is a time to get creative. A homemade present that comes straight from the heart is just what your mom will really appreciate. Plus, you don't have to worry about your sibling getting her the same thing.

So, with that in mind, here are 10 super sweet Mother's Day gift ideas that are simple to make, and guaranteed to be saved or savored.


DIY Upcycle Storage Jars

If your mom loves having everything in its place, then this homemade storage jar idea from The Merry Thought is going to delight her. I couldn't believe how an old cosmetic cream jar could be transformed into something so chic. Now that's upcycling at its finest.


DIY Bath Bomb

I look forward to a hot bath at the end of long day, and I think many moms can say the same. If your mama loves to soak, then this simple DIY bath bomb recipe from Girl Love Glam will do the trick. It's especially great for relieving headaches.

If you're making it with your little guy or gal, they'll really enjoy packing the mixture into the mold!


DIY Cactus Bowl Garden

Move over expensive flower arrangement! This homemade cactus bowl garden idea from Now That's Pretty will last way longer than your average Mother's Day bouquet, and it's just as pretty. I especially love the adorned bowl. You can pick any kind of sticker or sticky-back adhesive that reminds you of your dear mom, but the "mama bear" featured here is pretty cute.


DIY Mushroom Pancake Art

If your mom is into gardening or cooking, then this mushroom pancake idea from Whimsy Love is too perfect! You can have her over for brunch for a fungi, I mean, fun time!


DIY Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Treat your mom to a spa-like experience at home with this heavenly, homemade sugar scrub recipe from Shrimp Salad Circus. All the ingredients are non-toxic and all-natural, so it can double as a yummy lip scrub for chapped lips. You can print off a free a label too, so your scrub looks as sophisticated as any store brand.


Giant, Pretty Painted Origami Butterflies

This fun project from Pink Stripey Socks combines two of my favorite things — origami and watercolors — and the end result is so pretty your mom will want to hang it right in her window.

If you're doing this craft with your kiddo, your butterfly and his/her butterfly will each have their own unique look, but will look great hanging next to each other.


DIY Breakfast Protein Snack Box

What mom doesn't appreciate getting served breakfast in bed, especially if it's healthy and easy to eat while lounging. This protein-packed breakfast box from No. 2 Pencil includes fresh fruit, a hardboiled egg, cottage cheese, and roasted almonds. Yum! The best part is that even a preschooler could make it!


DIY Purse Makeover

For the mom who can't have enough handbags, this clever purse makeover idea from Oh Happy Day is perfect! You can take one of your old totes and give it a new life with some playful art, or if you don't have the right bag to reuse you could always buy a cheap one from Goodwill or a secondhand shop. These instructions call for making your own pom poms, but you can always purchase those if you want to simplify the process.


Earl Grey Tea Soap

If your mom savors tea time, then this homemade earl grey tea soap idea from Shrimp Salad Circus will be a real treat. You will need to invest in a cheap soap mold, but a lot of the ingredients (like the earl grey tea bags) can probably be found at home.


DIY Color-Glazed Stacked Vases

You can pick flowers in your yard and place them in a lovely homemade vase, and your mom will be convinced you went to a pricey florist. This DIY color-glazed vase idea from Sugar and Cloth suggests using glasses from a thrift store as a base. From there, you do have to do several steps that allow 24-hours for drying, but fear not — they are super simple steps.

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