21 October Cat Names For Your Purr-fectly *Spooky* New Feline


October is renowned for its mild weather and the official launch of spooky season, but it's also a perfect month to adopt a new cat into your home. As a bonus, you get to use October cat names for your new boo. Because there are so many beautiful, weird, and sometimes creepy things associated with October, your new familiar will get a fitting name.

Cool naming opportunities aside, there are plenty of practical reasons to consider adopting a cat in October. You aren't dealing with the holiday season madness quite yet, so you probably have the time and energy to bring a new animal into your home. It's deep enough into the school year for your kids to have their schedules down pat, so a it's a convenient time for the introduction of a new pet. Lastly, there are plenty of cats at shelters who would love to go home with you this time of year. October generally marks the end of each year's "kitten season," in which animal shelters all over the United States are overrun with litters of kittens, according to the Pet Health Network. It's still a wonderful (and potentially very helpful) time to adopt a new cat into your family. Now, keep reading to see the top choices for October cat names.

1. Apple

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Fall tends to bring on a bumper crop of this beloved fruit. Whether you're a fan of the Ambrosia, Braeburn, or Honeycrisp varieties, most everybody has a favorite apple. Why not name your sweet cat after the perfect fruit for autumn?

2. Batty

Does your new pet have something of a bat-like appearance? Then Batty is an excellent name for your cat. This goes double if they have a silly, outgoing personality.

3. Blaze

There are a lot of fiery images associated with October. From bonfires to the little candles inside jack-o-lanterns, so much of this month is about setting a blaze. Consider this name, especially for a bright orange or yellow cat.

4. Bonfire

Speaking of bonfires, why not name your pet after one of the best fall rituals of all? It's an especially fitting name for a grey, smoke-colored cat. And if "Bonfire" is a little too formal, you can always go with "Bonnie" for a nickname.

5. Boo

This name has it all. It's cute, it's short, and it's forever related to October and all things Halloween. Plus, you get to scream "Boo!" every time you call the cat, which is very fun.

6. Church

This one goes out to all my horror fans. Church is the name of the cat in Pet Semetary, who is easily the scariest cat in all fiction. Give your kitty this name if you dare.

7. Jack

If you're into human names for cats, why not Jack? It can relate to jack-o-lanterns and the popular Jack Skellington from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's a great October name.

8. Jinx

In most definitions, a jinx is related to bad luck. With this in mind, it would be fun to name the black cat you adopted near Halloween "Jinx." Of course, black cats aren't really bad luck at all, as explained in Bustle. They just had the misfortune of being associated with witchcraft back in the day, and the reputation stuck. Adopting any cat will bring you loads of good luck (at least in my opinion), but you can give a nod to their past with this name.

9. Kit-Kat

Naming your October kitty after a beloved Halloween candy is brilliant. What could be a better choice than Kit-Kat? It's cute, cat-related, and a pretty universally beloved candy as well.

10. Libra

If your cat was born between the days of September 23 and October 22, then they're a Libra. It's also a sweet name for any cat you happen to adopt in this time frame. You could use "Libby" as a nickname.

11. Magic

Embrace the spirit of October with this simple but powerful name. A cat named Magic is sure to fill your life with joy. It's a perfectly mysterious name for any feline.

12. Marigold

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Choose some floral inspiration. The birth flower for October, marigolds come in bright orange, yellow, and white shades, according to Pro Flowers. Plus, it makes a lovely name for your new pet.

13. Midnight

Although it's kind of an obvious choice for black cats, this name could work for any mysterious feline. It's especially fitting if your cat seems most active in the wee hours of the morning, when you're trying to sleep.

14. Opal

Showing off a whole rainbow of colors, opal is the birthstone for October, according to the American Gem Society. It's also a very pretty and simple name for a cat.

15. Pumpkin

Please adopt a ridiculously fluffy orange cat and name them Pumpkin. It's beyond adorable. And to be extra, you can always go for the name Pumpkin Spice.

16. Salem

Sure, some might think this name is about the Salem witch trials. But for most millennials, Salem is the name of the talking cat from the TV series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. (He makes an appearance in the latest Netflix series about Sabrina as well, but sadly no longer in the form of a sassy talking puppet.)

17. Shelley

Name your cat after Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. It's a subtle way to add it a little literary allure to your feline. (Of course, straight-up naming your cat Frankenstein is another, though less subtle, option.)

18. Snickers

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Again, name your cat after something you'd dole out to trick-or-treaters. Snickers would be an especially cute name for tortoiseshell cats, who can have a caramel and chocolate colored coat. Plus, it's just fun to say.

19. Spooky

Well, it's a fitting name for most cats. Just about any feline has a little bit of a spooky side. Don't believe me? Just wait until you wake up in the middle of the night with a cat staring into your face. It's spooky, indeed.

20. Tootsie Pop

Again, I can't get enough of the candy-based names for cats. Tootsie Pop is certainly fun, and Tootsie Roll is another great choice. Really, honoring your favorite candy with a cat name is always a good choice.

21. Zombie

It's such a rad cat name. I hope someone does adopt a cat during this month and name it Zombie, because it just sounds so cool. But whatever you choose, these October cat names are spooky, sweet, and more than a little mysterious, just like your new feline friend.